By Frosty Wooldridge

June 20, 2022

Part 2: Serious topics we face.

Your responses prove compellingly powerful to me.  Everyone of us Americans provides the heartbeat of America.  Letters stream into my computer from truck drivers, nurses, mothers, fathers, military corporals and generals, teachers, construction workers, firemen, EMT’s, loggers, and SO many more down to earth Americans.

This response arrived about the “Absurdities Going on in America”:

Hello, Frosty Wooldridge!

I hope you’re still riding, and keeping the tires warm on that Bike!  Just wanted to write and let you know that I still love your articles, but I just don’t write about all of them (except to send them to my family). But this article about the absurdities of our times is one that really caught my attention.  You’ve hit the nail on the head again, drove it clear down and countersunk it with just one blow!  It is truly mind-boggling, just how ignorant our nation has become.  And I’m an old man, worried.

Our Federal Government and a minority of the elite are the cause of the declining spiral that we’re in.  It’s happened to us over the last 60 or 70 years, and it’s the majority’s fault for allowing it to occur… (and I do think I’m in that majority to be blamed for being silent continuously)… only for not wanting to take the flak that comes with rocking the boat.  But now my 82 years are telling me that there is only one way that things will ever possibly be turned around to set this – our – nation back on the right path.

Mark my words: Nothing will change unless some truly patriotic, God-fearing, field-grade, combat-trained military (or former) commanders decide to organize a truly constitutional militia, and use guns to either change, or totally remove, the present government, and re-instate the limited, Godly government the constitution proposed, and our founders began with.

Like I said, “Mark my words.”  Nothing but that will ever do it.  Or we are just doomed to become another Venezuela or Ukraine…I love you like my brother, Frosty.  Keep telling the truth!  (Even though I don’t believe enough people are yet understanding it.)  Be Blessed.  Allen. Childress, TX., U.S.A.

This response arrived from a judge in Nevada on my commentary as to the endless immigration invading our country:

Mr. Wooldridge:

The best thing that could happen for the United States and for all of humanity would be for the price of gasoline to reach $25 per gallon. An exploding human population using a finite resource will cause the price of the finite resource to increase– that is the law of supply and demand and that law cannot and will not be changed by humanity. Humanity has a choice— voluntarily contract the economy of the planet and voluntarily reduce the human population. Any attempt to maintain either or both population and economic growth must, and will, lead to the collapse of civilization and the deaths of billions. No matter what action may be taken by humanity there will be a reduction in the human population and the current level of economic activity at some time in the future The only questions are when and how those reductions will occur, but they will occur.

You need to help Americans understand their dilemma.  Jason GB.

Response on my commentary about “Abortion”:

Dear Mr. Wooldridge:

You’re one of my favorite commentators.  That being said,  the above referenced article is full of relevant information but misses the point why Roe vs Wade should be overturned.

The U.S. Constitution is the highest law of the land and does not give 9 justices the legal right to make a law that affects the whole country.  In addition, if one believes abortion is murder the people are made to pay for murdering the unborn with their tax dollars.

The correct thing to do is for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs Wade and let each State decide the issue.   This is the only way boundaries can be put on this procedure.

Abortion, like prostitution, will always be with us.  But States can vote to limit abortions to the first (2nd or 3rd) trimester, or make the procedure illegal altogether.   States can vote to fund or defund the procedure.  Right now, the people have no voice.  And that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Regards, Jean M. Dallas, TX

Response to the Uvalde shooting:


99.95% of all mass shootings that were NOT false flags have a common thread.  The perps were taking psychotropic drugs.  Paxil, Ritalin and the rest cancel the filters in the brain that prevent the behavior.  Since the controlled media is programmed to end gun ownership the MSM NEVER brings up this constant connection.

I downloaded and reviewed all mass shooting since 2000.  There is a direct correlation to these events as these medications began coming online.  This is just business, right?  A little collateral damage insignificant to big Pharma profits and the underlying goal of subjugating all Americans critical thinking.

We are now living the intentional dismantling of the remainder of the USA.  The Constitution has been ignored.  I see 2/3 of the US population dead in a couple years.  Cities need massive inflow.  Those structures are collapsing.

We are in Godless, lawless times.  There is zero justice. As a collective remnant that WE are, getting out of the way seems to be the only option.    I am done speaking to those that don’t listen or understand.  Your messages HAVE reached and enlightened many who get it.  At this point, seek self-help.   The USA and what was accomplished, what we lived is now just a memory in remnants like you and me.

In speaking with a retired cop friend, he says that places like LA, Chicago, New York, Miami are what cops call self-cleaning ovens.  As EBT cards stop, food stops, money system fails, like Rats in BF Skinner’s experiment, they will self-clean.  I see it beginning with massive uptick in violence in Miami.  The key is to be a couple tanks of gas away from any of those places.  Airline pilot

As you can see, tremendous passion and knowledge by these responses.  Thank you writing!

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