Andrew C Wallace

I admit that the Ruling Class has the UNCONSTITUTIONAL power to force my face into the dirt, but I will not beg for handouts. I will retaliate in kind. They exercise most of their power without legal authority thru the UNLAWFUL  “Administrative State”. They think this criminal  USURPATION of power is justified by the “Prerogative of Kings”, because they are so superior to us common people. American people are not stupid as evidenced by the sale of guns and ammunition. Americans practice the Scout Motto: “Be prepared”.

All of our suffering is due to the Ruling Class super rich families, and their Lackeys: the mainstream media, senior management at large corporations, universities, banks, judicial system, military flag officers,  leadership of Democrat and Republican parties, most government employees and elected officials, influence-peddling think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations, Brookings, et al. The so called, Democrat party is the hard core Communist wing of the Ruling Class. Make no mistake, the Ruling Class sold us out to China, and is continuing to do so. They want to emulate China’s brutal and total power over the people. Most NON Trump Republican officials, like Democrats, are just corrupt and gutless prostitutes, for sale to the highest bidder.

People must learn that the Ruling Class, and their Lackeys, are a Ruthless Cabal, consisting of all the groups I just listed. Every action they take, gives them power and wealth at your expense. It is of no concern to them if you die as a result of their efforts to subjugate us.

You must see the Ruling Class, and all their Lackeys, as an organized group out to destroy our Republic and screw us to death, if we stand in their way.

President Donald Trump, and the few officials who support him, are the only hope that we have, short of a revolt, to remain free. To win, President Trump must fire at least 50% of government bureaucrats, end the Administrative State, disband the FBI, and the other unconstitutional departments. High ranking criminals from both parties must be swiftly prosecuted. Both political parties refuse to prosecute high ranking members of either party. Equal justice does not exist in America. We must return to Constitutional government.  If they are not “Trump Republicans” don’t vote for them. I will support only the small part of government that remains Constitutional.

Americans have lost most of their Constitutional Rights, and faux government, has lost the peoples loyalty, which without correction, will result in Anarchy, and the inability to govern resulting in Civil War.

The Ruling Class is doing everything possible to drag our country into a total state of bloody anarchy and destruction by exploiting the Chinese Virus. The Ruling Class is trying to destroy our Republic and replace it with a Communist government like China.  If allowed to continue, we will have a revolt that will kill a large multiple of the 500,000 lives lost in our Civil War. Signs of discontent by the people are everywhere, and increasing.

Facts are clear, the Ruling Class will kill those who do not bow down in poverty, slavery, and total submission to brutal Communism. In fact they have been taking out anyone who “Speaks Truth to Power” for years. Ask any of us who have spoken, or acted out, and survived. Democrat leaders, who are in fact Communists, are now loudly advocating wacko policies, that have failed every time. Our Pilgrims were the first to try Socialism in America. Socialism was responsible for the deaths of half of the pilgrims in the first year and was rejected.

I could write a book detailing the widespread and total corruption of the Ruling Class and all of their Lackeys, but those who read, already know the details, and the others never will. Those ignorant and apathetic followers of this Cabal, have been indoctrinated all their lives by schools and media. They can never be changed with facts. They will eagerly beg for handouts, and ignorantly line up for the slaughter.                                                                                            .

The Ruling class, thru its Democrat party is now open, and out front with its primary objective of destroying our country. They want to  force us into a brutal Chinese Communist type dictatorship, and a One World Order. They have plenty of support from their ignorant apathetic followers, media and wealthy members. The media has absolute power over their followers, as demonstrated by their ability, along with the help of schools, to convince Blacks that the “KKK and Jim Crow” were not part of the Democrat party. Also, the Civil War was not fought to free Slaves, it was caused by economic domination of the South, by the then Ruling Class of the North. The slavery issue was only brought up in later stages of the Civil War to gain public support. Lincoln freed slaves where the South remained in control, but not in conquered areas.

The most important thing we can do is to stop all immigration for 25 years, but members of Congress are well paid not to change laws that will greatly benefit the people. I would like to remind the crooked Congress that we drastically reduced immigration for 28 years under the Johnson-Reed Act of 1924 to preserve homogeneity.  The all powerful Ruling Class is willing to pay vast sums to the Whores in Congress for cheap foreign labor used for voting and jobs. They don’t give a Damn about Americans. Our citizens will do any work, if properly paid, and government stops paying them not to work.

ChiComs Lie, You Die. The Chinese Virus was nothing less than a deliberate ACT of WAR. They kept its inception a secret, closed off Wuhan to the rest of China, but let their people go anywhere else in the world to spread the virus. The Chinese destroyed our economy with much loss of life. I pray that this does not end up in a shooting war. We can defeat them in other ways. First, by not allowing their students or tourists into the country, many of whom are spies, or potential spies. As citizens we should refuse to buy Chinese products. Our government could incentivize the movement of more critical production back into this country. Our biggest problem will be the simple fact that large companies are mostly controlled by people without morals, ethics or patriotism. Our financial people are mostly whores who destroy quality companies and their employees for a quick buck. If our major corporations had not used profits to buy back stock to enhance officer and stockholder compensation, they would not need government money. Super rich families of the Ruling Class, along with their Tax Free Foundations, own controlling interest in most of our large corporations. Crooked Congress gave them trillions that should have gone to small business.   Our billionaires are funding elections at all levels giving them control.

President Donald Trump saved our bacon by making early Heroic Decisions on immigration, and getting supplies and equipment to the states during the Pandemic. Leading federal medical bureaucrats, and media, Lackeys of the Ruling Class, promoted fear, theft, and destruction of our Republic. They scared hell out of the public with wild projections using faulty models. They are resisting efforts to save our economy by allowing everyone to work. except for the vulnerable. They refuse to accept Hydroxychloroquine (used for decades), as a treatment in the early stages of the virus for the 95% of patients without cardiac problems. Doctors using it reported an 80% survival rate without use of the ICU or ventilators

I believe this to be the most dangerous period in our history. My prediction is, if the Ruling Class does not release its control and stop destruction of everything in our country, then many people will die in a Civil War. My use of derogatory words to describe the Ruling Class and their Lackeys is more than justified. You can question my opinions, but not my facts. I am not advocating, or promoting any course of action other than educating yourselves for your own protection, and the preservation of what remains of our country.

Our country can’t long exist with half of the population working and the other able bodied people being paid by government not to work. Remember the Pilgrims.

God Bless America

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