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By Paul Walter

May 8, 2003 

I watch with great sadness how this once great nation - the light of the world - is gradually having its light's dimmed. While our military is busy fighting foreign wars to free people from ruthless oppressors and to bring "democracy" to other countries, without constitutional Congressional approval, we are watching the disintegration of our nation right before our eyes. Alexis de Tocqueville's prophetic words should be a wake-up call. He said, "America is great because America is good. When America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great."

Our Founding Fathers knew the wickedness in men's hearts and based good laws on biblical principles to keep evil at bay. But in spite of their best efforts, eventually bad, unconstitutional laws were enacted, and bad laws seem to stay put in our current politically correct, crazy society. (read Psalm 94:20-21)

Today, sodomy laws that were meant to protect the moral from the immoral, are eliminated by church-attending politicians (and those in the judicial system) who profess to be good Christians. Even when 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising was abducted, violated and brutally murdered by two homosexuals in 1999...we hardly heard a whimper.

Meanwhile, tree huggers, environmental wackos, animal rights activists, sodomites, feminists and other God-haters organize, run for office, get elected and attain positions of power and authority in our government, while far too many so-called Christian politicians check their spines at the doors of our Capitols across this land. They follow the blind, misleading 501 (c) 3 incorporated church pastors, who teach their flocks a false doctrine of God's love by preaching that we must obey evil government authorities. But Romans 13, which they often quote, is referring to a Godly government, not an evil one. Would God tell us to obey Hitler's government?

"He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both an abomination to the Lord." (Proverbs 17:15)

Under Stalin 50 million Russians died. Under Hitler 25 million people died. Under Edi Amin 4 million Ugandan's died. Under Paul Pot 7 million Cambodians died, yet to my knowledge Stalin, Hitler, Edi Amin and Paul Pot never personally killed anyone. Their police officers carried out their orders and did all the dirty work. America has its own dark history of injustices. We will never forget the tragedies of Waco, Ruby Ridge, Elian Gonzales, and others. (Note: The above figures were approximated.)

Police officers use to be called 'peace officers'. Now they are called 'law enforcers'. When law enforcement fails it is replaced with a gunslinging national police force. Will a ruthless U.N. global police force be used in America?

What boggles my mind is, how any public servant can be made to carry out evil, unethical orders, of any kind, then attend church services? I wouldn't do it, no matter how badly I needed a job. Why can't we stand up to our superiors who gave these orders and tell them to take a flying leap, fearing God more than them? Spending eternity in hell is much more scary to me than losing a job. Remember that Jesus taught us to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Today, the United States is a nation of fear and suspicion. The Associated Press recently reported that the FBI has over 80 airplanes and helicopters in the skies at all times -- watching us! IF they were there to 'protect' us, why aren't they using those 8o planes and helicopters to seal off the borders?

The NEW YORK TIMES reported [read article] that State Supreme Court Judge Gerald Garson of New York, and five others, including a county clerk, a court officer and a divorce lawyer, ran bribery schemes to rig the outcome of divorce and child custody cases. The NEW YORK POST reported [read article] that Judge Garson was suspended-- with full pay-- and will receive his $136,700 annual salary. Where is the public outrage! But, if you get caught changing lanes without signaling, it's a $125.00 ticket.

The SACRAMENTO BEE reported that a woman ran a rape scheme over a period of 18 months [read article] . She blackmailed eight men into paying her half a million dollars. When caught she pleaded "no contest" to six felony counts of extortion, five felony counts of sending threatening letters, and three counts of falsely reporting crimes, yet she will receive less than a year in jail! The court's message? Crime does pay -- half a million dollars worth!

The NEW YORK POST reported that New Jersey Superior Court Judge, Stephen Thompson, [read article] was caught with a sickening videotape featuring underage little boys engaging in sex acts. According to the article the judge could get off with no prison time. But, Ruth Christine that never did anything wrong in her entire life, got seven and a half years for driving a getaway car with her 3 children. Read "Pride and Prosecution: Oregon's Destruction of a Family"

Too many pedophile clergy are allowed to destroy thousands of innocent little children's lives across this nation, yet for the most part few, if any, have been arrested or jailed. What a national disgrace! The message here is -- it's OK for pedophile clergy to kill thousands of children's spirits and destroy their lives. That's how much America's judicial system loves its children! The next time you hear a public official use the phrase "it's for the children", know that it's all a lie. They do nothing to protect them.

A recent CNN article titled, "Four Miami Police Officers Convicted of Corruption." It seems they shot a suspect with a hail of more than 100 bullets. The article said that officers planted a gun on an unarmed homeless man, then lied about it to protect their colleagues.

