By Frosty Wooldridge

The First Amendment remains the most powerful tool in the United States Constitution.  It secures and ensures our freedom of expression. It assures us of being educated by the media.  It empowers each of us to discover for ourselves the knowledge we need to make good decisions for ourselves, our families and our country.

Unfortunately, as we head into the 21st century, as a citizen-journalist, I find our leaders lie, our media covers-up and top national news services serve us a line of balderdash. Powerful forces, loaded with money, keep the American people in the dark.

One of my journalist friends, Kathleene Parker of New Mexico, said, “We have a corrupt media—I’m working on a piece for Progressive on how and why—that buried population growth issue for 30 years, and it’s a clear, there is an ORGANIZED effort by media to brainwash us into believing population is “no longer” a problem. As if another 100 million people added to America is not a problem! CBS in the Morning even had a jackass on who had written a book about the “dangers” of a U.S. population implosion due to a lack of births.  As if 330 million people isn’t enough of us!

“How far up his butt is his head not to notice what’s happening around him?  Now, we’re helpless as media brainwashes the public, something I’ve encountered personally by people arguing with me that “we aren’t growing.”  How can we compete against media—all media. Newspapers are already headlining a possible slowing growth rate in the census, never mind the real numbers.

“As to leaders, we have none!  I didn’t watch the debate last night.  Why should I?  To see them act like angry kids to the benefit of the T.V. cameras?  If leaders were worth a  spit, they’d be fixing broken media and campaign financing.  Our nation is paralyzed, and it will take something draconian—coronavirus, or a collapse of the entire Colorado River system—to awaken people of no integrity or ability to think.”

My first experiences with the media covering up the truth: Vietnam War from 1965 to 1975.  They covered up the facts for 10 years that got 58,220 kids killed.  They’ve covered up the facts on the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars that have killed more by suicides than war casualties.  And, they covered up the costs at $6 trillion and where it all vanished.

The MSM covered up the fact that Barack Obama carries a fraudulent Social Security number, 042, from Connecticut, a state he never lived in, but his adoptive mother, who worked for the Social Security administration, took it off a dead man, and gave it to Obama because he cannot produce a valid birth certificate within the USA. Additionally, the fact that all his records are sealed from the public shows you one horrific scam on the American people that the MSM covered-up and still covers-up.

Even the Sierra Club, which I maintained a membership for 20 years, took a bribe for $100 million to make sure they “fought for the environment” but not to address the most destructive issue destroying our environment: endless immigration.  I quit in 1998 to protest, but the lie continues.

The greatest lie:  the 1965 Immigration Reform Act continues to pour 1.2 million legal immigrants into this country, annually, but it’s overloading and overwhelming us. But no matter how snarled our cities or how much air pollution, and worse, contamination of the air, land and water—MSM will not report the facts.  And more than that, as Ms. Parker said, we’re kept in the dark as to the fact that we’re about to add 110 million more people to our country—that will destroy our ability to sustain ourselves with water, food and energy.

Along with that, the MSM refuses to report on chain-migration, 50,000 diversity visas annually and 300,000 anchor babies at we foot their bills.  Notice they never go after any of the Senators or House Members as to what’s really happening to our country.

Notice that Monsanto-Bayer-Dow Chemical legally poison us with Roundup, glyphosates, GMO’s and dozens of other chemicals, but they bribe Washington DC bureaucrats to make sure they avoid prosecution. But MSM help them in every way.  That’s why “fake news” actually operates at multiple levels.

If you look to Los Angeles, California, notice the MSM refuses to report on the horrific 62,000 homeless making LA a third world country of diseases, rats, feces, poverty and human misery not seen in this country, ever.  This four-minute video will make you sick. I witnessed this situation on my 2018 bicycle journey down the West Coast. It repeats in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, NYC and more. It’s just plain sickening:

And then, you’ve got everyone screaming about “Catastrophic Climate Destabilization,” but you will NEVER hear about the connection as to what’s driving all our problems:  Bill Maher, the comedian and political pundit said, “The great under-discussed factor in the climate crisis is that there are just too many of us.”  Yet, every environmental and climate change organization avoids any mention of the main driver: human overpopulation.

At our southern border:  nothing has been done to stop the immigration invasion in 30 years.  It keeps coming and coming like an Energizer Bunny. I visited for the sixth time in the past 20 years. Our borders remain wide open! Illegals are swamping our welfare systems, schools, communities and changing the demographic and language of our republic.  But you won’t get the straight scoop from the Main Stream Media because they are in cahoots with Congress to let as many refugees into this country until we face destruction from within, and essentially total cultural, sociological and ecological collapse.  Someone with more money than God, wants to kill the United States of America. And, they are succeeding.

Both parties remain complicit in destroying our country from within by allowing the refugee-world instant and total access.  But the MSM remains the worst aspect of what’s destroying our country.  What’s worse, I haven’t seen any change in 30 years, and I am not optimistic that Congress or the MSM will do a d*mned thing in the future.

Do you think Congress will finally shut the borders? Do you think Republicans and/or Democrats will stop the flood? Do you think they will correct the lawlessness of employers? Do you think our children will survive another 110 million immigrants by 2050?

Good luck with that!

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