By Laurie Roth

The world now knows that President and Melania Trump have COVID-19. Reactions are flying in from everywhere wishing both a speedy recovery.  We know the bottom line, that no one will gain political points or look good for voters if they start dancing in the streets and making fun of our President and wife suffering and facing the monster – COVID-19.Political ‘sound bite – teleprompter’ Joe Biden has also weighed in wishing them well.  Of course, he would.

Yet – Many Democrats, far leftists, Antifa, BLM and their supporters have shown and show zero empathy, regard for law and order and concern over others pain and suffering.  Instead, in the name of anything they invent, they cause the suffering and celebrate any pain and loss for President Trump and other Republicans.  Warm and caring statements thrown out by Biden and other Democrats will be shown to be nothing but a ‘load the gun’ pause rounding up for even bigger attacks against Trump and America.

How can anyone with even a small brain not know that the Democrats, (hark, that must include Joe Biden, since he now says he is the Democrat Party), will strategize and use in warp speed the President having COVID 19 to create more havoc, deception, and lies to try and ‘craft’ a win? As U.S. cities burn,businesses are torched and cops are shot, Joe Biden would not stand against the violence, nor agree to stand for law and order. His Democrat groups that continue to kick the violent, illegal sewage around will not be rebuked by Joe Biden during his campaign.  Wake up America quickly and while there is still time.

The real message and focus should be to believe even more in our God, America our Constitution and President Trump.  Pray for he and Melania’s speedy recovery and protection.  Trump is far from stupid and will find ways to get his message and plan for America out. He will just have to challenge Joe Biden’s political theater and lies from the White House instead of on the campaign trail for a few weeks.  Trump is a winner, an American lover and man of God.  He will win.  Pray and vote right like your very future and lives depended on it.

I know how COVID 19 can work and so do many of you.  My own Husband Rich caught it from work.  My whole family were quarantined for 2 weeks as Rich healed up.  Our boy and I didn’t get it and were tested.  Rich is now fine and has been back at work, functioning great.

Debates will still happen and Trump will win because he is the only one with real love for our country, God and freedom.  Most Americans want the ‘political rule book’ smashed in a million pieces.

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