By: Devvy

As someone who has been exposing electronic vote fraud in all forms since 1993, to say this is the most in-your-face, massive proven vote fraud I’ve ever seen in my life to cheat President Trump out of a second term is the understatement of the century.

I knew who Sidney Powell was before she began fighting the steal because of her representation of Gen. Michael Flynn.  I had also read her book, Licensed to Lie which is also available on audio, exposing the rot and corruption inside the Federal Department of Justice.

If President Trump really wants to clean out the FBI and DOJ, the only two people he should consider is Dr. Edwin Vieira to replace Bagpipe Bill Barr and Sidney Powell as the new Director of the FBI.  The American people are fed up with no one ever held accountable. The ring leaders simply leave the CIA, the WH, DOJ & FBI and go on to fat fees for speaking appearances and very lucrative book deals.  They are rewarded for their treachery and crimes.

There would be indictments under Edwin and Ms. Powell.  Mark my words:  Those two uber qualified patriotic Americans have the courage and will not back down.

When Ms. Powell said last month, the Kraken has been released, it ignited a raging inferno across the Internet and some talk radio shows.  Ms. Powell has remarked on several occasions that when she says something, she means it.  So, when she elaborated on a raid that took place in Frankfort, Germany where servers had been seized, I was shocked.

Sidney Powell Confirms U.S. Raid on Scytl Servers In Germany! It’s Real Folks!

Then a tweet, November 19th:  “We have seized the servers for Dominion in Germany, we’re starting to get some raw data. …I want everybody to listen to me. The things that are going to come out are going to shake the globalists to their very core.” Brian Trascher

The U.S. military doesn’t just conduct a raid on a private corporation in a foreign countryIn order for such a raid to take place, there had to have been negotiations between DOJ, the State Department and Germany’s government, meaning Markel who I believe can’t stand Trump.  She is a one world order globalist, he’s the opposite.  Then reports were those servers were actually located at a CIA compound.

Then came the short video of Rep. Louis Gohmert [R-TX] stating there had been a raid in Frankfort, Germany and servers were confiscated.

“KRAKEN” is a CIA Hacking Program, Geller Report, by Pamela Geller

“Developing story…standby for updates. Kraken is a Department of Defense cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions of other nations & enemies.

“Wikileaks has dumped 8,761 CIA Documents on Tuesday revealing CIA base in Frankfurt #Germany which was used to hack elections incl. “malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized ‘zero day’ exploits, malware remote control systems and associated docs. The leaks purportedly revealed that a top-secret CIA unit used the German city of Frankfurt as starting point for numerous hacking attacks on Europe, China & Middle East.”

Source: WikiLeaks Screenshot

Army Releases The Kraken To Protect Foreign Fire Bases; ‘I’d Like To See The Taliban Try To Attack This Place’

And into the plot full of intrigue one would find in a Tom Clancy novel, Trump abruptly fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper (long overdue) and replaced him with a special forces guy, Chris Miller.  First thing Miller does:  U.S. Special Operations Command will now report directly to him, not other branches of the military.  Something is up.

Then Trump boots 11 members of the Civilian Defense Policy Board – something that should have happened years ago.  Henry Kissinger is worse than toilet scum, he is a traitor to this country.  Regular readers of my columns know I do my homework.  It is my absolute belief Kissinger has always been a Soviet spy.  If you haven’t read The Venona Secrets: Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors by Herbert Romersein and Eric Breindel you should.  Intelligence agencies to the State Department have been infested with closet communists for decades.  And not just the federal government:  Flashback 2012:  What Do You Expect When Socialists Are Allowed to Serve in Congress?

“Kevin Kornbuckle is Oregon’s only duly elected Communist; he ran as a Democrat and “came out” after he was elected.  In March, 1996, this Communist, after coming under attack by other city council members stated: “I’d simply point out that Communists in the U.S. are fighting for health care, housing and jobs as a human right.  I’m proud to be a Communist.” Mail Tribune, Medford, Oregon, March 4, 1996.”

How in hell did John Brennan ever get security clearance and confirmed as a CIA Director?  Brennan voted for Gus Hall, the Communist Party USA’s perennial presidential candidate.  Oh, that’s right.  He was in college and confused!

Also fired, thank God:  Madeleine Albright, former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, former deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick. Rest of list at link.

