By: Amil Imani

On November 3rd, 2020, over seventy-four million (or many more) Americans cast their votes to re-elect you for your second term. They re-elected you because they trusted you. Promises made, promises kept. They believed in your simple yet powerful message of “Make America Great Again” and they were right.

Your striking victory was a reward for your tireless commitment to serve the American people. It was also the crowning achievement of an exceptional campaign whose brilliance and high tone demonstrated the vitality of our Constitutional Republic to the entire world while keeping them spellbound. In choosing you, the American people chose the path of change, openness, and optimism. They chose you because they wanted a leader who believed in them and believed in America. A leader who was willing and able to put an end to the corrupt decay of Washington, D. C. and end the Deep State.

At a time when the world was in torment and uncertainty, the American people—true to the values that have always been at the very core of America’s identity—strongly put their faith in you and in the future.

No President in the history of the United States has achieved as much in his first three years in office, as you President Trump. Meanwhile, no President in the history of America has been subjected to such incessant, vile and unjustified attacks. Why? Because you believe in American exceptionalism, not globalism.

You have achieved the best economy in decades. Highest stock market numbers ever. Lowest unemployment amongst Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, ever. Trade victories with Japan, China, Mexico, Canada and so much more. All despite a nonstop witch hunt by the left. They impeached you for the crimes they themselves had committed! But they failed in their malicious efforts.

We Americans are convinced that you Mr. President have reversed the disastrous course of the Obama /Biden legacy and have made America great for every man, woman, and child of every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and all other variations.

After the failed and baseless impeachment fiasco that was led by Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, another disaster, wittingly or not, hit America through a deadly pandemic called the coronavirus that overnight erased your historic economy. The Democrats were jubilant and hoped this virus would weaken your dream of a great America and would cause your removal from office while they counted on your supporters to abandon you, clearing the way to install a socialist-communist regime to achieve their final goal.

Little did they realize, your resilience and love for America was not something you would compromise. This kept you going while working hard with every state that was in need of medical equipment and assistance. Mr. President, your enemies underestimated your strength and that of your faithful supporters. Over eighty million American patriots stood with you during one of the most difficult times in American history.

But our enemy was also persistent and resilient. They resorted to every devilish act and trick to end your presidency through massive voter fraud. They tried to steal your presidency. But the evidence they left behind is overwhelming. You won this election in a huge landslide that the machine’s algorithm fraud was not enough for Biden to win therefore the extra ballots started flowing in at 2 am/ 3 am and even days after.

The 2020 election appears to be stolen from you by longtime planning and a concerted effort by the previous administration, high tech companies, corrupt media, the “Deep State” and other actors. They exploited the coronavirus pandemic to purge laws that were put in place over the course of decades to preserve the integrity of the ballot box. The reason Obama never left Washington D.C. as all former presidents do, is because Biden for him is his third term. He worked hard behind the scenes with his friends in the CIA, FBI and other agencies to undermine your first term and to enable this enormous election fraud.

We are witnessing an international plot to exploit a man-made virus to promote a utopian society in order to usher in a New World Order. America is the forerunner, coronavirus is the weapon.

To understand what is at stake should the President concede now in the face of America’s biggest ever election fraud will mean no more Republican presidents. It is a literally “to be or not to be” battle on keeping America a Republic or watching it dissolve gradually into socialism.

In conclusion, Mr. President, please accept my profound gratitude, during these tumultuous times by representing the voices of a great majority of Americans for your much-needed stand and with the earnest plea that you maintain your visionary goal to “Make America Great Again” for the second time, during your second term and please allow me to reiterate not to concede to Joe Biden’s fraudulent election who hardly can finish a sentence, cannot draw a crowd and ran a non-existent campaign from his basement.

I am confident we will reverse the outcome of this election and you will continue your presidency for another four years. You must remain resolute. The survival of America is at stake.

© 2020 Amil Imani – All Rights Reserved

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