By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 9: Black lives matter, need to think about race, Chicago endless murders of Blacks on Blacks.

Maybe African-Americans and all White Americans might demonstrate against this latest killing spree in Chicago in just 24 hours: It was all Black on Black killings. This slaughter made the George Floyd killing look like a picnic.

Chicago–18 murders in 24 hours: Inside the most violent day in 60 years in Chicago, weekend of June 6, 7, 2020.

“We’ve never seen anything like it, at all,” said Max Kapustin, the senior research director at the University of Chicago Crime Lab.  As reported by Tom Schuba, Sam Charles, and Matthew Hendrickson Jun 8, 2020.

While Blacks and Whites loot, plunder, riot and set fire to cop cars in our big cities over the George Floyd killing, a ‘usual’ killing spree continues in Chicago with enormous Black on Black killings.  How do understand Blacks killing 18 of themselves in the houses and streets of Chicago, but somehow, it’s business as usual.

First of all, Whites face charges of “White privilege” and “White Guilt” in the current mainstream media party that’s dividing our country into violent camps.  During the George Floyd killing, the other three officers with their knees on George Floyd were Asian, Black and Hispanic.  Exactly how do you bury that reality?  Does that mean there is “Hispanic Guilt, Black Privilege and Asian Superiority”?

The mainstream media buries anything it wants to make sure its narrative runs the current thinking across the nation.  No one wants to deal with the fact that Detroit, Michigan, because of minority violence in their schools, on the streets and in the stores—saw 1.2 million Whites flee for their lives within 20 years.  They left Detroit a ghost town.  I worked in Detroit to see it happen, firsthand.  I faced car jackings at stop lights, graffiti everywhere, trash, burned out cars, shoplifting, burglaries and Black Mayor Coleman Young led the crime wave that destroyed the city.

Now, it’s happening in Chicago.  You don’t dare walk outside in South Chicago. You could catch a stray bullet in a nano-second.  In the city that’s ‘gun free’, there’s shootings and killings 24/7.   It’s just that last weekend marked a mega-killing hour with 18 dead.  No mention of how many more dozens landed in the hospital with gunshot wounds.

So, are Whites guilty of all that killing like that one cop in Minneapolis?  Is there such a thing as “White Privilege”?  Should Whites suffer some kind of guilt for all Black Peoples’ choices as to dropping out of high school, taking drugs, joining gangs that get them throne into prison, or shooting another Black person, or 7 out of 10 single Black girls becoming pregnant out of wedlock?

Here’s a video that all Blacks and Whites might watch to gain greater clarification as to who’s responsible for what:

“Why we should not apologize for our race”

In the end, Blacks may choose to make choices that improve their lives, such as education, nutrition, job choices based on their educational excellence and healthy diet choices.  Blacks may want to respect themselves and choose peace over violence.

The same goes for Whites.  Respect each other and other races.

Finally, who will stand up among the races and take responsibility for personal behavior?  Who will stop the killing spree in Chicago and other big cities?  Doesn’t it sound better to say that “All Lives Matter”?  Doesn’t it sound better that the United States of America matters to all of us?

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