Intel Operative who Altered Obama’s Passport Records Turned FBI Informant on Boss John Brennan, Then Turned Up Murdered in D.C.  (A good friend of mine said:  It doesn’t matter what for, only that when they want you dead, you’re dead.)  If Dr. Vieira and Sidney Powell were in charge, there would be justice for Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., his family and Seth Rich and his family.  Forget local DC police.  Their murderers walk free because DOJ and the FBI refused to do their jobs.

Then came the explosive radio interview with retired Gen. Thomas McInerney, an expert in cyber warfare and retired Gen. Michael Flynn:  Full transcript of bombshell interview: Gen. Michael Flynn, Gen. Thomas McInerney with Brannon Howse – Identity of KRAKEN revealed

Personally, I prefer reading transcripts.  At the top of this presentation, this claim is made:  “In this interview, you’ll learn about the real identity of the Kraken, as well as confirmation that US military personnel were killed during the firefight to seize the CIA’s server farm in Frankfurt, which is the key to proving deliberate election rigging via remotely altered voting tabulations.”  And, “Confirmed there were US soldiers killed during the raid on the CIA server farm in Frankfurt. (As we reported in yesterday’s Situation Update.)”

During the interview, Gen. McInerney said:  “Well, I’ve heard it didn’t go down without incident, and I haven’t been able to verify it. I want to be careful in that. It’s just coming out, but I understand my initial report is that there were US soldiers killed in that operation.”

DoD says no, Army Times with very disparaging comments about Gen. McInerney. “The allegations are false,” a USASOC spokesman told Military Times…An Army spokesman also denied this theory when reached by Military Times, describing the allegations as “definitely false.”

The denial from USASOC does not deny a raid on Frankfort, only allegations that soldiers died.  Who knows the truth?  President Trump. He knows everything going on – far more than we even imagine.

There’s now calls for President Trump to declare martial law and bring in the military.  That’s what banana republics do.  Then there’s the question of martial law.  What is it, really, and is it even constitutional? By Tyranny Out of Necessity:  The Bastardy of Martial Law by Dr. Edwin Vieira:

“As of now, however, By Tyranny Out of Necessity is the most important of my books in practice, precisely because most Americans have not been paying attention—not so much to my works, but to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution upon which those works are based. Now, people are becoming increasingly worried about the imposition of “martial law” in the course of some jury-rigged “national emergency”.

“They are being told by “the Powers That Be” that “martial law” is legitimate, and that sufficient steps are being taken to prepare for it—especially in the para-militarization of State and Local “law-enforcement” and “emergency-management” agencies. Through the media, they have witnessed an example of the implementation of “martial law”, on a small yet highly organized scale, in Watertown, Massachusetts, hard upon the bombing of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

“Many of them have had personal experiences with the bestiality of “martial law” in the myriad episodes of unpunished “police brutality” which take place almost every day throughout this country. Yet, overall, most Americans have no idea whether “martial law” is even lawful or not—but apparently are resigned to the belief that nothing can be done to stop it from being imposed upon them.

“One would presume that, in light of the seriousness of the matter, Americans would ask: “What is ‘martial law’?” and “How is ‘martial law’ legal?” Certainly, proof of the illegality of “martial law”—in any of its particulars, let alone as a whole—would provide a firm foundation for opposing it, and for deposing from public office those individuals who propose it.

“So I anticipate (or at least hope) that By Tyranny Out of Necessity, which demonstrates in exhaustive detail why the common misconception of “martial law” is industrial-strength bunkum, will be a smashing success in terms of its usefulness among patriots who intend to keep their heads out of the sand, their feet on the ground, and their eyes on the ultimate goal of living in what the Second Amendment calls “a free State”.

“Yes, one would presume, perhaps even expect, that such would be the case. Yet hoping does not make it so. There remains the possibility that this country has already plunged so far off the deep end of Spengler’s Der Untergang des Abendlandes that nothing can be done to salvage the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or any semblance of “a free State”. What might constitute evidence for that lugubrious conclusion?” Rest at link.

I gave a copy to my sheriff as soon as Edwin’s book became available.  Living in a small town it’s easy to get to know local law enforcement and elected officials.  The last thing we need is to bring in the military.  Not because they would be disloyal to their oath, but because done once, then can be done twice by our enemies.

