By Glynn Adams

June 5, 2022

“But I am afraid lest as the serpent deceived Eye by his craftiness, your minds should be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.” (2 Corinthians 11:3)

The spiritual responsibility as a minister and watchman that God has given to me by the Holy Spirit is conviction – and not condemnation!!!  Evil has overtaken this nation and is openly manifesting itself in our culture.  Satan rules our nation and not God!!  Think about that and face that reality!!!!  We have a mandate and the authority of God to expand the Kingdom of God (the rule of God) in our nation but our defeated foe Satan rules our nation instead!!  We must not continue going about our daily church business as usual listening to pastors giving us positive messages that all is well when evil is ruling our nation rather than God.  You are deceived if you boast your church is doing well when the culture around you is full of demons and being destroyed.  What happens spiritually in this nation falls on the Body of Christ and we are under the judgment of God and Christians had better wake up and come together as a Body to find out why evil is ruling in this nation and not God!!!

We are in the dangerous perilous times the Apostle Paul warned us about but as Christians we are not discerning the times in which we live?  We are in a war with evil against Christianity, the family, our children, and this Republic but we have deliberately ignored this war rather than showing up at the battlefield as the army of God, dressed in the His full armor.   If we don’t come together and get our spiritual act up to the level that the disciples’ of Christ in the First Century demonstrated to us in the Book of Acts, our current religion will keep us ineffective against evil and we will not survive these perilous times with all these Satanic and demonic attacks coming against this nation.  Evil has a systematic plan to destroy America while Christians in America have poor to horrible leadership, we are divided, apathetic, stubborn, and we have no plans to counter this evil – I mean nothing except our ineffective form of godliness religion and waiting for the rapture.   This is a plan for disaster!!! [SEE: Enemies Within: The Church]

In the Book of Acts in the First Century, Jesus went up, the Holy Spirit came down, and the disciples’ of Christ went out!!  Almost all of the work and ministry by Christians today in free America is done in our comfort zone called the church building.  Only those in this nation that are totally committed to the LORD Jesus Christ go into this nation to proclaim the gospel and only those that are strong and have great courage, take a hard stand against evil in our culture!!  But in the First Century, the disciples did not build a building called the church.  They were the church and ministry in the Name of Jesus in the First Century could get you put in prison or killed.  After ministry, they would meet in homes to fellowship with one another, receive an encouraging word from one another, and to gather strength and courage from the Lord and one another.  Then these Jesus trained disciples went out into a very dangerous and hostile world going door to door in the various towns and villages to do what Jesus trained them to do – to share the gospel of the Kingdom, heal the sick, cast out demons, and take a stand hard against the lies of Satan when men exalt themselves against the Word of God!!.

Church member, what has your pastor trained and equipped you to do outside the church walls?  Can you present the gospel of the Kingdom to some hurting soul and explain the benefits of the “good news of the rule of God” to them?  Can you stand before someone, face to face, and rebuke their lies with the Word of God?  Can you rebuke Satan and command him to leave?   Can you cast a demon out of some poor soul that is in bondage to drugs?  This is what God has called you to do; not sit in some church building waiting for the rapture!!  We are to occupy until He comes and we are to exercise dominion on this earth.  Jesus gave us His authority, His power, His Name, His armor, and His Word to carry out dominion.  If something goes wrong in our nation, we are to fix it using His weapons that He gave to us.  HATH GOD REALLY SAID?  Yes Christian it is in the Word and all of us, including pastors will, at the judgment, give an account to God for what we did with what He has given us!!   Does this help your fear of God?

