by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.

Part 3 continues letters to the Editors of major national newspapers which have been censored from publication.

This is a letter to the Editor of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (May 25, 2021):

Regarding your April 9 editorial, President Trump and 75 million voters are still waiting for answers to legitimate questions such as “How did Biden on November 3 underperform Hillary in 2016 in every metro area of the country except Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Detroit, all of which had a greater number of votes cast than registered voters?” and “Why is internationally renowned Dr. Douglas Frank’s analysis of the voting algorithm wrong?” These are especially important since Democrats have “conspired” in the past. I have a March 13, 2016 email from Democrat strategist Bill Ivey to John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign manager) sent to , saying “We’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry”. Sincerely, Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.

This is a letter to the Editor of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (July 5, 2021):

Re your editorial, “Yes, Trump Really Did Lose Michigan,” the amount of voter fraud was not sufficient to change the election results, but there was something not illegal which did cause Biden to win! In 2016, Democrat strategist Bill Ivey emailed Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta, saying they had successfully engaged in a “conspiracy” to “create an unaware and compliant citizenry.” According to Dr. Robert Epstein, former editor of PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, Google in 2016 shifted at least 2.6 million undecided voters toward Hillary. Re the 2020 election, Epstein is a liberal who is glad Biden won, but “horrified” at how it was done, saying “We are no longer a democracy.” He caught Google employing the same tactics, one of which he forced them to stop on October 31, just 4 days before the election, but it was too late. You can hear Dr. Epstein explaining what happened (and what could happen again) by listening to his interview. —Sincerely, Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.

This is a letter to the Editor of THE WASHINGTON POST (July 28, 2021)

The columns of E.J. Dionne, Dana Milbank, and Karen Tumulty regarding right-wing extremism, siding with terrorists, and Republican lies wreak of hypocrisy. Look at what led up to the January 6 riot. Concerning Nancy Pelosi, regarding the 100,000 rioters who violently took over the State Capitol of Wisconsin, she said it was “an impressive show of democracy in action, and she was “in solidarity” with them. Speaker Pelosi referred to January 6 as an “insurrection,” which is a synonym for “uprising,” and on June 28, 2018, she said: “I just don’t even know why there aren’t “uprisings all over the country” against what the Trump administration was doing at the southern border. Not long before the November 3 election, POST columnist Eugene Robinson called for violently tearing down the statue of Albert Pike in front of the D.C. Metropolitan Police headquarters, which rioters did and set it on fire as the police just watched. Also, inspired by Democrats, Black Lives Matter last August conducted a siege of the White Hose using clubs, bricks, bottles, fireworks and bodily fluids, and 60 Secret Service officers were injured, 11 hospitalized. Where were the excoriations by Dionne, Milbank and Tumulty regarding all these things?” —Sincerely, Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D,

This is a letter to the Editor of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (August 6, 2021):

Re Karl Rove’s excellent column (8/5) concerning Speaker Pelosi’s rejection of Congressmen Jim Jordan and Jim Banks for her January 6 Commission, he’s absolutely correct that it was a mistake on her part. However, from her perspective, they were the 2 most likely to remind her that she said the 100,000 rioters who took over the Capitol of Wisconsin performed an “impressive show of democracy in action’ and that she was “in solidarity” with them! Reps. Jordan and Banks might also remind her that the January 6 protesters claimed voter fraud in the November 3 election, which she denied. However, recently VoterGA found the error reporting in rate in Georgia’s Fulton County’s (Atlanta) hand count audit was 60%, with 100,000 tally sheets for ballots missing! What would a similar independent audit of Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee find? —Sincerely, Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.

This is a letter to the Editor of THE WASHINGTON POST (September 20, 2021):

In NATURE MEDICINE (November 9, 2015) Dr. Ralph Baric (UNC) and Dr. Shi Zhengli (Wuhan Institute of Virology) co-authored an article about how a new engineered coronavirus could “replicate efficiently in human airway cells.” Research had been funded by Dr. Fauci’s NIAID and NIH via EcoHealth Alliance. Baric taught Shi how to genetically modify coronaviruses, which she was doing by 2016. This was at the same time (2015) Chinese military scientists produced a 261-page document about how coronaviruses could be used as bioweapons and their effect on adversaries’ troops, health care systems, etc.

Then at the very time Covid-19 seemed to be coming under control, the Delta variants suspiciously appeared as the product of a rare double mutation. One increasing the transmissibility of the virus, and the other “just happening” to decrease the efficacy of vaccines! After that, 50% of the vaccinated people in Israel became infected anyway. While vaccines are being pushed, successful treatments are not. On July 2, 2020, THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES published the results of a large study (2541 patients) at the 6 Henry Ford Health System hospitals in Michigan that showed hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate for Covid-19 significantly when administered early. And a recent report in THE HINDUSTAN TIMES indicated that in the state of Uttar Pradesh (241 million people), the recovery rate has increased to 98.7% since April by using 12 mg pills of Ivermectin. For the full story, see my 7-part online series titled, “The Origin of Covid-19—Updated.” —Sincerely, Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.

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