Conspiracy theories running wild are Gena Haspel, CIA Director, was at the raid in Frankfort, was being transported to GITMO but is now singing along with other high-profile names.  CIA head Gina Haspel sang like a canary after being shot during raid at CIA Frankfurt server facility in Germany. Gave confession on military plane on way to Guantanamo BayReally?  I guess she hasn’t been to work or home and no one is looking for her?

Biden didn’t injure his foot.  The boot is to cover up an ankle bracelet monitor.  Really?  Do people really believe Haspel, Obama and others have all been arrested for treason?  Folks, all those theories make for good yarns but without any proof – any – they are nothing but distractions.  Click bait to sell products on web sites.

This is no theory and you can bet Trump is fully aware and this goes back to his September 12, 2018 Executive Order: Firm That Owns Dominion Voting Systems Received $400 Million From Swiss Bank Account Funded by Communist Chinese Gov & Companies Before Election– Look at the documents scanned at the end of article.

I have read all of the legal filings to date by Ms. Powell, Lin Wood, the lawsuit in NV, the one brought by U.S. Rep. Rep. Mike Kelly and three other voters in PA.  Many might not know of this one in Trump’s name only as plaintiff in Wisconsin and it’s right on target.  The 72 page filing can be read here.

Yes, gutless judges continue to dismiss cases which has been a wet dream for the junk yard dogs in the MSM.  However, as frustrating and depressing as this is, the fight is long from over. Yes, the clock is ticking but consider this which needs to be transmitted via email or tweet to legislators in PA, AZ, MI, WI GA, AZ & Nevada.  You need to do this, please.  There are enough Republican legislators in those states to challenge the dates as well as Trump’s attorneys:

Amistad Project argues in new report that Electoral College deadlines are not set in stoneIllegal conduct by state and local officials during the election process can alter the deadlines for choosing electors.

“The white paper says that these deadlines — Dec. 8 for disputes to be resolved and Electors to be determined, and Dec. 14 for the Electoral College to meet in person and vote in their respective states — are a “direct impediment to states’ obligations to investigate disputed elections.”

“According to the Amistad Project press release, the paper examines the history of Electoral College deadlines, which “are not only elements of a 72-year old federal statute with zero Constitutional basis, but are also actively preventing the states from fulfilling their constitutional — and ethical — obligation to hold free and fair elections. Experts believe that the primary basis for these dates was to provide enough time to affect the presidential transition of power, a concern which is fully obsolete in the age of internet and air travel.”

“Phill Kline, the director of the Amistad Project, argues in this paper that the Dec. 8 “safe harbor” deadline does not apply when there have been “flagrant violations of state election laws” that have “affected the outcome of the popular vote.”

“The Amistad Project has filed litigation in several of the swing states, where they argue that “more than 1.2 million potentially fraudulent ballots” were the result of illegal conduct by state and local officials. They say that in each of the disputed swing states “the number of potentially fraudulent ballots far exceeds the margin separating the leading presidential candidate.”

“According to the white paper, the only date in the election process set by the Constitution is “the assumption of office by the President on January 20.”  Rest at link.

Here’s something else to consider and for those unfamiliar with Leo Donofrio, he is an attorney who did amazing research during the fight to stop Hussein Obama from becoming president.  Obama was ineligible, period.  This is the latest posting on Leo’s site:  SCOTUS: Federal Elections Undecided by Midnight are Void: Foster v Love (9-0 Decision)

“Emergency Application to expedite sent to Justice Alito yesterday. Complete Motion For Leave To File, Bill of Complaint (invoking the Court’s original jurisdiction), Motion For Expedition & Legal Argument filed today. Name will be unredacted when the Clerk dockets case. Due to Covid-19, papers take longer to clear. Should be on docket by Monday. Office of the Clerk is aware of the case. All documents filed will be published here over the weekend.”

BILL OF COMPLAINT Just Filed At SCOTUS: Presidential Elections Are Void in PA, Et al PERILOUS NATIONAL CONTROVERSY” (Leo Donofrio. I believe as laid out by the lawyers at the Amistad Project those deadlines are not set in stone.)  Link to complaint at the bottom at link above.

