Patriots, especially nationalists, share the overwhelming feeling that America is becoming unhinged, unrecognizable, and potentially ungovernable. When you access alternative and even mass media, you begin to think and feel that the US is becoming a hollowed out shell of its former self.

It is easy to succumb to inertia and hopelessness. However, being aware of our predicament should lead us in the opposite direction.

Very few Americans are able to recognize, let alone repudiate an imprisoning and disheartening matrix that we “aware” people see easily. There is a heavy responsibility that comes with this level of awareness. We have to face that responsibility because there’s no going back to the status of a passive, rootless drone. We have to psychologically adjust to and cope with the situation, modifying our lifestyles as necessary to do so.

What we do as individuals will have a cumulative effect. There are a variety of steps we can take to increase personal satisfaction and happiness in the midst of evil, and which will also have positive influences on those we interact with, including the following:

1. Abandon the government/public school systems as sources for the education of your children. Instead utilize home schooling alternatives or the most academically renowned private schools of a conservative persuasion.

2. Increase your consumption of healthier foods, reducing the proportion of processed foods in your diet. This will improve your health and reduce your dependence on frequently harmful, costly drugs.

3. Reduce the level of your material possessions to those you really need and enjoy, and actually expect to use.

4. Explore the feasibility of abandoning a conformist and stultifying corporate milieu for self-employment.

5. Sidestep the Cultural Marxist plague by enjoying family, friends, hobbies, and special personal interests that provide purpose in life and reduce stress.

6. Maintain an interest in the opposite sex even though you may have had difficult relationships their members in the past. Often such difficulties result from immaturity that you overcome over the years.

7. Form or join an organization that promotes your interests or is engaged in activities that promote patriotic or nationalist goals. Become physically involved or expand personal relationships and decrease activities that are a poor substitute for personal interaction such as internet surfing and Facebook type activity.

8. Increase your exposure to the natural world by spending more time in rural, pastoral, or park/forest environments and develop outdoor activities such as gardening, which is very healthful physically and emotionally.

9. Ignore the system’s corrupted arts, entertainment and hedonistic influences. Keep TV viewing to a minimum.

10. Pursue music as an avocation or recreation by playing a musical instrument or simply enjoying more of it.

11. Read books promoting nationalist visions, patriotic themes, your educational development, uplifting fiction, or the classics of the Western Tradition.

12. Become more involved in religious activities.

We need to start a “Long march AWAY from the existing institutions” to upend the Cultural Marxist takeover of our institutions.

Find inspiration wherever possible, and pray to Providence on behalf of what is noble and true.

All of these actions will help you keep your head about you when the unwise or uninformed are losing theirs.”

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