Paul Walter Commentary

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By Paul Walter

    Political correctness is not just destroying America, it's tearing it apart. It's everywhere, in your schools, in your workplace, in your government, in your church and in your face.  Yes, it's in your church and that's the most destructive place of all. One cannot be honest and speak freely today, you have to be 'careful what you say because it might offend someone'. Political correctness is social engineering, geared to turn neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother and race against race.  

    America has two enemies, the enemy within and the enemy without.  The enemy within is far more sinister and dangerous than the enemy without. The enemy without doesn't hide its intentions. But the enemy within works in the shadows, in secret, pretending to be your friend, then stabs you in the back. They are destroying the very fabric of society. 

    A recent example is the picture of the three brave firemen that raised the American flag on the leaning pole at ground zero in New York City. They just happened to be white. It reminded me of Norman Rockwell capturing the spirit of America. While duplicating the picture, their faces were altered on a statue for political correctness. Under political correctness we're not to hurt anyone's feelings, yet, the feelings of the three firemen were not considered. Is there a double standard here?

    The fact is it's so insane that it staggers the imagination. If two out of the three white fire fighters were replaced with one black and one Hispanic, then a woman, an Indian, or even an Arab could come along and claim discrimination. You get the picture. The potential repercussions would be endless.

    Under the banner of diversity, their attempts to destroy the beauty of a spontaneous, patriotic gesture that occurred innocently is sick. It's the same spirit that's behind cloning, stem cell research, genetically engineered produce, you name it. They want to replace the Creator and become the re-creator. The center of the universe.  

    After 200 years of proven methods, under the guise of political correctness, the enemy within took over our taxpayer funded public schools and were successful in removing the Judeo/Christian Bible and its teachings, including the Ten Commandments. We allowed them to threw it out the window. It's the 'separation of church and state' they cried. Why was there no public outcry, at least from the clergy (with few exceptions), to expose the lie? Because they have a need to be needed, accepted and loved by everyone. You see, when you take a stand, some will accept you, and some will reject you. But, if you have a need to be loved and accepted by everyone, it becomes impossible to speak up. Can a man stretch two bows at once or serve two masters?  

    Today, California's public schools teach the terrorists religion, Islam, as required curriculum. Again, the rejection of Judeo/Christianity and acceptance of Islam brought no public outcry from the clergy, none for the most part. In fact, here locally, when confronted for their lack of courage, like parrots, they recite and misinterpret Romans 13.

    The destruction of this country started in the 60's, when we decided to emulate the three politically correct monkeys  - I will speak of no evil, I will see no evil and I will hear of no evil. Now the sins of this nation are coming home to roost and the piper wants to be paid. As proof, we have high rates of teen pregnancies, rampant incurable diseases, abortion, confused, lost children looking for love, gangs, lukewarm pastors, broken homes, fatherless children, child molesting priests, churches performing gay marriages, you name it. What makes it worse is the people who are sounding the alarm by telling it like it is, are called negative nay-sayers by the very community leaders that profess to be good Christians.

    Nothing will change until the people wake up, demand accountability from their public officials by asking tough questions, stand up against injustice, speak out against laws that condone immoral behavior, and demand pastors with courage. I strongly suggest, if you have a politically correct, gutless, lukewarm pastor, brush the dust off your feet, preferably in front of him, and find another church. Evil reigns when good people do nothing. 


Paul Walter was born in socialist Yugoslavia in 1945. He and his family emigrated to America in 1959. He served 3 years in the U.S. Armed Forces and became a U.S. citizen in 1963. Owner of Walter Publishing & Research, he republished a 100 year old book titled The Coming Battle, the true history of our national debt. The book is currently in its 5th printing. E-mail