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In Phil. 3:14 we read that Paul said, “I press toward the “mark” for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”.  Of course, Paul is teaching all followers of Christ to follow his example.  But, this is not the “mark” we are going to discuss in this article.

We are going to look at the one talked about in Rev. 13:16-18, known as the “mark” of the beast.  We are going to look into what this warning is all about, what the mark is and how the masses are deceived into “receiving” it.

Before we get into the methods that have been used over many decades to lure us into the beast system, we need first to know and understand that our Creator, Redeemer and God did solemnly warn us about the dangers in putting our trust and care in men or men’s governments.  We must first understand and acknowledge that we have voluntarily “given” ourselves over to the “Beast” system.  At least in the beginning of the process of deception, it took a voluntary acceptance on our part to enter the beast system.  Please read and study very carefully these few references!  We could list many more, but these alone are more than enough to prove God’s warning, that we willfully ignored.  (Through ignorance perhaps, but the results are the same.)  Damnation is the final end of our greed, apathy and ignorance.  (Neh. 9:36-38, Prov. 23:1-4, Jer.17:5, Mt. 6:24-25 and Phil. 4:19)  Obviously, this article is written mainly to the ones who say they follow Christ and the Word of God.  The 1611 KJV Bible!  We must accept and recognize the fact that we, the Church of Christ, have pretty much been almost completely caught up in this deception of the enemy.  We must determine to not proceed any further into this abyss.

Let’s take a brief look into how this massive deception has been used in the “benefits” each cunning snare has promised us if we will simply comply and obey!

(1)  The social security number.  This deception came about under Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration.  Roosevelt was a great deceiver that was part of the “planned” so-called great depression.  Because the people became “afraid” for their future material necessities, they were more than ready to accept the “number” assigned to them for a lifetime to receive a retirement benefit, that was held out of their paycheck and put into the care of politicians to manage for them, (Jer. 17:5) because we were not disciplined enough to do it for ourselves!  On “my” card it says this number is not to be used for I.D. purposes.  We all know now that in most cases it is essential to have this identifying number in order to transact any business.  At first, you could opt in the “system” or not. Now, for all intents and purposes, it is not an option.  Roosevelt also started the W.P.A., Working People of America, to put people to work on infrastructure and other odd jobs at the expense of the taxpayer.  Yet another socialist program we the people volunteered to support. (Prov. 23:1-4)  Roosevelt “led” the people like frightened sheeple into the first huge move into Socialism and the “beast” system that would be used to bring us into the Antichrist’s government!

Now, let’s list a few more “benefits” that we have been given as privileges for our compliance and obedience.

(2)  A driver’s license needed to have the “right” to travel.  This license turned the right into a privilege.  FYI – License-Black’s Law Dictionary – “Permission to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal”.  Along with this “permission” to travel we now carry another form of ID that has assigned us another number, digital (numbered) picture of our face.  And, in some cases, digital (numbered) fingerprints and eye scans.  This identifying “mark” is also needed to transact a “business deal”!  This “con” almost everyone has accepted has placed the unique identifying number of your face, (a number of mankind) into a worldwide data base by which you can be traced and monitored!  Travelers should be “certified” that they are capable of using a mode of transportation, but no identifying license should be required.  Here are a few more licenses needed to do an act which would otherwise be illegal.

(3)  A marriage license.

(4)  A business license.

(5)  A hunting or fishing license.

All of which came with an identifying number attached.

If we follow the rules and have all the identifying “marks” and numbers needed, we may and will qualify for a numerous amount of other of man’s benefits and dainties.

(6)  Food stamps.

(7)  Disability Social Security (whether you have paid into it or not)

(8)  HUD

(9)  C.H.I.P.S

(10)  Clothing Vouchers.

(11)  Free medical care.

(12)  Medicaid.

(13)  Medicare and many more I’m sure that I haven’t listed here.

All are available for those with the right identifying “marks” and are obedient to the “system”.  I think by now anyone who desires to see the deception we have about all ignorantly and foolishly fallen into the deception and can be easily seen.  It has pretty much gotten the masses already in the beast system.  All that is needed now is the final “tweaking” of the system to take us into the antichrist’s final deception.  You can believe that this extremely hyped-up Covid scare is a huge push in that direction!  Fear being the great motivation once again!

We had just as well accept the fact that nearly all of mankind has already been deceived into the system of the beast as prophesied in Rev. 13:7.  In verse eight, we are told that the only ones who will not worship the beast are those who have their names written in the Lamb’s (Christ) Book of Life.  We must be very certain that we have been born again into the Family of God.  (I Pet. 1:10)  Please take the time to read II Thes. 2:10  Yet another warning!

We are about ready to take a look at what the mark is according to Scripture.  But, before we do, it is vitally important to understand that Satan is called the Great Deceiver and father of all liars for a reason! (Rev. 12:9, John 8:44)  Now let’s get to the definitions of the mark referred to eight times in the book of Revelation.

For as long as I can remember, it has been “assumed” that the “mark” of the beast was going to be a computer chip placed in the right hand or forehead. (Rev. 13:16)  While I am not at all convinced that this concept is totally correct, I must admit that with the state of ignorance of the Word of God and truth in general, I can certainly accept the fact that many of the fearful, ignorant and the “techies” will fall right in line to receive this “mark”.  But folks, it goes much deeper than this.  The word mark in all of its’ references in Rev. 13 is Strong’s number 5480 and it does not mean a device put “in” the body, but rather a scratch, an etching, a stamp or a badge of servitude.  It also can mean a sculptured figure (statue).  So, to be honest I still am not clear as to how this involves the right hand or forehead or what exactly this mark is.  Perhaps an “etching” of the pentagram or hexagram?

But, as you look further into teaching on the mark you will find that no man might buy or sell, unless he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name!

Dear reader, I must confess that I have not been given the knowledge of interpreting the entire meaning of such passages as we just looked at, but of this one thing I am sure!  For many generations and actually throughout most of man’s history, we have been deceived through our ignorance, laziness, fear and lack of faith in our Creator to follow man’s promises and bow to his supposed authority, so we could “live” at ease for another day!  It’s in our fallen nature to believe Satan’s lies to be more like “gods” ourselves!  (Gen. 3:1-5)

In closing, please accept this final admonishment in Christ’s name!  Question anything and everything that man’s government offers you!  At the risk of losing all, including their lives, countless numbers of Godly men and women have refused man’s deceitful benefits!  Many examples and warnings about this demonic deception are found in God’s Word to us.

Proverbs 3:5-7

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