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon get very busy.  Is it over?  No.  The constitutional solution is skillfully laid out in this column.  If you haven’t read it, take the time:  A Constitutional Roadmap for Conquering Election Fraud – Republicans in all the contested states had better go out and rent a bucket of guts if they want to win their primaries in 2022.  It’s up to American patriots in those states to keep the pressure on.

What next?

The cases filed are being addressed and will continue.  Hopefully legislators in the six states will extend the Electoral College deadlines because it is their duty to do so. Those keeping up with this nightmare know USPS whistle blowers have been ordered not to testify at any of the hearings.

Nevada Court Hears of USPS Witness Obstruction, Flawed Machine Inspections, and Deceased Voters

I do hope Trump has called in Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General, and demanded to know why whistle blowers were ordered not to testify?  What are you hiding?  It’s outrageous.  We know Trump had a two-hour meeting with Bagpipe Bill Barr last week.  I hope President Trump told him to start issuing arrest warrants where there’s evidence and there’s an ocean of evidence.  The Attorney General is part of the Executive Branch, not the media whores.

Haul in DeJoy to explain why your people simply ignored a court order: USPS disregards court order to conduct ballot sweeps in 12 postal districts after more than 300,000 ballots cannot be traced

President Trump addressed the nation on December 2, 2020.  Within 24 hrs, 1.1 million views, now it’s 13 million.  He spoke about the fraud and coordinated effort to steal the election disenfranchising the votes of 74 million Americans.  I have wondered why he didn’t do it live during prime time instead of taping his address?

Should Trump address the nation again – live this time?  Yes. Should he do it closer to the perceived Dec. 8th deadline?  Yes, or soon thereafter.  Perhaps he’s waiting on this:  Trump Team Begins Forensic Examination of Dominion Machines in Michigan

Go live so 20, 30 or 40 million Americans – especially curious Biden voters – will get a full breakdown of this coordinated effort to steal the election and election interference by foreign actors.  That will be the time to explain to the nation the raid in Frankfort, Germany, what was seized, who owns Dominion, cite his September 12, 2018 Executive Order and what is now being done.

Explain Kraken.  Explain the $400 million received from a Swiss bank that went to the corporation that owns those Dominion voting machines from Communist China surrogates.  No generalities, go straight for the jugular.  Explain 0r do something extraordinary – bring in retired Col. Phillip Waldron who has testified in several states already;  very important, see here.

This is the Kraken so why not ask Col. Waldron to speak for maybe 10 minutes explaining in terms we regular folks can understand about algorithms and how the steal was done.  Shock the hell out of the American people while the MSM, Biden and the whole cadre of liars and cheats go into full break-down mode.

If Stephen Miller, who writes outstanding speeches for Trump, needs help on players and timelines, he can sit down with Ms. Powell and Lin Wood.  Keep it precise.  Do it, Mr. President.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by once again taking the steal to the American people – live.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  Please remember and honor all those who died and those who came home from Hell.

Great for a Christmas present.  Help me educate inform Americans with my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions.  400 pages of facts and solutions on these issues: “Federal” Reserve, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more.  800-955-0116 for phone orders. On Amazon the price is reduced to $19.95 each through Christmas.

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The cheating:

BREAKING HUGE: Trump Team Has Dominion Machine from Small Georgia County – Shows Votes Flipped from Trump to Biden

China Whistleblower with Royal Ancestry Steps Forward – Reveals Video, Photos of Alleged Chinese Counterfeit Ballot Printing Operations of US Ballots for MS, FL and NC –  (5 million of them.  Needed them in Florida for China Joe; Trump won anyway, likely by a landslide.)  The information in that article that contains photos passed to their contacts in the intelligence community and tweeted to Trump.

Dominion IT Technician : 27 hours and not 1 vote was for Trump!!

Captured in Real Time: That Moment in Virginia at 5:12 AM Where they Took 373,000 Votes Off the State Totals

Missouri Lawmaker Calls on AG Schmitt to Prosecute Dominion Voting Systems for Unpaid Taxes and to Demand Release of Software Source Code:  “Representative Hill concluded that Dominion has been operating illegally in the state.”

SEVEN Milwaukee Wards Report More Presidential Votes than Registered Voters — State Voter Turnout Is Nearly 90% Which Is Virtually Impossible

STUNNING: Michigan and Pennsylvania Secretaries of State Gave Far Left Rock the Vote Activists Access to Sensitive Data on All Voters (Phil Kline is one of Trump’s campaign attorneys.)

