By Sidney Secular

What is being pushed as the “new normal” is a prologue or prelude to more misery, insanity, deprivation of privacy, coercion, and increased tyranny if the pompous, pugnacious, pernicious powers-that-be are allowed to declare officially and officiously that supposed variants of a non-existent virus are spreading throughout the population. They have even already established names for these imagined critters. They are already champing/chomping at the bit to vaccinate everyone however admittedly unnecessary, issue vaccination passports, and intensify the lockdowns and mask mandates. About 25% to 30% of small businesses failed, remain closed, or are only partially open or have limited hours of operation.  Most fast food joints still have their dining rooms closed – its drive through only. This will likely remain as the “new normal” since many places can just give you food in a bag to eat in your car – so they won’t have to pay dining room staff and so keep afloat.

The irony is that everywhere you go you see signs begging for employees, even where the “boorocrats” have forced through higher minimum wages assuming businesses in general have been playing Scrooge with their employees. This situation is more common than commonly realized. Many employers lament that people don’t want to work anymore. They post signs on doors asking patrons to please be patient because they are short on staff and doing the best they can. Recently, signs have sprung up on store fronts and restaurants that say, “Thank you to our employees – they’re the real heroes!” It’s even common now for managers to thank employees for just coming to work. This is because so many refuse to work and have no intention of going back to work anytime soon because of the large GovMint handouts they are receiving. The Federal and state govmints have been doling out free money to people for NOT working. In March, Biden signed the “American Rescue Plan of 2021”, providing more free money and other benefits through September 6th. There already is talk of extending that date INDEFINITELY. The planned future lockdowns would be an easy way to ease into permanent handouts. The system already provides free cash, housing, education, healthcare and more. There’s little incentive to find a job, set goals for the future, or even seek a better life. Drugs and vices and gaming devices feed the feelings of futility and vice versa, and crime is fostered.

Now our politicians have decided to take their inner-city program of entitlement nationwide. But the bennies are not really benefits when they are supposed to be rewards for doing a job well!  As it now stands, they aren’t benefiting anyone but the Demonrat politicians The NWO globalists have been unfolding a plan before the sleepy, ignorant eyes of the sheeple for some time now. The goal is Universal Basic Poverty and Dependence as the vehicle to control the masses. The “plannedemic” is all about intensifying that control and increasing the sense of power that bullies possess and for which they crave even more.

The manipulators have stated openly that soon no one will own anything. Personal property and private homes, the envy of those who don’t have much of them, don’t deserve them, or already have too much of them for their own good, will be eliminated. They expect you will like it that way – less responsibility and more time for self-indulgence. You will smile and say “cheese” when you have been hooked by their cheesy inducements and they have clamped down on you with a baited mousetrap. Fear of the bug-a-boo virus just provides another excuse for not working and isolating people from one another, creating more dependence and despondency, and so the vicious cycle/circle gets more vicious.

As you look around you and see the masked multitudes who still feel compelled to continue the “maskerade” and the socialist distancing as they play the game of putting the squeeze on you and then relaxing it, only to squeeze you harder next time, relax it a bit, then squeeze yet harder, you see how effective their control mechanisms and squeeze plays are.

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