by Lee Duigon

Is there anything about this so-called presidential administration that isn’t phony, pandering, condescending, and false?

Somehow, when she’s supposed to be minding our southern border, alleged Vice President Kamala Harris found time to make a little video for NASA—you know, those guys who once used to send men to the moon. In “Get Curious,” Ms. Borders frolics with a pack of cute, enthusiastic, bubbly “children.”

I put “children” in quotes because they’re all professional child actors reading lines written by others.

It’s always disgusting when adults exploit children for political ends. (Have I mentioned that Doddering Joe Biden has a fake White House set for filming some of his blather? What’s wrong with the real White House?) Political animals have always done this. When I was a reporter I covered teacher strikes. Inevitably the teachers’ union trotted out coached children to plead for their beloved teachers—“Oh, please give them more money so we can go back to our beloved school!” You could just heave.

But of course the big dog-and-pony show so far has been the National School Boards Assn. getting our corrupt, politicized FBI to “investigate” alleged death threats made by parents who throng school board meetings to complain about the curriculum—Critical Race Theory which teaches children racial fear and hatred, cheerleading for transgenderism, and highly questionable presentations of… well, they call it sex.

Not one of these “threats” has ever been carried out, but the FBI broke all speed records in doing the school boards’ bidding.

I wish I had a dollar for every one of these “threats” that turned out to be perpetrated by the so-called victim. They write hate mail to themselves. They vandalize their own property. They make stuff up. Let one example, out of thousands, suffice: in 2018 a “student journalist” at an Ohio university got caught manufacturing “threats” against herself and wound up getting charged with a criminal misdemeanor. This happens so often that we’re tempted to say it always happens. The threats just about always turn out to be phony.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Don’t we want the FBI investigating parents, just in case they’re really hateful? Cast a wide enough net, often enough, and you just might catch a fish! Do we really want G-men chasing gangsters, when Critical Race Theory in the schools is on the line? Don’t we want white children “learning” that they and their families are evil racist monsters? Don’t we want minority children “learning” that all the whites are out to get them and only a Far Left Democrat government can protect them?

Some of this phoniness is so heavy-handed, so blatant, that it’s almost funny. At a recent art show at a Los Angeles gallery, Doddering Joe’s toweringly corrupt offspring, Hunter Biden, sold five “reproductions” of his paintings at $75,000 each. The originals sell for up to half a million! We are told Hunter has no idea who’s buying them. Honk if you believe that’s true. What do you want to bet The Big Guy—that would be Daddy-O in his mockup of the White House—knows exactly who bought them? But of course he would never, ever, do any special favors for anybody nice enough to shower Hunter with cash…

We wish, oh, how we wish, that we could laugh this off. If it were only just a movie, it’d be hilarious. I mean, really, you can’t be that corrupt!

Oh, yes, you can. If your name is Biden.

A commenter on my chess forum, though, was able to name a few things about this administration that are guaranteed genuine: “Their greed, fascism, and contempt for the little people.”

I think he got that right.

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