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Paul Walter
November 16, 2001

I came to America with my family in 1959. I was at awe upon arrival. I couldn't believe that a country existed where I could switch jobs, start my own business, was free to speak the truth,  free to criticize the government for its shortfalls, and even own a gun. Wow!  In Yugoslavia my father was jailed, for speaking against the controlling socialist government. But in America anything was possible. There was no country big enough to bring it down. America was great because America was  morally good. Decent people, decent laws. A shining light and the envy of the world. The downtrodden came from far and wide in rickety boats across shark infested waters just to be free. Free to express themselves. Free to build a future for themselves and their families. Free to be unique individuals, and free from intimidation.  They were proud to become, and be called, an American. I know I was.

So, if America couldn't be conquered from without, it had to be conquered and destroyed from within. Khrushchev used his shoe as a gavel when he spoke at the United Nations in the '60's  saying: 

"We will bury you. ...we will sell you small doses of socialism until one day you will wake up as a communist nation and your people will never realize how they got there... we will spit in your face, and you'll call it dew...and, America will sell us the rope (technology) to hang her with."

Today, the sleepy, ignorant, apathetic Americans embrace, with open arms, the very same spirit in our government that people risked their lives to escape from. And those of us who are aware of what's going on are labeled anti-social, negative or anti-government by the very people that profess to be Christians. The word Christian means to be Christ-like. But are we?

The Enemy Within

If I wanted to destroy a moral nation from within I would do the following: 

Encourage homosexuals to come out of the closet. Give them 'special rights. Abolish sodomy laws. Allow homosexual bathhouses. Grant them permission to have gay pride parades. Permit them to marry and adopt children. Encourage them to work for child service agencies. Teach our children that God loves homosexuals as they are. This would instill in their young minds that if God loves them as they are it must be O.K. to be gay. 

Create a department called Human Resources where human beings are thought of as nothing more than resources for the state to be used and manipulated like wood or metal. Also create the department of Services to Children and Families and give them unlimited power to rip off children from parents on the flimsiest charges. And, without a conviction, place children in foster homes, then quickly terminate parental rights. Give full immunity to public officials, so they can't be prosecuted for their bad actions.

Infiltrate the media and universities. Teach future reporters to print what they think people meant by what they said, not what they actually said. This will brainwash people so they don't have to think or discern the news for themselves.

Take over the teacher's union and replace all the good, old fashioned, moral teachers with secular humanists who teach children that absolutes do not exist, then arrest and jail kids for wrong doing. Replace phonics with whole words (like the Chinese language). This creates dyslexia, then introduce drugs as a solution to the problem. Remove the Ten Commandments and the Pledge of Allegiance and replace them with evolution and globalism. 

Destroy children's natural modesty by replacing abstinence with sexual promiscuity. Promote  alternate lifestyles. Bombard children with sex on TV, sex in movies, sex in magazines, sex in school. Sex here, sex there, sex everywhere. Implement school- based clinics to dispense abortion literature and condoms, without their parent's consent. Give kids phone numbers to turn in parents who interfere. When predictable problems surface, implement Sex Education as a guise to help kids, and ask the voters for big bucks to fund it, knowing full well they will pay up. 

Infiltrate seminary schools. Force all churches to become 501(c)3, a corporation in partnership with the state. Teach future pastors how to facilitate their flock without arousing suspicion. Bring in rock and roll to help people feel good about their sins.  Teach the people 'an absolute lie' that we must unconditionally submit to government authority. 

Eliminate 'innocent until proven guilty' and replace it with the  communist system 'guilty until proven innocent.' This way the burden of proof is on the accused, not the accuser or the prosecution. Pass laws so the accused won't be able to face their accuser. Manipulate Grand Juries so they never discover that they not only have the constitutional Right to judge the case, but also the law itself. Encourage plea bargaining, where everyone plea bargains, guilty or not. This will create big bucks for attorneys and judges so they can smoke big, expensive Cuban cigars.

When a new jail is needed, release dangerous criminals, while keeping the jail full of misdemeanor, petty criminals. Then scare and manipulate the seniors into giving more of their hard earned money for a  bigger jail. 

I would shut water off to farmers, all in the name of SUCKER fish, then import food from abroad to cover the shortfall. Stop the logging to protect an owl. Electrocute and club fish hatchery salmon, then put the salmon on the endangered species list.

Teach people to judge and resent anyone who speaks the truth and exposes corruption. Label them negative, ultra conservative, right wing, militia type, anti government, etc.. This way I stay invisible and the people never catch on to who the real enemy is. Create reverse discrimination through Affirmative Action. Teach political correctness, and tax the people  into poverty, while giving them nothing in return.

Pass quick, easy divorce laws that include giving women custody of the children. Never mind if the father is the better parent. Force women into the workplace. This creates latch-key kids.  With father out of the way and mother working, the kids get into trouble. Then the state can step in and fill the father's role as the authority over the broken family. 

Editor's note: I never forgot what happened when my parents were getting a divorce in the early 60's. I was just 14 years old. The judge sat my younger sister and I on his knees in his chambers and said to us: "forgive your parents, they have forgotten how to love one another."  What happened to these type of  judges? Where are they? 

Recently I was in Josephine County, Oregon courtroom as an observer. Many cases were being processed, one after another. A middle aged woman, well dressed, middle to upper income, came before the judge, charged with "offensive physical contact". The first thing that came to mind was, this woman must be a pervert to receive such a charge. Guess what she did. She spanked her 13 year old son for talking back and sent him to his room. He crawled out of his bedroom window and called the police. Grants Pass 'Public Safety' police immediately responded to arrest her. The judge gave her 180 days probation. I never dreamed that I would live long enough to see this travesty of justice in America. The message her son received was that his mother is not his authority. This same scenario is occurring in courts across this nation, sanctioned by church-attending judges.

Recently I received an E-mail from a local resident telling me that if I didn't like this country I should go back to where I came from. It was unsigned of course, cowards that they are. I have only one thing to say. You, and your type, are the enemies of God and America, not I.

Paul Walter was born in socialist Yugoslavia in 1945. He and his family emigrated to America in 1959. He served 3 years in the U.S. Armed Forces and became a U.S. citizen in 1963. Owner of Walter Publishing & Research, he republished a 100 year old book titled The Coming Battle, the true history of our national debt. The book is currently in its 5th printing. E-mail