The NEW YORK Post's article, "Porn-Again Prof." stated that a New York Law school professor, Edward Samuels, was caught with more than 100,000 disgusting images of child pornography. According to the article, Samuels will remain on unpaid leave, until they figure out what to do with him. A motion to dismiss the case, filed by the school, is pending.

BUT, according to a WorldNetDaily story a Michigan man faces prison for killing a rattle snake that was threatening nearby children [read article]. A woman saw the man kill the snake and quickly called police, who wasted no time arresting him. Believe it or not, a jury found him guilty! If I had been sitting on that jury I would never have convicted that man. This leads us to believe that juries are stacked. That they are brainwashed and ignorant of our U.S. Constitution, as well as their jury Rights, and can be manipulated to indict a ham sandwich.

What in blazes is going on in America? A man who kills a rattler to protect children faces prison, while a pedophile crooked judges go free? Wake up! Educate yourself! Otherwise the next time it could be you on trial.

Before I can get one example typed up, more arrive. A 10 year old boy gets arrested for stomping in puddles and spends two hours in jail [read article]. These atrocities go on and on, while very few Americans seem not to be even a little disturbed by them. The birth pains are quickening.

A recent WKMB-TV web page news article [read article] reports that a cop pepper sprayed a 12-year-old girl who refused to obey his orders regarding jay walking. When I was young I never heard of any police officer doing such an unspeakable thing, especially to little children who looked up to them and respected them. Not so today. How can a child respect cruel and abusive authority? Respect is earned by noble deeds, not by cruelty and abuse. When did they loose their common sense?

The TENNESSEAN reports [read article] that police arrested a man that ran into his second-floor burning apartment to rescue his dog who he noticed was crying at the window. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

An ABC News article titled, "Man Charged With Barking at Police Dog" reported that the man was arrested for barking back--at the dog who was barking at passer-bys. The man was charged with teasing and agitating a police dog, and faces a year in prison, plus a $1000 fine.

Oregon, the only 'unsane' state in the Union, has legalized Dr. Jack Kevorkian's "Death With Dignity," allowing folks the 'legal' right to an 'assisted' suicide. Read Mary Starrett's article [read article] about Kaizer Permanente's letters to Doctors who wish to be put on this 'duty' list.

The State of Oregon totally destroyed a young family. Read "Pride and Prosecution: Oregon's Destruction of a Family." The parent's crime? Their children looked too thin.

According to WorldNetDaily, [read article] a bill passed the California assembly, mandating fines up to $150,000 against business owners (including Bible bookstores) and the Boy Scouts, who refused to hire cross-dressers. Who's going to enforce this, you ask? The police, of course. I guess one can make some cops do almost anything for a paycheck. Now you know how the police under Adolph Hitler were made to round up Jewish women and children, and ship them in cattle cars to extermination camps, then were able to attend church on Sunday. One pastor, whose church was located next to railroad tracks, was asked what he did as he heard those railroad cars going by on Sunday morning. He answered, "we just sang a little louder."

You may say, "This could never happen in America. We have too many God-fearing Christians here." Really? Where are they? They are hiding behind their pastors who are teaching them to obey government authority, no matter how wicked.

Ask W.W.II vets if they ever heard, in their younger days, of homosexuality and abortion being taught to young children in public schools. Ask if they ever heard of a person calling the police on a man for killing a rattler to save children. Ask if they ever heard of a law to force the Boy Scouts to hire homosexual cross-dressers. Ask if pornography was protected under the guise of free speech?

Last fall the U.S. Veteran's Administration approved the use of chaplains from the homosexual Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) and the MCC has applied to send chaplains to the military.

Former National Organization of Women (NOW) President, Patricia Ireland, is the YWCA's new CEO. The executive director of Traditional Values Coalition called the Ireland appointment "disgusting", pointing to reports that Ireland had carried on a homosexual relationship in Washington, D.C. while remaining married to her husband who was living in Florida. Fox News' Bill O'Reilly interviewed Mz. Ireland on May 6. Bill danced around Mz. Ireland's alternate lifestyle and never mentioned her lesbianism. The current YWCA national leaders deny that the YWCA was founded on "Christian" values. What do they think the "C" in its acronym means? []

Scott Lively, executive director of Abiding Truth Ministries, says in his May 1, 2003 newsletter that October is now "National Lesbian and Gay History Month". Do they tell the Matthew Shepard story while omitting little Jesse? The whole month is dedicated to the promotion of homosexuality, especially in schools. Starting in 1988, on the anniversary of the 1987 March on Washington, October 11th has become the day of choice for homosexual teachers to announce their "gay" identity to their students in classrooms across America. Since 1994, many public officials have issued proclamations recognizing this day.

