Jeff Kropf, a third generation farmer, former Oregon State legislator from 1999 to 2007 from Halsey, a time when many Christians and several other farmers had been elected. Jeff’s legislative experience makes him an ideal host on his 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Political Coffee weekly show on 1220 a.m. in Salem where he tries his darndest to bring up important topics for which his audience can ponder. There is a replay in the evening 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Jeff is able to divulge some of the dirty little secrets that go on behind the scenes when the Oregon legislature is in session and some which he has only recently discovered, such as the University of Oregon has a UNION SCHOOL LABOR CENTER that teaches young heads full of mush, as Rush Limbaugh describes them today, to become UNION STEWARDS and other representatives as state employees to do work solely for the unions at taxpayer’s expense. 

I later discovered the University of Oregon president at that time, Dr. Arthur S. Flemming was a Communist and most responsible for the anarchical unrest on that campus and told students they were “not violent enough” to suit him. He was formerly the President of the CommuNazi National Council of Churches. He defended the right of the Communist Party under the leadership of Gus Hall to speak on campus. [Link]


Today Jeff is part of the Oregon Citizen Lobby war room 350 from 8:30-4:00 each Thursday and shows newcomers to the legislature how to lobby and how to write comments to legislators and they send out groups to lobby. Jeff says if you don’t do politics, politics will do you and too many people only wake up when their ox is being gored. It’s like the frog in a pan of water that sits there while the heat is slowly turned up and he cooks.

Jeff is a member of the National Guard and flew airplanes to the southern border in 2006 and in Afghanistan and since in 2005 he was the originator and president of the OREGON CONNECTIONS ACADEMY with 4,000+ students – a time when private Christian schools are in desperate need as you’ll understand as I move to his program on March 28th where he was reading an article from the FEDERALIST and how the groundwork is being laid for normalizing and the legalization of pedophilia because it is the same tactic that has been used successfully here in Oregon with gay marriage, hate crime legislation and he warns parents, this is where we are headed.


Let’s take abortion for example. What started off as a simple procedure even before Roe –vs- Wade made it legal in 1973 has now morphed into offering babies a “sedative” after a botched abortion which could allow them to live so they can be murdered and you all read about it in the newspaper when New York Governor Cuomo, along with a few other governors celebrated genocide.


Well, you ask, how could such a medical procedure like abortion forty six years ago eventually get into infanticide? Well the shock factor eventually wore off of abortion as cowardly pastors casually mentioned it as a sin but only a few joined their members in protests. We became desensitized. The shock of transgenderism, and gay marriage have been using the same tactic. Jeff says people do tend to settle into such shifts believing it won’t affect them but the selective dehumanization of children has been going on for a long time.  Why should we think it will be different when the times come for legalizing pedophilia?


The Sept. 2018 LAST TRUMPET NEWSLETTER told how many women who have used the barbaric practice of abortion are encouraged to go on social networking and boast. Worse yet is a church in Santa Cruz, California has announced plans to open a restaurant and brewery that will donate a portion of proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, an ice cream shop in Portland, Oregon has partnered with the National Abortion Rights Action League or NARAL. As a result of this partnership, a new limited edition ice cream flavor has been concocked to honor abortion. The flavor is called Rocky Roe-vs- Wave – proceeds to be used against pro-life efforts.


The FEDERALIZATION article says with any propaganda campaign that pushes outrageous change to an unwary public, it is all about timing. Academics might refer to timing as the Overton Window for the availability to cascade but we should all be able to understand the process of conditioning the public to accept the unacceptable. “Now, that is exactly what has been happening in Oregon,” says Jeff but I can add to his comment by telling you how the Rockefeller Foundation on December 23, 1971 (a slow media day) brought a half million dollar grant money to Oregon State University in Corvallis, the biggest unchurched state, to test LUCIFERIAN ideas. “A lot of ideas are started and tested here in Portland,” said Vice President al Gore on 9/12/1998 at the dedication of Portland’s Light Rail.

