Why Are We Ransoming Dual Citizen Iranians?

At the risk of being accused of political incorrectness, allow me comment that not only is the news that Obama has paid $400-million to Iran illegally – through a scam of flying U.S. dollars to Europe and converting the dollars to Euros and Francs — further evidence of the utter totalitariaan arrogance and deceitfulness of the Progressive Liberal Obama-Hillary Democrat Regime— it also raises the question:

Why are all of these men who just cost Americans $400-million called “Americans,” and not what some if not all are, i.e., Iranian “dual citizens” of America and Iran?

I have a problem with that–I don’t know how to swear exclusive allegiance to America and America’s terrorist enemy, the Islamic Terrorist Republic of Iran, at the same time.

Why were dual citizen Iranians back in Iran in the first place, knowing the knowing the risk created by the totalitarian reality of the terrorist Muslim theocracy from which they or their families fled, in which they may even remain “citizens”?

Why should Americans pay $400-million for the release of pseudo- Americans, or Americans “for convenience,” who gain legal American citizenship but maintain dual citizenship in Iran or other Islamic cesshole?

If they or other Muslims are still citizens of Iran, then they should go there and stay there. If their Iranian co-citizens toss them in jail, they should stay there without demanding that non-“dual” American citizens pay a ransom for their return.

Any Iranian “dual citizen,” or any other person from Iran or any other Islamic cesspool, or anyone else who is of descent from those Islamic terrorist cesspools who is in America but returns there, should have to sign an “assumption of risk” agreement before being allowed to travel there.

Once in Iran or other totalitarian Islamic nation, they should be on their own. Not a dollar should be paid to ransom them — even if the federal law foorbidding doing business with Iran in U.S. Dollars is deceitfully evaded by converting U.S. Dollars to Euros or Francs before handing millions to the terror-sponsoring Ayatollahs of Iran.

$400 million to ransom Iranian citizens, “dual Americans” claiming the legal (not cultural) status of Americans citizens, when the Obama regime claims it just doesn’t have enough money fulfill its duty to provide effective health care to American veterans, or process the hundreds of thousands of unprocessed claims of veterans for earned benefits, many dying while waiting for care or decisions on claims?

If “dual citizen” Iranians, or others with roots in Islamic countries, will not renounce their citizenship in those countries, Americans should not spend a dime’s worth — in U.S. Dollars, Euros, oor Francs — to ransom them back when they have deliberately put themmselves in harm’s way.

Legal fictions of “dual citizenship” notwithstanding, a person cannot serve two masters at the same time, as the Bible states.

It has been the articulated policy of America, including by the Progressive Liberal Democrat regime of President Barack Hussein Obama and his Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, that America does not pay ransoms for the release of Americans taken captive by terrorists or terrorist nations.

Obama has made a lie of that policy with his $400-million payoff to Iran to ransom “dual” citizen Iranian Americans. That purported American policy of no dealing with terrorist body snatchers is now revealed as empty of meaning as Obama’s famous false threat of real response should Obama’s “red line” be crossed Syria.

Thus, this despicable, illegal, payoff to Iran by Obama-Hillary-Kerry, in untraceable “small” Eurodollars and Francs, flown to the Ayatollahs in an “unmarked plane,” without notice to Congress — is further evidence of the utter totalitarian arrogance and deceitfulness of progressive liberal power-driven “progressive-liberal” Democrats in power, of which Obama and Hillary and Kerry are excrescent exemplars.

It is one more thing about them to “remember in November:” Progressive Liberal Democrat Lies Matter.

© 2016 Rees Lloyd – All Rights Reserved

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