by Sidney Secular

Trump won the election and it matters viscerally. The millions voting for him knew his personality flaws and his failings. He started on the Wall too late, hardly dampened the hiring of illegals and hired mostly a bunch of useless assistants. Yet, the people kept faith in him. Why? Standing in the cold on the Mall on January 6th with perhaps 400,000 waiting for hours for him to speak revealed an answer as simple and old as the basic human need to organize in self-defense. The people were there to hear their leader.

Shivering and waiting, they wanted someone to give them hope for the future–a sense of resolution, confidence, and superior strength. But strength against what? What we these people afraid of that made them stick with Trump for years even with the relentless attacks from the media and the Left? They stuck with him because they felt he was one of them, only with the power to stop the Globalist nightmare.

What the Left is setting about doing now tells us what the Trump movement felt but perhaps didn’t quite articulate: That we are being dissolved as a people and a nation through the relentless lying and propaganda, the Big Tech censorship and surveillance, and the importation of incompatibles. Trump felt this threat and stood up to terrible abuse but stopped short of effectively doing anything much about it.

At some level he still remained terrified of being called a racist or a white supremacist or even Eurocentric. He never saw Jared Kushner as a menace even as he let Kushner’s liberalism gut his agenda. He fought against the Marxist media that wanted him dead. Yet, he also constantly tried to appease them, wanting desperately to be liked. But Communism never has loyalty to anyone or anything it uses, and it destroys everything. The history of the 20th Century taught that lesson. But reading history is not something real estate tycoons have time for.

Trump is a man of great intelligence and courage,  but no intellectual understanding of what he is dealing with. But ultimately it was Trump’s failure to sway/dislodge the GOP RINOs/Old Guard that made the difference in keeping him from being victorious–if he had been able to do that, his vote total would have been so high it would have been insurmountable even with the election fraud. The final blow came when the the VP Poker-Face Pence GOP hack stabbed him in the back and certified the election results, to Trump’s genuine surprise. The pick of Pence was always questionable from the get-go. Pensive-looking Pence did not show any of the fire and desire similar to that shown by Trump.

We were left with the most corrupt election in American history and handing the country over to the Left. The Trump Revolution was very real and immensely powerful–but died in its tracks—and the January 6 rally showed why. The camaraderie among Trump supporters coming to the rally was very immediate and palpable. We were all in this together. They all said the same thing: We were going to fight for Trump–We were going to take the country back. But what awaited them in DC was typical of the entire movement. An empty field, a podium waiting for Trump to speak, and that was it.  There was no organization to bring these people into something bigger than Donald Trump.

It would have been easy to set up tables for each state–At each table, an organizer would have sign-up sheets for that state. That type of thing should have begun when Trump announced he was running in 2015. Very soon Trump organizations larger than the GOP itself would have dominated the political landscape–organizations that would have told the GOP: “You need us..we don’t need you”. These organizations would have set up their own communications networks, radio shows, meeting places, and election candidates. An entirely new political party could have been crafted out of the Trump rallies, something we desperately need now–but no emails were gathered, no officers appointed, and no funds collected. Nothing that Trump said on January 6 was new–In fact, people were drifting away towards the end.

The failure to organize may have crippled us fatally. Everyone at the January 6 rally would have loved having a job helping his movement. These guys were computer programmers, social media wizards, electricians, writers, printers, real estate brokers, and others with important skills. They would have worked for the minimum wage. No one in Trump’s world ever seemed to think of these people and no one thought of them on January 6. They stood in the cold, emptying field while the Swamp creatures in the nearby buildings looked down upon them sneering. A cup of coffee would have been nice.. a place to get warm.. a free hat to say I was there. Yeah, a free hat. But nothing. Trump sabotaged himself from the start–endorsing the treacherous Paul Ryan.

Trump went from one Swamp creature to the next, making himself reliant on the GOP establishment that hated him so much, trying to communicate through the Marxist media, and whining pathetically when they didn’t tell the truth. Trump was warned that Antifa was coming to the rally on January 6. There was no attempt to weed them out. Now it’s over for us, but for Conservatism, Inc. there’s always more years of talk show twaddle, Beltway Balderash, columns in The Washington Examiner and The Washington Times newspapers, long lines at book signings generating cash, but all signifying nothing.

With Biden undoing all the good things Trump did at warp speed, it’s heart-warming to know I still have my large Trump coffee mug  to keep me company and allow me to cry in my beer, drink large volumes of coffee to keep me awake as I scroll through volumes of disheartening news, and remind me of the mugging the country suffered as a result of the fraudulent 2020 election.”

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