Jeff takes emails and phone calls during his show and he had a caller who had just been on the main floor of the Capitol where the LGBTQ crowd was gathering and he urged people to get to the capitol to pick up the literature they were passing out. He said their faces lit up when he told them “Q” stood for Queer and then he went on to explain what happens with Queer people in prison. Apparently the LGBTQ agenda is right at the top of Oregon’s first bisexual governor in the nation, Kate Brown.

I have a picture someone sent me of Governor Kate holding a sign that says: IN OUR AMERICA, ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL. LOVE WINS, BLACK LIVES MATTER, IMMIGRANTS & REFUGEES ARE WELCOME, DISABILITIES ARE RESPECTED, WOMEN ARE IN CHARGE OF THEIR BODIES, PEOPLE & PLANET ARE VALUED OVER PROFIT AND DIVERSITY IS CELEBRATED. The person who sent it to me had a headline: Get your Oregonian ass in gear folks! Kate is mixing the Kool-aid.  Yes, folks, the gates of HELL are being opened and LUCIFERIAN EVIL is coming from ALL sides.


A few days ago, the House Judiciary Committee held its first hearing on the ‘EQUALITY’ ACT that pushes a radical LGBT agenda and effectively criminalizes Christianity and the LGBTQ organizations are calling it a “historic” day. The bill does not exempt churches, religious organizations, or Christian schools. In fact, this hostile new bill specifically forbids citizens or organizations from raising a religious free exercise claim as a defense against it. House Democrats are Fast Tracking it and the Christian community had better get in touch with their Congress people AND FAST.

After the man visited the LGBTQ girls and reported on the air, Jeff said: Please listen to me on the last few minutes of this show. THEY ARE DESENSITIZING SEX WITH CHILDREN AND ARE DESENSITIZING SEX OF CHILDREN AND PLANTING GENDER CONFUSION BY STORIES such as Queens New York taking toddlers to DRAG QUEEN story at local libraries. Some mothers are actually grooming their boys to be Drag Queens. GOOD MORNING AMERICA recently celebrated an 11 year old Drag Queen dance on the show. This is part of sexuality being taught in the schools – transgenderism, gender dysphoria all with the approval and endorsement of our public schools and the backing of the higher publicized,  AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS.


This reminds me of a recent article in News With Views by Jack MacAulay who said he is a retired public high school physical sciences teacher for 34 years. He agrees with another author asking: ”Can Liberty Survive in American Public Education?” He said he used to start his unit on the origin of life and earth history by asking the students if the ideas about the origin of life and the origin of humans mattered much.  Then he would quote the Declaration of Independence just to let them see that our Founding Fathers had some idea about the origin of humans and the origin of Rights. However, he was told by his Superintendent of Schools that he could not do that because that VIOLATED THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. He said he was shocked but the Superintendent insisted.

But back to Jeff’s warnings. Some states are now threatening to take away custody of any parent who isn’t on board with the K-12 classrooms and all classrooms are becoming labs in which kids are being programmed to serve such agenda and the teachers’ union in Oregon supports this stuff.  A public speaker on this subject is MADELYN VANDERBURGER who refers to Pedophilia as a sexual orientation that can neither be chosen or changed. SHE APPEALS TO US TO STOP WITH THE HATE.  She argues everybody knows somebody with a pedophilia interest and really they are just like you. Most don’t want to talk about it because it’s illegal so imagine, she asks, if you could never act on your passion. She implores us to imagine how lonely that must be.  This is how homosexuality became acceptable – they called it a sexual orientation instead of a sin.

Then in December 2018 article published on Sexuality, a peer review journal, sexuality and culture by conducted British Child Molester, Tom O’Carrol. In arguments to push acceptance of adults sex with children you will find nearly an exact parallel to all the arguments for all manner of progressive causes including, of course, LGBTQ preferences. Popular Magazine, The Salon article about the virtuous pedophile and 2016 New York magazine article – what it is like to be a celebet pedophile, a VICE article realizing you are a pedophile can make you want to kill yourself and there is the “born that way defense” as the BBC news item entitled: “Are Pedophile’s brains wired differently?”


The purpose of this article is to emphasize and understand the conditioning process and how the unacceptable becomes acceptable. First the foundation is laid to carefully play the propaganda. There are various types of messages from the medical establishment, the education establishment, the legislators, judges and label those who call out the warnings from people as to the dangers ahead are  hateful  and soon, even the churches are silenced.

