By JB Williams

Like it or not, America is already at war within. The war has actually been going on for quite some time now, although most Americans remain totally unaware.

What we have learned since November 3, 2020 is that most of the people sitting on a court bench in this country are one of theirs, not ours. Never was this more obvious than when seven U.S. Supreme Court justices denied the Trump campaign, more the twenty states, and nearly 80-million Americans due process in their court, concerning the most fraudulent election in U.S. history.

Seven members of the high court are “theirs.” Only two members of that court, justices Thomas and Alito, are “ours.”

More than 40 lawsuits have been filed challenging blatant election fraud in at least seven states, only a few of them filed by the Trump campaign. Almost every court refused to hear the cases, blocking overwhelming evidence from being presented in a court of law, ignoring more than 10,000 eyewitness testimonies, denying the American people due process of law and the right to determine the future of our country via free, fair, and legitimate elections.

All of these judges are theirs, not ours. They do not work for us, nor do they keep their oaths to protect and defend our Constitutional Republic. In fact, they all violate their oaths to us daily, as they work with “them” to destroy our nation.

Every American knows that we are in an “US” vs. “THEM” internal war right now. But most Americans do not know who “they” are, or even who and what “we” are. Their new norm is anything but normal. Nothing in the USA is normal right now and every American knows it. But most Citizens do not know who they are. They can’t figure out who the enemy really is.

Most think that we are the conservatives, republicans, patriots, Trumpers, and that they are the communists, socialists, democrats, leftists, anarchists, BLM, ANTIFA, etc. Certainly, these two groups do exist, and they are taking daily aim at each other. While it’s true that these two socio-political factions stand in total opposition to each other’s belief structure and political agendas, this is not the real they that we are at war with.

The American people are being told “you didn’t see what you saw, or hear what you heard. Listen to us, we’ll tell you what you saw and heard.” Most Americans are accustomed to believing anything they see on the news channel of their liking. Most know that they can’t trust the news media, politicians, judges, or social media. But most still trust all the above, so long as they hear what they want to hear. Millions still rely upon what they themselves call “fake news.”

We ALL have seen an abundance of evidence that the 2020 elections were entirely rigged for the Biden-Harris campaign. But nobody in power (they) have seen anything at all. According to them, more than 10,000 sworn eyewitnesses, is not evidence. According them, sworn eyewitness testimony is not evidence and reams of pre-printed ballots for Biden dumped in the middle of the night to flip election results isn’t election fraud.

Sadly, the new norm definition of “conspiracy theorist” is anyone who asks the right questions that most won’t ask, and receives crazy answers that just don’t add up, and then shares what they learn with the public.

The new norm definition of “patriot” is white supremacist, racist, conservative, republican, Trumper. So, under these new norm definitions, people who love this country, solute our flag and ask the right questions, and don’t trust the “fake news,” are immediately discredited as unreliable sources with an agenda.

Democrat has a new norm definition too…socialist, commie, leftist, anti-Trumper, arsonist, looter, pedophile, anarchist, and vandal.

They invented these new norm definitions, in order to unite people of like mind on opposing sides and pit us against each other. They put us on the war path against each other, for their own benefit, no one else’s.

So, the big question is, who is they and who are we?

Well, we are the American Citizens of all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, and ethnicity, who love our freedom and liberty and would rather die fighting to defend it, than live another minute under the COVID boot of tyranny that has wrecked our nation every day since February. We are the people who pay the taxes in this country and ask for nothing more than our freedom, liberty, and equal justice for all, in return.

We are the real Americans who want every legal vote counted and every illegal vote eliminated from the process. We are the people who still believe that all lives matter, and that common decency, honor, and hard work make a nation great. We are the people who currently have little or no real representation in Washington DC anymore and we are the people responsible for changing that reality!

They are the people determined to stop us from doing what must be done to save the United States of America before the clock runs out in days. They are the people who have lied to us about COVID 19 all year long, gave themselves raises while bankrupting the rest of us, they are the people who send trillions of our debt dollars to foreign countries while offering us a measly $600 bribe after spending all year long bankrupting the nation.

They are the elite…the uber rich of the world. The people who are smarter than us, who feel compelled to rule the world via unbridled power over everyone and everything, for our own good. They are both American and foreign. They are both democrats and republicans. They are global socialists, which is the new norm name for communists.

They own and operate international corporations, banks, governments, media machines, social media platforms, international trade, military contractors, intelligence contractors, Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies, and contractors. They own Hollywood and the broader entertainment industry, worldwide.

They are international financiers, from George Soros and Warren Buffet to the Carlyle Group and Bain Capital. They are the global billionaires club!

That’s who they are, and the vast majority of Federal, State and Local government officials, all political parties, are owned by them. That’s why they take no orders from us!

The States that joined the Texas case against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia are ours. The rest are theirs!A mountain of evidence exists proving massive fraud in the 2020 elections, but because no court would agree to hear that evidence in court, the media continues to act like the evidence doesn’t exist.

Likewise, crimes have been committed, by many players, in numerous states, potentially rising to the level of treason. But if no one is arrested, then these crimes will also be denied and ignored.

On January 3rd, the new Congress will be seated, and Congress will meet to certify the 2020 Presidential elections on January 6th, with Vice President Mike Pence presiding.

Trump has called his supporters to DC on January 6th at the U.S. Congress. It’s because he is not confident that members of Congress or even his Vice President will do what’s right and reject all illegal Electors fraudulently certified by several states…unless they are afraid not to.

Trump needs the pressure of millions of Americans, all hands on deck, to motivate Congress and Pence to do the decent, honorable, and constitutional thing. Unless Trump starts arresting these criminals every day between now and then, this is all the people can do until we see what Congress and Pence are going to do.

No American can afford to let them win…but at this moment, the odds are in their favor because we are divided, baffled, and misled by the “24/7 fake news.”

Meanwhile, I suggest you each call your members of Congress and let them know what is expected of them.

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