“He, therefore, who is now against domestic manufacture, must be for reducing us either to dependence on that foreign nation, or to be clothed in skins, and to live like wild beasts in dens and caverns. I am not one of these; experience has taught me that manufactures are now as necessary to our independence as to our comfort; and if those who quote me as of a different opinion, will keep pace with me in purchasing nothing foreign where an equivalent of domestic fabric can be obtained, without regard to difference of price, it will not be our fault if we do not soon have a supply at home equal to our demand, and wrest that weapon of distress from the hand which has wielded it.” The Letters of Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826 to Benjamin Austin Monticello, January 9, 1816

To listen to talking heads on the Internet and the unconstitutional ‘Federal’ Reserve mouthpieces one gets the impression that millions of new jobs are being created and we’re back on track to ‘happy days are here again’.

Manufacturing Adds 6,000 Jobs–Reaching New 8-Year High; Government Adds 17,000

Nothing could be further from the truth as I wrote in a column last month, NOW Is The Time To Make Your Move On This before It’s Too LateThe unemployment rate was again pushed down this past week while 94 MILLION Americans are still out of work.

And, what is the cure? Why the same as it’s been with a Republican controlled Congress for years: Bring in more and more foreign workers while perfectly qualified Americans can’t find work in their career fields because those jobs are being given to imported cheap foreign labor. Their 10 years of IT experience is now being used as a cashier at a convenience store. Don’t get me wrong. An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s labor is how we exchange labor for reward. But, those who choose to spend fifty or a hundred grand on a college education in a specific field are not looking for a career as a cashier at the local Quick Stop.

Not only that, but I can tell you from personal experience having worked for DoD, adding more government jobs, unless they are absolutely necessary which a huge majority are not, does nothing but produce more chair warmers. And, we still have private sector companies and corporations who don’t give a DAMN about American workers:

Recruiting engineers in Mexico for California plant – No qualified AMERICAN engineers to do the work? Know what, Tesla? You won’t get a penny of my money for your cars or anything else. What billionaires like Tesla owner, Elon Musk, want is  more cheap labor to further enrich themselves.

Study Finds No Shortage of High-Tech Workers in U.S.

“No one has been able to find any evidence indicating current widespread labor market shortages or hiring difficulties in science and engineering occupations that require bachelor’s degrees or higher,” Teitelbaum concluded. The Rand study cited by authors also found “no evidence that such shortages have existed at least since 1990, nor that they are on the horizon.” Steve Goodman of Bright Media, whom the authors also cite, is one of the few people in the tech-industry who conceded that the numbers disprove Silicon Valley’s conventional wisdom about the shortage of high-tech workers.”

President Trump PROMISED to pull US out of NAFTA – an unconstitutional agreement that has sent millions of jobs overseas or to Mexico.  So far, all I can see is flip-flopping  by Trump and this NONSENSE:

‘I was all set to terminate’: Inside Trump’s sudden shift on NAFTA. Trump’s ‘team’ talked him out of it convincing him it would cost jobs, hurt his supporters and hurt farmers. You have the wrong team working for you, President Trump. Cost jobs? For Mexico and India but not for Americans. Who the hell do you think came out of the shadows to vote for you in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and others decimated by NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT & the WTO?

Trump’s threats to pull out of NAFTA: Crazy like a fox? – We shall see.

President Trump did take one small baby step in the right direction on April 18, 2017:  Presidential Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American

Before NAFTA 97% of all shoes sold in this country were made in this country. Now it’s about 4%. After serial adulterer and rapist, Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into ‘law’, within a few years THOUSANDS of plants closed and went south of the border or overseas laying off hundreds of thousands of Americans faster than bean counters could count. I know. Besides being on top of this issue back then, following NAFTA and my trips across the country, I saw for myself small towns and cities that used to provide thousands of jobs with our factories humming turned into ghost towns with a gas station and a few local businesses. The destruction was heart breaking.

Prior to NAFTA and then all the subsequent and destructive “free” trade treaties, almost everything in our homes, the clothes on our back and the food we ate was produced and grown HERE by Americans. The jobs and the $$ stayed HERE in OUR country. And yet, tens of millions of Americans continued to reelect the same incumbents in the U.S. CON-gress who voted for the destruction we have lived through and continue to live in a real time nightmare created by them and past presidents.

As for our farming families, the destruction began a long time ago when the outlaw Congress for the first time passed unconstitutional legislation regarding farmers and farming (Tenth Amendment Issue), the Agricultural Adjustment Act AND the ‘Federal’ Reserve.  A must read: The Fed and the Farmer, my column May 7, 2005.

YOUR congressional incumbent and mine (another newly elected know nothing, Rep. Jodey Arrington, R-TX) swear they are for the American worker just like Speaker of the House, Paul RAT Ryan. And yet, the betrayal continues:

Donald Trump’s Ag Secretary Pushes for Illegal Immigrants, Not Robots

“Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told an audience on Friday that he’s pressing Trump to allow farmers and food processors to keep employing cheap illegal-alien manual labor. Trump “understands that there are … undocumented immigrant laborers, out here on the farms, many of them that are doing a great job, contributing to the economy of the United States,” Perdue said April 28, according to a report in Harvest Public Media. Sending the illegal-immigrant workers home “is not his focus nor will that be my focus,” Perdue added.”

What kind of BS is that? ILLEGAL means illegal. Perdue says Trump supports keeping illegals employed. Really, President Trump?

The GOP controlled Congress has had YEARS to come up with a fair, workable foreign worker visa program for agriculture that requires Americans are hired first and then seasonal workers (paid and treated fairly) who leave the country when their visa expires.  They had years under a Republican president, Bush, Jr., while holding a majority to cure the cancer and instead helped it metastasize into 94 million Americans out of work. All the blame cannot be placed at the criminal impostor, Barack Obama, who played president for eight years.

