Every American knew that the minute another mass shooting happened, this time at an Orlando Florida night club, that the leftist gun grab would be in high gear only minutes later. As the left always says, never let a good crisis go to waste.

Never underestimate the lefts ability to ignore the obvious in pursuit of their backwards agenda. Once again, the gun was not the criminal in Orlando, nor was any law-abiding American citizen who has a Second Amendment right to keep and bear any type of arms they choose. Once again, the Orlando incident had a very typical set of common threads, atop that list, the fact that the shooter was a Muslim of Afghan heritage with a history of anti-American and pro-Islam tirades.

The guns used in the Orlando night club mass murder were as innocent in the crime as the victims themselves. The weapons themselves committed no crimes. For the record, all weapons are inanimate objects. They are incapable of harming anyone on their own. Only when a weapon is in the hands of the wrong person are they a threat to anyone.

When an individual or group of individuals, let’s say jihadists, is intent upon harming others, the choice of weapon used to accomplish that goal is irrelevant. The Boston bombers used pressure cookers from the kitchen to kill six and injure 280 others and the common thread between that incident and dozens of others like it is not the pressure cookers, it is the Muslim’s who were intent upon attacking unsuspecting innocent, defenseless Americans in a soft target “gun free zone.”

Yet, no one is calling for new laws regulating pressure cookers or suggesting that all Americans should register their pressure cookers with the federal government. According to FBI final reports, the Boston bombers were “motivated by extremist Islamic beliefs,” and they learned how to build their bombs from an online Al Qaeda web site based out of Yemen.

Likewise, the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was a radical Muslim of Afghan dissent who had posted “you kill innocent women and children by doing U.S. airstrikes… now taste the Islamic State” (aka ISIS) online prior to his attack at the Orlando club. By “you,” Mateen means Barack Obama, who has used drone strikes across the Middle East since 2009 as his primary weapon for deposing Middle Eastern governments, leaving the region in chaos and giving rise to ISIS (aka ISIL). In other words, Barack Obama motivated their attacks.

Since Barack Obama took office in January of 2009, at least twenty-five Muslim terror attacks on U.S. soil have been successfully executed, killing 114 unarmed and defenseless American citizens and injuring 374 more. The common thread in all twenty-five attacks are as follows;

• Every attack was carried out by Muslim attackers
• Every attack happened in a gun-free zone where only the attacker was armed
• The targets were all innocent American men, women and children
• In almost every case, the weapons used were acquired “legally” even though federal agencies were already watching these individuals without stopping them prior to the attack
Strangely, the Obama administration continues to claim that Islam has nothing to do with these attacks. Instead, leftist democrats see only the following common thread in these attacks;

• They all involved guns, therefore, we must eliminate all guns
All auto accidents involve an auto as well. Yet, there is no call to eliminate cars. All stabbings involve a knife, but there is no call to eliminate knives. All rapes involve a penis, yet there is no call to outlaw penises, although we have witnessed a concerted effort to neuter every male in America for decades now.

Never let a good crisis go to waste… In fact, create the crisis and then use that crisis to advance your political agenda. If your broad agenda is to strip Americans of all constitutionally protected natural rights in order to meld America into a “borderless global commune,” then these increasing Islamic attacks on U.S. soil present a good and powerful crisis which will not be wasted by the political left.

In the case of the Orlando attack, nothing pertaining to the radical Islamic nature of the attacker or his family is in any way associated with the incident. According to Obama and his leftist friends like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the Orlando incident was about nothing more than the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi and transgender) community and guns in America. The incident should not be used to properly profile the obvious nature of such attacks or attackers.

In fact, Obama’s Attorney General Lynch has openly stated that they will “remove all reference to Islam from the attackers own words” in order to continue to conceal the true nature of the Orlando attack as the administration continues to use the crisis to advance their intentions to disarm law-abiding American citizens and promote the LGBT agenda.

Meanwhile, the Obama media has Trump in the crosshairs, falsely claiming that “Trump wants to racially profile” Muslims, as if Muslim is a race and not an extremely violent ideology based upon mass murder, aka jihad.

Even the U.S. Supreme Court is acting in direct violation of the Bill of Rights in their support of federal efforts to disarm law-abiding American citizens, while upholding false claims that jihadists have civil rights in America.

In short, as the Obama Administration imports jihadists and provides them aid and comfort via insane suicidal “civil rights” protections, they assault all things American and every American citizen, often resulting in the death or injury to countless defenseless Americans in their so-called gun-free zones. Europe is similarly under siege and their leftist political policies are coming home to roost in the form of sky-rocketing Islamic refugee assaults.

Importing radical Islam to the United States and aiding and abetting them here and abroad has a purpose and that purpose should be quite clear to every American citizen by now. The purpose is to “fundamentally transform America” into a nation-wide gun-free zone wherein only a tyrannical government and their field operatives are armed against law-abiding American citizens. There is no other purpose…

The broad agenda to “fundamentally transform America” – who is behind it – what their strategies are, why they must disarm Americans and where they are in that process is covered in great detail in my new book TRUMPED – The New American Revolution now on sale at COFBooks.com – every American should read this book, including Donald Trump.

TRUMPED defines the counter-revolution to destroy America and the New American Revolution that has taken the form of the Trump campaign.

Truth be told by a former Assistant Director of the FBI, the Obama Administration is fully engaged in aiding and abetting known Islamic terrorists here and abroad, totally hamstringing the FBI and DHS ability to thwart these types of attacks via suicidal Rules of Engagement. Like his Military ROE, Obama’s policies prevent the USA from protecting itself on the battlefield or on U.S. streets – with specific intent to do harm to the USA in both case. It is “treason” and every sane American knows it…

Before Americans will be able to successfully combat the enemy now operating from within, they will first have to properly identify their enemy, understand their agenda and mode of operations and develop of comprehensive strategy of their own…

© 2016 JB Williams – All Rights Reserved

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