Oregon Citizen Alliance (OCA) through the initiative process and great expense put on the ballot 3 state initiatives to stop, or at least curtail the homosexual agenda to Oregon's children, and 3 times the people have voted it down.

St. Valentine's Day has become "Freedom to Marry Day." April 9th is the National Day of Silence. In public schools across America, thousands of "gay and lesbian" student activists, guided by their adult trainers, bring pro-homosexual political demonstrations into the classroom. June is Gay Pride Month in America and around the world. Mr. Lively says few know that "Gay Pride Day" is the anniversary of a riot which took place at the Stonewall Bar on Christopher Street, in New York, on June 27, 1969, when police tried to arrest an underaged male prostitute. Yes, things were different in 1969. Due to the 'required' sensitivity training for most public employees today, look how 'tolerant' we've become in 30+ years, to the determent of our children.

Yes, America, once the home of the 'free and the brave', is dying. Our National Anthem ends with a question. Have we fulfilled prophecy because America's once strong core values are being replaced with "immoral" ones? Can a moral and noble people be enslaved? Not in a million years. In order to destroy a nation and enslave it's people, the people have to be hoodwinked into believing that good is bad and bad is good. Our sins, the downfall of America, belong on the shoulders of 99% of our politically-correct pastors. But their sins are greater than the average person's, because one pastor has the power to deceive multitudes, while a common person can only deceive a few. Besides, they claim to be representatives of God, don't they? Jeremiah 23:1-4 says, "Woe be unto the pastors..."

The fault rests with the Christian public servants WE elect to office. They use the practice of consensus to compromise our God-given rights away. A little here, a little there, and guess what? In 30-40 years, we have lost our country. [read Betty Freauf's article]

It goes like this. Back in the sixties gas used to be somewhere between 25 - 50 cents per gallon. In the early seventies we were told there was an oil embargo and gas went over a dollar a gallon and people complained. After awhile gas came back down to under a dollar and people were happy. You get the picture? This is an old Marxist trick -- two steps forward, one step backward. Raise the price another dime, come back down another nickel. Keep that up for thirty to forty years and guess what? The change occurs so slowly that most of the younger generation do not see what is happening. In fact, even the older generation have learned to accept the status quo.

The same principle applies to right and wrong. Back in the 50s you didn't see movies where a married couple, such as Roy Rogers and Dale Rogers, or Lucy and Desi Arnez, were in the same bed together. Today anything goes. Homosexuality is being taught to our children in school and most people think it's perfectly normal. Wrong things that go unchallenged will only get worse. Matt. 24:12 warns that the love of many shall wax cold. Anyone bold enough to speak up is ridiculed by modern-day pastors as negative and unloving.

A good example, lightning starts a forest fire. It goes unchecked for a week or two. By the time the fire is put out it consumes half a million acres. What would the outcome be if fire fighters jumped on that fire the first hour? When something is small it's easy to handle, When it gets big, it's too late. Same applies to corruption.

A wise man once said we get the government we deserve. In the near future, as society deteriorates further, we will live in a total surveillance society, created and backed by, you guessed it, Christians. People are asked to spy on each other. Neighborhood Crime Watch is a step in that direction. We will be monitored by someone 24 hours a day. But the BIG question is-- who will monitor our public masters?

A citizen called the police when she saw a car leaving a gas station with money flying out the car window. Upon arrival, the police surrounded the family's car, shot their dog, totally destroyed the couple's vacation, and it turned out the driver innocently left cash on the seat and the wind blew it out the window. One phone call and your life is never the same.

Is this the world you want to live in? Where you have to whisper in fear; where your children, neighbors, or complete strangers might over hear your conversation and turn you in? Bear in mind that the judicial system loves this stuff because it helps the rotten socialist courts to 'legally' confiscate your hard earned money.

Welcome to George Orwell's 1984 doublespeak.

� 2003 Paul Walter - All Rights Reserved

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Paul Walter was born in socialist Yugoslavia in 1945. He and his family emigrated to America in 1959. He served 3 years in the U.S. Armed Forces and became a U.S. citizen in 1963. Owner of Walter Publishing & Research, he republished a 100 year old book titled The Coming Battle, the true history of our national debt. The book is currently in its 5th printing. E-mail








"Too many pedophile clergy are allowed to destroy thousands of innocent little children's lives across this nation, yet for the most part, few if any has been arrested or jailed. What a national disgrace! The message here is -- it's OK for pedophile clergy to kill thousands of children's spirits and destroy their lives. That's how much America's judicial system loves its children! The next time you hear a public official use the phrase "it's for the children", know that it's all a lie."