In Matthew 16:18, Christ said He would build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  But in America, man has built his own modern-day church and the gates of hell are reaping hell on it.  With the help of Pastors, Satan has perverted and corrupted the church in America where it is unrecognizable according to the Biblical standards in the First Century.  While we have been asleep, Satan and his demons have perverted the gospel of the Kingdom, perverted salvation, obedience means nothing, little activity outside the church building, we are divided,  we don’t preach what Jesus preached – the Kingdom of God, we don’t seek first the Kingdom of God, we no longer make disciples of Christ but of our denominations, we are no longer change agents, positive sermons only, absolutely no controversy, and we have hyper grace and many no longer have a Biblical worldview and I could go on and on

 As a result of our blatant disobedience, many of our churches in America are in spiritual decay being invaded by the world and demons and the average pastor and church member does not realize it.  Because of our blindness to the supernatural, “the New Age Movement has returned with full force in our culture taking the west and our churches by storm.   This New Age is an umbrella of many demonic occults just to name a few such as Witchcraft, Mediation, Pantheism, Yoga, Channeling, Divination, Mind science, Reincarnation,  Astral Projection, Angel Boards, tarot cards to communicate with spirits, Karma, and out of body experiences.  It starts out in our children as curious, and innocently they find themselves going deeper unknowingly opening themselves to portals in the spirit world of Satan and his demons.” “Second Coming of the New Age” by Bancarz and Peck.  Today, the children can get tarot cards at McDonalds!!  Parents, you may want to ensure your children do not get them and bring those demon spirits into your home and corrupt it!!   Oh, Brother Adams, you are exaggerating these demons and tarot cards.  My pastor, Dr. So and So says demons can’t bother the Christian!!!

Be careful if your Pastor is one who picks and chooses from the Word of God verses that are pleasing and smooth words to you and ignore Scriptures dealing with controversial subjects such as the supernatural spirit world or what is going on in our culture.   Because the pulpit is weak, we have gotten ourselves in a spiritual mess and our judgment is deliberately bringing crisis after crisis to us.  What will you do when there are shortages or no food, water, gasoline, or electricity?   According to Hebrews 12:26-27, God is going to shake everything that can be shaken to get our attention!!    What will YOU do when God begins to shake everything that can be shaken?   What will YOU do when your false religion and form of godliness fails and your earthly comfort zones become unbearable?  Testing time is heavily upon us but the Body of Christ is stone cold silent and asleep.   Demons are working toward our destruction and we ignore and refuse to resist them!!!   If we continue to ignore the warnings of God, He will simply embolden our enemies to intensify His judgment to get our attention.

On top of all that, Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum and his demonic occult New World Order elites has a plan to capture this nation, to deceive you, and take away your freedoms!!   It is going to take more than a particular teaching or doctrine to see us through all of this.   I’m not trying to scare you but get you to wake up from your slumber and see our reality in America today!!!    It is serious and the Body of Christ in America need to realize how serious it is!!!   We are in grave danger and if we don’t change our religious ways, repent of our rebellion, and get into fellowship with Jesus our Divine Life and keep our eyes on Him and not some pastor or religious structure, so we will come to our senses and resist this evil before us.   We must develop some courage and strength real soon!!!  God has given us plenty of warning that the Spirit will not forever strive with the disobedient, rebellious, self-seeking, and nominal church member and pastor!!

If the Body of Christ in America will get back to the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ and abide in Him, God will restore us.  But Christians must get away from our deceptive idea that going to a church building fulfills our spiritual responsibilities to our LORD.  Christianity is all about obedience.   If we will get out of our religious mindsets and comfort zones and go outside our church buildings into this nation to share the gospel of the Kingdom to expand His Kingdom and make disciples’ of Christ, then God will bless us.   If we will show courage and   take a stand against the evil overtaking and ruling this nation, then God will meet us at the battlefield and give us the victory.  If we will get in the face of those persons or groups that exalt themselves with their lies against the Word of God,  God will show up to give us strength and courage.  If we will take a stand to challenge the lies of Satan flooding our nation through the media and our government and speak the truth, God will give us victory.

Our church holiday is over!!!  Evil is all around us!!!  We must contend for our faith in America and we will be successful if we will repent and embrace the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ!!!   We have much work to do Children of God!!!   God has waited for a long time for His American children to function as He has commanded and for us to demonstrate the authority and power of Jesus Christ to this world.

God bless, I for one, remain His warrior and watchman.

[BIO: Glynn Adams pastored for several years in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. For the last twenty years has been involved in local ministries building a coalition to resist the evil overtaking this nation. He is currently a warrior and Watchman on the Wall– crying in the wilderness like John the Baptist for repentance. The church in America must wake up because there is a war going on against Christianity and we have not shown up for it!]

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