“I Have in My Office Right Now a Huge Bag of Shredded Ballots”: Sidney Powell Drops Bomb During Interview

The Georgia Democrat Party trained activists Wednesday night on how to go door-to-door to fix ballots rejected on Election Day

Chinese Mail Packages Full of Biden Votes Found in Atlanta Poll Station

Dominion Advisor Met With John Podesta Offering ‘Anything’ That Would Help Defeat Trump, According to Email Released by WikiLeaks

Smartmatic Director Admitted in 2017 that Their System Was Able to Create “At Least One Million” Phantom Votes in that Year’s Venezuela Election

Dominion Voting Machines ALL INCLUDE “Weighted Race Feature” Whose Only Purpose Is Cheat in Elections

Elections Expert Garland Favorito Not Allowed to Speak at State Hearing – Has Evidence of Dominion Vote Switching in Georgia

NEVER happened before in a U.S. presidential election:  Americans suspicious and outraged after key Dem-run cities STOP counting votes on Election Day

Justice Alito Moves up Supreme Court Deadline in Key Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Case

Georgia Election Officials Warn Judge If they Are Not Allowed to Wipe Machines Clean “There Could be Grave and Serious Consequences”

Gen. Flynn: Election Witness in ICU, Other Witnesses Had Tires Slashed, House Broken Into Twice

Democrats are now actively making threats of violence against Trump-appointed federal judges – where is the Justice Department?

Voter Rights Group Notifies DOJ of Pakistani Link With Nevada Election Email System

Flashback:  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz And The Fraudsters From Pakistan

Georgia County Can’t Find Chain of Custody Records for Absentee Ballots

Hurry up and destroy any evidence while court cases are pending.  Michigan Board of Elections Orders County Clerks to Delete Vote Data

Trump attorneys tell Nevada judge more than 85,000 votes were illegal

NV vote totals altered overnight, votes disappeared & reappeared

Nevada hearing.  That judge was elected.  They will now appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court. Nevada Judge Dismisses Trump Lawsuit

Judge Flapdooddle (I love that one used by a dear friend who’s a constitutional attorney) found this proven fraud is acceptable:  42,284 voted twice, 15,000 vacant lots, commercial buildings, 1,506 deceased (identified by the SSA), 3,062 out of state voters which is a crime. He simply ignored 20 books filled with evidence and all testimony.

“Indeed, we have initially identified 3,062 voters who moved from Nevada before the election but still cast ballots in this election,” the letter to the Clark County DA read. “We have verified this by cross-referencing the list of general election voters with publicly available change of address records.”

In that article is a copy of a letter dated Nov. 5, 2020:  “The Nevada GOP sent a criminal referral to US Attorney General Bill Barr regarding the 3,062 instances of voter fraud identified by Trump’s legal team.” So, where’s Bagpipe Bill’s action on that criminal referral?

As regular readers know, in my recent column I scanned a mail in ballot my brother, who resides in my city in W. Texas received.  Of course, he did not vote since he left California more than a year ago.  But 3,062 cheaters have been identified as casting their vote even though they don’t live in the State of Nevada and that’s just fine with Judge Flapdoodle.

Georgia county recertifies election results, rejecting fraud claims tied to viral video

Cases on rollers? There were four suitcases, not two.Yeah, they had a designated observer after they kicked out all the GOP poll watchers and media.  Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is so dirty he almost makes Peter Strzok look clean.

HUGE! Video Footage From Georgia Shows Suitcases Filled with Ballots Pulled From Under Table AFTER Supervisor Told GOP Poll Workers to Leave Tabulation Center

Lin Wood Drops a Bomb On Georgia’s Gabriel Sterling – Calling Him a Communist and Crook

Hackers Break Into Alaska Voter Database – Steal Info on 100,000 Voters — Officials Stress This Had No Effect on November Election

Complete List of Suspected Fraud Issues in 2020 Election Sorted by State with Recommended Actions on How to Address

The media says there’s no vote fraud.  China Joe says there’s no fraud.  State employees (like Secretary’s of State who certify the vote), judges and Democrat state legislators all say there’s no fraud.  China Joe didn’t steal the election they sing.  Lying scum bags is the cleanest language I can use in this column.

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