The application begins with SOME POSTER PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST LIKE YOU and before you know it, it’s all over. 


Mark Levin on FOX on the evening of March 30th interviewed Brandon Straka, a self-described former liberal hairstylist and actor from New York City who openly admitted he was gay.  He told how he was a liberal and hated Trump when Trump first said he’d run for President. He said he laughed it off because he didn’t think he’d have a chance and then on Election night as he was watching the numbers come in, he began to be concerned. He said he didn’t sleep well and the next day he was on FACEBOOK crying the blues along with thousands of other Democrats.

Ironically as I was typing this portion of the article I was also listening to the Dr. Phil program on the 40th anniversary of Jonestown, Guyana, where the very same mind control “group think” behaviors that we see in the Communist/Democrat party were evident at Jonestown as almost a thousand settlers in a cult led by the demagogue Jim Jones created an imaginary socialist Utopia.


However, Straka began to watch how the MSM made up lies about Trump and he became so outraged over the terrible job journalists were doing by repeating the same bias over and over again as though it were true about Trump that he decided to become a conservative and he was going to make a difference and on June 29, 2018 he released a six minute video entitled #WalkAway – Brandon Straka and “Why I left the Democrat Party” with the sole purpose of bringing us together and to stop the divisions.   InFoWars Alex Jones donated $10,000 to Straka’s Go-Fund-Me for start up costs which seems to validate a 3/3/2018 article that accused Alex of grooming employees for gay sex, fondling and deceiving the audience. Straka said the six minute video exploded on the Internet debunking all the lies and myths of the media but has he heard of Artificial Intelligence? [Link]


Professor Damien Radcliffee from the University of Oregon says, “We’ve seen a greater acceptance of the potential for artificial intelligence or robo-journalism, in newsrooms around the world. These systems can offer speed and accuracy and potentially support the realities of smaller newsrooms and the time pressures of journalists. (AFP News, March 9, 2019, by Rob Lever,

Artificial intelligence is also quite adept at writing fake news, too.   A new system known as GPT2 is so sophisticated that it can read a small portion of text and then generate entire pages of fiction that mimic the style and mood of the original words.  Its capabilities surprise even the program’s developers who have taken the unusual step of not releasing their product to the general public because of fears that it would be widely abused. (The Guardian, Feb. 14, 22019, By Alex Hern.


But what caught my attention was what Jeff had said earlier – the leftist agenda was mixing the Kool-aid and needed POSTER BOYS and who better qualified than this good looking gay Brandon Straka who has turned from being a liberal and hating Trump to becoming a conservative and now embracing the conservatives which he says makes so much more sense than the Democrats and the Socialism agenda. He says even as a gay he is being warmly embraced for his work. I congratulate him for this worthwhile agenda but only genuine #WalkWay repentance will make him a real conservative- most of whom try to obey God’s principles and homosexuality is a SIN. (Romans 1:24-32) We wish him much continued success in bringing factions together because let’s face it, can American Freedom be saved peacefully?


Unless our country returns to God as our Founders envisioned, is it possible no changes to society are taken seriously by the people UNLESS it is FIRST seen on teLIEvision. That is where people get their notions of “right and wrong.”  If they see “Gays” kissing or “transgender” sob stories on teLIEVISION PROGRAMS, then they have the ability to empathize with people who “want to be different.” Remember the words of MADELYN VANDERBURGER above when she implores us to imagine how lonely it would be not to be allowed to act on our passions.


Charles W. Socarides, M.D. (1922-2005), a clinical professor of psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, said up until 1975, homosexuality was recognized as a mental disorder.  As I go to press with this article, I’m deeply saddened to learn that a jury has returned an anticipated verdict that the lesbian Hart mothers ACTED ON THEIR PASSIONS until Washington state CPS began investigating child abuse so more than 19 doses of Benadryl were administered to the children before driving their SUV over a California cliff into the Pacific Ocean a year ago. [Link]

Read this shocking pamphlet “Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psycho Politics” and you will understand why our country is in a free-fall of moral decay.

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