by Lee Duigon

Rational thought, hard work, and intact families—according to a “portal” put up by the Smithsonian Institution, and quickly taken down again, that’s all white people’s stuff, and Persons Of Color (POCs) have only, well, borrowed and internalized them because that bad ol’ white culture is dominant.

What is this? Do they mean to say that POCs would never have become acquainted with rational thought, hard work, and intact families if they’d been left to their own devices? White people are bad, says Far Left Crazy, aka the Democrat Party: therefore rational thought, hard work, and intact families must be bad, too. If only POCs could rid themselves of them!

Hello, minorities! Have you stopped to think about how liberals are portraying you? What must they think of you, to say the things they say? Like, you just can’t make it unless rich white liberals run interference for you? Wouldn’t you be ashamed if that were true?

Obviously it isn’t true, or there would be no Ben Carson, no Oprah Winfrey, no Denzel Washington, no Thomas Sowell, no Clarence Thomas—the list could go on and on all day, and that’s just a few of the really famous names. What about the millions of you who own their own homes, drive new cars, own and operate small businesses, or work at steady jobs, and send your kids to school every day? To say nothing of the millions of people who break the law to come here, or the millions more who come here lawfully. Are they perversely flocking to a racist hell-hole, just so they can be abused?

We shouldn’t even have to say these things; only how many self-anointed activists declare they aren’t true? And how many of you wind up believing them? Believing what you know, from your own experience, to be not true?

I thought it was only racists who say that minorities are inferior, and can’t achieve anything without special favors from their betters. Oh, wait—liberals say this. You can’t make it without them. As several rich and famous leftists have said, “You didn’t build that.” Because, apparently, you aren’t capable of innovative ideas and the hard work it takes to make your dreams come true. Only the government can make it happen. You can’t.

Do you really want to be wheeled around in strollers by Joe Biden and his Far Left playmates? What are we to make of anyone who can’t get by without the government as his nursemaid? What adults want to be treated as toddlers by the nanny state—a government that will never let you grow up if they can help it?

Like, once upon a time, before the Europeans came and set up colonies, all those people in African and Asian countries lived idyllic lives free of rational thought, hard work, and intact families? Can this be so? Does anyone who doesn’t work for the Smithsonian or CNN believe that? But that’s what the teachers’ unions serve you up in high school, and the professors in what they laughingly call the universities.

Are you content to be robbed of your adulthood because some Democrats have promised you free stuff?

Think it over, good and hard.

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