One of the most important lessons concerning how to get along with other nations is being taught by President Donald Trump. For much too long, the United States government has been guilty of trying so hard to be friends with enemy nations and certain Islamic groups at the expense of our nation’s safety, status and reputation. Progressive democrats and scared republicans have often agreed to treaties and trade agreements that only place our republic at a disadvantage.

Unfortunately, such stupidity began long before the horrendous eight years of the Obama administration.  NAFTA and GATT treaties quickly come to mind.  We must never forget the awful SALT and START international arms control agreements between the old Soviet Union and the United States.  Much to our nations potential peril, the United States would honor those treaties and reduce our nuclear missile arsenal, while the Soviets would neither stop building nuclear weapons or reduce their stockpiles.

Often, American officials would also allow both Soviet government and military leaders to closely inspect our sensitive and secret military locations and technologies.  However, our officials rarely stood up to the soviets who would not allow U.S. officials to closely inspect their facilities to make sure they were complying with the arms reduction agreements.  Such patterns of appeasement do not, nor have they ever helped foster lasting peace or true respect among nations.

In fact, when the United States shows either weakness or a willingness to allow adversarial nations the advantage in agreements or treaties. One example is the nuclear arms deal that both former president Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry brokered with Iran, while Iranians were screaming death to America!!  So often, the American appeasement crowd only shows toughness against those who dare to put the interest of the United States above those of our adversaries.  That is why there is so much gnashing of teeth, pure hatred and lies hurled against President Trump from various progressive oriented individuals, organizations and the leviathan influenced dragon media.

History has an amazing way of repeating itself. Decades before U.S. international blunders, Sir Winston Churchill experienced tremendous hatred and lies hurled against him by those in the British government who were more trusting of Germany’s Hitler than Churchill.  As a result, Hitler’s V1 rocket blitz of London reversed the utter folly of appeasing enemies or competitors while not dealing from a position of strength.  If there is to be a real defeat of the brutish Islamic terrorists and the reigning in of certain nations who have gotten used to having their way, there must be offensive and defensive measures taken to catastrophically demolish them.  The past eight years of appeasing enemies has caused the emboldening of Islamic terrorists and other adversaries to act as if they can do anything they want with no appropriate backlash.  In our present world structure, timidity and appeasement are a recipe for disaster.

If you have ever wondered why so many American progressives/democrats hate President Donald Trump, it is because of his unashamed love for our republic and the mission to govern for our benefit first.  The progressives are programmed to put the interests of our enemies above our sovereignty, safety and even our right to live in peaceful tranquility, away from possible harm via illegal immigrants and Islamic refugees who want to convert or kill us.  That is a major reason for sanctuary cities.  Where illegal immigrant murderers and leechers are hidden from justice so they can be free to harm sovereign Americans and exist on our tax dollars.

President Trump has and continues to demonstrate why and how the chances for peace and prosperity increase, as the leader of the free world demonstrates his understanding of how to lead and a willingness to stand firmly with worthy allies such as Israel and Great Britain.  Meanwhile, the president is gaining the respect of some of our detractors.  Nothing earns respect like letting those who have tested America understand that now is not the time to engage in such tom foolery.  There is an old saying, “one cannot love his neighbor if he doesn’t love himself.”  I believe that applies to leaders of nations as well.

Former president Obama did not demonstrate a love for America.  Thus, he was unable to conceive of putting American interests in high regard.  Basically, Obama was unwilling to strongly oppose those who have set out to destroy us and our allies, because he was first unwilling or unable to defend the nation he was elected to protect.  Therefore, the globalists love him.

On the other hand, President Donald Trump represents the increasing possibility of peace through strength.  Of course, the globalists hate him and want him gone.  More and more people throughout the world are starting to feel a little better about the prospects of a brighter future.  What many people may not recognize is that by putting America first, president Trump is building a nation that will be strong enough to fulfil her destiny a major stabilizing force in the world.  Yes, a pro America first president does make a positive big difference.  God bless you President Trump, God bless America and may America bless God.  Be blessed by a page from The Edwards Notebook during the Captain’s America Third Watch weekend show emanating nationwide from flagship station WGUL AM 860 The Answer Tampa, Fla or worldwide   You can also follow me on twitter @theronedwards.

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