All who were blessed to be taught authentic American history clearly understand that the United States of America was founded upon Christian principles. The concept of one living in a land of liberty could never been established and carried out, if it were not for Christian virtues. Self governance as a high priority if adhered to circumvents the need and should squelch the desire to overpower the people with a nanny goat government that bosses law abiding citizens around, from cradle to grave.

Is abundantly clear that government schools, colleges and universities are methodically poisoning the minds of countless American students against all that is good, decent and intellectually stimulating.  After several generations of such dogma, parents have become increasingly unable or unwilling to train their children up in the way that they should go. Thus, many are formally departing from principles and practices that enhance the quality in America.

In 1776 the future President John Adams said, “Statesmen may plan ad speculate for liberty, but it is religion and morality alone, which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.” That mindset was widely held among the Founders who helped shape the political, educational, and legal foundations of the new republic.  Men such as Daniel Webster, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Samuel Adams and George Washington echoed these same sentiments.  They firmly believed that the strength of the republic was dependent upon the morality of her people, and that the Christian way of life must undergird it. The saw the education of young minds at the heart of it.

Not surprisingly, most of America’s oldest universities were founded by preachers and churches.  Harvard, William and Mary, Yale, Princeton, Kings College, Brown, Rutgers, and Dartmouth were started by Christian ministers and church affiliations.  Harvard University, for example, which was founded in 1636 by the Puritans adopted the “Rules and Precepts” of the university that stated:  “Let every student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life (John 17:3) and therefore lay Christ at the bottom, as only the foundation of all sound knowledge and learning.”

Even Harvard’s original seal, which can be seen etched in the walls of the campus today, states upon it these words: “Truth for Christ and the church.”  For you American detractors, I’ll agree with only one of your constant complaints.  “Our republic isn’t perfect,” but I must tell you she is good in many ways.  As long as the principles of doing right, trusting God, appreciating our nation, striving to build great families and encourage individual achievement our republic was assured greatness.

But in recent decades we have witnessed American decline in education, individual liberties, parental rights, freedom of or from religion and, the God given right of self protection.  There are several main factors to blame for those setbacks.  But for me, the number one cause for the decline of our national quality of life lies squarely at the feet of the wimpy and complacent church, or body of Christ.

From America’s humble beginnings until the 1960s, the Christian church of various denominations had a major influence on society.  Our republic became number one economically, militarily and educationally.  Believe it or not, American cities were at onetime renowned for their beauty and civility.  The American dollar, known as the greenback was the unchallenged economic standard of the world.

Unfortunately, over time the body of Christ and Christians in authority throughout society literally gave up their positions of authority to the leftists who have set out to literally ruine America beyond repair.  Good people of God shrunk for positions of authority in education, the entertainment industry and even mainline church denominations like the Methodists, Episcopalians, and Lutherans to name a few are headed by leftists who do not encourage adhering to the moral standards enumerated in the living word of God.   Now America is in a battle for her very existence as a great nation. You might call it our second Civil War.

The good news is that America now has a president who is seeking to govern n behalf of our republic, rather than allow foreign interests and leftist destroyers have their wicked way.  Many Christians are waking up and discovering the power of prayer and seeking to obey Christ and occupy until He comes.  Christians are once again realizing they are not the doormats of the world and are to be salt and light in the world setting a standard instead of simply trying to go along to get along.  Most surprisingly are the increasing numbers of patriotic Christians who honestly care about the United States and are not just sitting around waiting around on the fly away doctrine to take them to their mansion in the sky.

The United States is worth fighting for and with Providential Guidance “We the People” will defeat those who seek to bring tyranny around our necks.  To put quote John Paul Jones: “We have only just begun to fight.”  Are you in?  Don’t miss the Ron Edwards Experience Fridays at 1:00 PM PST, 4:00 PM EST on AM 1180 KCKQ Reno, Nevada,, Spreaker, and now at 8:00 PM PST on goodtalkradio you can enjoy The Ron Edwards Experience and throughout the day The Edwards Notebook commentary airs on both and  The Ron Edwards Experience also graces the radio stations and internet connections on Sundays at 12:00 AM

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