by Lee Duigon

I’m writing this on Pearl Harbor Day, the day which President Franklin Roosevelt said would live in infamy forever.

Looking back on it from 79 years, it’s hard to believe Germany and Japan ever thought they could actually do what they set out to do. Germany wished to conquer and control continental Europe; Japan aspired to conquer and control the Pacific and huge chunks of eastern Asia. How could they ever have expected to do those things? Their lust far outran their capability. But equipped as they were with top-of-the-line military machines, they made a fearfully strong run at it.

History is full of conquerors, of empires. In a fallen world, someone, be it an individual, a group, or a whole nation, is always trying to take more than his fair share—and mostly by force. They may, like Rome or Assyria or the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan, succeed for a time, even for centuries. Rome took over more territory than the Third Reich ever did, and kept it many times longer, but still came to a violent end. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

But in the 21st century, wars of conquest have fallen out of fashion. They cost too much, and modern weapons are almost as dangerous to the user as to the victim.

What has not fallen out of fashion is the lust for more—more power over more people, more wealth, more glory. That’s a dynamic of history, and it hasn’t changed. But who says military conquest is the only way to feed the lust?

What if, instead of attacking America’s Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese sought to dominate America politically, economically, financially? What if they had access to technology that would allow them to corrupt American leaders and meddle successfully in American elections?

Suddenly we’re talking about the Chinese Communist Party in 2020. And not just them, but also an international class, a whole class, of globalists and hi-tech barons with globalist ambitions. And instead of super-battleships like Japan’s “Yamato,” super-computers that can be used to manipulate votes?

Fleets and armies—not for them.

Their day that will live in infamy is November 3, 2020—the day they all worked together to steal America’s presidential election: the day it all came together for them. No more embarrassments, no more inconveniences like the Brexit vote or Donald Trump’s election in 2016: those were the result of having left too much to chance. They learned from those defeats: learned to use all their resources. Big Tech, the deep state, the Free & Independent Nooze Media, the social media, urban riots, a vastly overfunded public education system—mobilize and weaponize everything you have… and you conquer the United States without firing a shot.

None of this foolishness like invading Russia or trying to gobble up China! Even if military conquest is successful, it doesn’t last. Go modern, go technological, control information, craft the narrative—the deplorables will never know what hit them. They’ll wake up on November 4, having gone to bed with President Trump far ahead, and discover that “The Associated Press has called the election for Biden.” As if by magic, all the votes the bad guys needed materialized in the middle of the night.

We are expected to accept it as a fait accompli, way too late to do anything about it—get ready for open borders, Critical Race Theory, more transgender, higher taxes, Climate Change treaties, sweetheart deals for China: the whole Far Left fun-pack coming our way. If they can grab the Senate, they can pack the Supreme Court. And as long as they have the technology to dictate the outcome of any election, they’ll never have to worry about being voted out of office. They will have murdered our republic, and replaced consent of the governed with a manufactured consent courtesy of Big Tech.

What Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do to us with all their fleets and armies, even after crippling our navy at Pearl Harbor, the new partnership of globalists and Chinese communists will have done without the risk of war.

We must not accept this—ever. It must not be permitted to stand.

Because if it does, our republic is over.

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