Instead, what do we now get? Our newly minted Ag Secty says ignore our immigration laws and use illegals!

Controversial EB-5 Visa Gets Extension:

“Center for Immigration Studies’ (CIS) Fellow David North has argues the EB-5 visa program is riddled with fraud and abuse, often leading to lawsuits and convictions. The 2017 budget, which will continue funding the U.S. government until October, includes the extension of the EB-5 visa program, as lawmakers slipped the extension of the program into the spending bill. EB-5 immigrant visa-holders primarily come to the U.S. from China. The program has endured public embarrassment for years, as more fraud cases involving the program come to light.”

Instead of abolishing that magnet for fraud, the GOP controlled Congress continues to support it. We don’t need that program or the crime clogging up the court system as a result of con artists OUR government seems hell bent on importing.

Here is more outrageous CRAP from two Republicans, one House and one Senate: Two GOP Legislators Propose American Replacement Bill, Plus Amnesty

“Two GOP legislators are introducing legislation to let states annually import 500,000 foreign blue-collar workers and white-collar professionals to replace Americans who have fallen out of the workforce and into drug addiction.”

Really? Import another frickin’ half million foreign workers to allegedly replace Americans who can’t get a job because jobs they’re qualified for are being given to more and more foreign cheap labor workers? Sure, some might have out of desperation gotten into drugs because scum bags in the U.S. Congress began their quest for globalization back in 1994 with NAFTA and have continued to destroy millions and millions of good paying permanent jobs for American workers in our most important job sectors: ag, industrial and manufacturing.

Does it get any more sickening from these globalist Republicans in Congress? The majority in Congress by their voting record today are anti-American workers owned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Silicon Valley and anti-American worker mega corporations. Such comments are a slap in the face to AMERICANS who are desperate for jobs being given to imported cheap foreign workers.

Paul Ryan Expands H-2B Blue-Collar Outsourcing Program for 2017

“House Speaker Paul Ryan’s new 2017 budget allows the Department of Homeland Security to import at least 20,000 extra foreign blue-collar workers for seasonal jobs in the United States, instead of requiring companies to recruit, train, and pay marginalized Americans.

“The bipartisan congressional language creates a headache for Trump and his deputies because it flips the politically difficult problem from Congress to the Department of Homeland Security of deciding whether to provide extra wage-cutting H-2B contract workers to companies or else to improve job opportunities for Trump’s blue-collar voters.

“The new rule is opposed by pro-American groups, including the Federation for American Immigration Reform. According to FAIR’s Robert Law: “Increasing the number of low skilled foreign workers through a massive government funding bill is Washington at its worst. This is a clear betrayal of blue collar Americans who were hit the hardest by the Obama economy. Even after Trump’s victory, Congress is more interested in rewarding the business lobby’s thirst for cheap workers than getting their unemployed constituents back in the work force.”

Congress has NO authority to ‘require’ any private sector company to recruit, train or pay any American. They have their hiring policies which they’re entitled to set and pay commensurate with education and experience. Try educating America’s children so they can read, write, do arithmetic and other important skills instead of concentrating on ‘safe rooms’ for the mentally ill snowflakes or spending time showing porn in ‘sex ed’ classes and brainwashing classes for ‘social justice’.

There’s probably a few Republicans in the House and Senate who actually do care about American workers but to continue voting for resolutions to keep the government running and funding of all that’s wrong, what good are you?

Make no mistake about it: The official Republican Party is NOT on the side of the American worker and dung bags like Paul RAT Ryan are working hard to see this country continue to import tens of thousands more cheap workers from India and other countries while our blue collar workers and our middle class stay unemployed or forced to work for minimum wage just to live in their car – if it hasn’t been repossessed.

What can you do? Keep Buying Made in the USA. Use social media to promote the Million Jobs Project. And, for the love of God, remember next year’s mid-term election is NOT in November. It starts with the primaries in February 2018. Will Americans once again vote for their incumbent who has worked to destroy this country or identify a constitutional candidate, support him or her and defeat every incumbent we can in the primaries next year? Will Americans by the millions demand their state use paper ballots hand counted for those primaries? How bad do you want things to change? [Order: “How Americans can buy American”]

Keep making your voice heard to President Trump either by calling the WH comment line, 202.456.1111 or blast him with email: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Just my two cents here at the end. I must say it’s apparent the people in France not only do not want change for the better for their country, they signed their death warrant yesterday by allegedly electing 39-year old Comrade Emmanuel Macron. Married to his mother. Okay, that’s a joke but his wife is 64 years old. Some would say Mrs. Macron back then was a pedophile: “Here’s the simple love story of 15 year-old boy meets much older drama teacher in high school and eventually falls in love. His parents can’t keep them apart, so years later the mother of three eventually divorces her husband and marries her former student. They flourish and then he runs for president when he’s 39 and she’s 64.”

Just like here in America, Le Pen was too close in polling to lose 65%-35%. Quite frankly, reading all the coverage about election shenanigans going on, I don’t believe Macron actually won, but if the results are accurate, how stupid can the French people be? Haven’t they had enough terrorist attacks? Lord, looking at videos shot over in France of herds of savage Muslims and what they’ve done to cities over there (not to mention other places like London, Germany and Sweden), one would think Le Pen would have been a winner by a landslide. By allegedly electing Macron the French people apparently do not care about France once again becoming a great sovereign country in its own right. Ah, ain’t globalism great? Sure it is. Just like Hell.


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