By JB Williams

In the days following the totally corrupt 2020 selections that seated the most criminal, anti-American, global Marxist cabal in total power over our Federal government, one thing seems glaringly obvious to me…Americans are quickly perfecting the art of surrender.

Americans have been practicing the art of surrender for decades now. When the Wilson administration launched the process of turning our Constitutional Republic into a Marxist “democracy” in the early 1900’s, it went almost totally unnoticed by the American masses. When FDR turned the Federal government into a nanny-state welfare system, few Americans took note.

When the Clinton’s turned the U.S. Military and Boy Scouts into a sexual-social experiment in the 90’s, still very few Americans paid any attention. And when the nobody from nowhere with a totally blank resume was elected President strictly on the color of his skin in 2008, most Americans celebrated the moment, as if it weren’t the most “racist” act ever committed in the USA, since open slavery.

When evil came for their churches, they welcomed evil into their pews, just to keep the collection plates full so they could build bigger churches where they now hold rock concerts. When evil came for academia and education, throwing God out everywhere, it largely drew a collective yawn from “the brave” in the “land of the free.”

Vietnam launched the end of real journalism in the USA and, the beginning of “fake news” aimed at controlling the thought patterns of the weak-minded, for the greater good of the global commune.

By the time the nation arrived at a moment when they would witness the largest “unlawful” seizure of government authority in history, promising to be the final fatal end of freedom, liberty, and justice in America, they were well programmed to surrender,immediately.

The minute the word “pandemic” was uttered in early 2020, the entire nation shut down, went out of business, lost all “non-essential” jobs, put on a useless mask, and voluntarily committed themselves to house arrest. Within days, they watched their entire lives go up in flames, while their “public servants” continued stuffing their pockets and buying favor with both foreign and domestic enemies, all with taxpayer-funded resources.

Yes indeed, over the past hundred years, Americans had become extraordinarily good at just one thing…SURRENDER! That made stealing the 2020 elections a walk in the park, through unlawful mail-in fake ballots, allowed to stand by the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress, with hardly a whimper from most Americans.

When the communists came to take over the Democratic Party, democrat voters surrendered their party. When globalists came to take over the Republican Party, republican voters surrendered their party. In both cases, rather than standing up and fighting for what they believed in, voters simply QUIT, left the parties in masses, claiming “independent” status and surrendering their political parties to evil.

Yes, Americans had become experts in the art of surrender. They voluntarily left their TEAMs in the biggest team sport on earth, politics. Their solution to everything is, just QUIT.

So, when the most criminally corrupt election process in world history stole the country right out from under the noses of every American, of course, the response would once again be, SURRENDER.

Why not? By now, the people were convinced that “there was nothing they could do” about it. They had endured generations of outright abuse from their “elected public servants” and nothing they had ever done, besides electing Donald J. Trump for a short single term, seemed to make any difference in the course of their nation.

Hand wringing, teeth gnashing, crying, hoping, and even praying, had not worked. To the shock and awe of many modern Christians, God was NOT in “total control” of the situation. Of course, older Christians knew this already. If God were a dictator, Adam and Eve would still be in the garden and none of us would even be here…but don’t allow the obvious facts regarding “free will,” to get in the way of your fantasy.

Staring in the face of massive election fraud, Americans again, in the end, simply SURRENDERED. They had perfected the art. Every American knows that China Joe had no legitimate chance of ever being elected President of the United States. He was never even elected Vice President. But so far, Americans seem completely willing to write off elections as a means of controlling the future of their nation, once again, surrendering to outright evil.

Americans are now easily controlled, so long as you tell them what they want to hear, the truth being entirely irrelevant. The fastest way to make enemies in the USA today, is to tell them the truth, what they need to hear, instead of what they want to hear.

Even when Americans know it’s a lie, they will still cling to that lie…even when they know they are committing fraud, or covering it up, they will accept the fraud as a necessary means to an end, as long as they believe the lie and fraud will advance their own agendas. The citizenry accepts evil, wholesale.

If you dare to tell Americans the truth about anything today, what really went wrong, or what they can really do about it, you will lose favor with most Americans instantly. They simply prefer to believe things that make them sleep better, especially if it doesn’t require them to do anything to resolve the conflict. Try to advance REAL solutions in any group of citizens today and you will lose what few followers you once had. I see it every day…

Almost $4 Billion was spent with the DNC and RNC in the 2020 elections and what did that obscene amount of money purchase, or accomplish? Americans spent $4 Billion to lose their country to a Marxist cabal that will cost them Trillions and the total collapse of their beloved country, in the end. Making matters worse, many are already talking about how much money they can waste in the 2022 and 2024 elections, knowing that the USA no longer even has legitimate elections.

The entire time, Americans held the solution to every government problem right in their hands…the U.S. Constitution. But now, even many Americans think the thing to do is to QUIT THAT TOO, by seceding from the union and withdrawing from the Constitution and Bill of Rights altogether.

That’s how good Americans have become at quitting, surrendering. Marxists have been trying to burn the Constitution for more than a hundred years and finally, they have many so-called “patriots” in the mood to do it. They call this “secession.”

When generations to come, look back at how our generations dealt with this massive assault on all things American, all they will see is how we surrendered their future, by failing to fight for our own present. We simply failed to accurately assess the problem, arrive at the right solutions, and be the problem solvers that all Americans are supposed to be.

Land of the Free? Home of the Brave?

Not anymore…

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