By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 6:  Racism, Martin, Wallace, Waters, Rioters, Antifa, Multiculturalism, Diversity

During my entire adult life since 1965 as a college student, racial conflict continues without pause in every state in America.  In the early 60’s, Dr. Martin Luther King marched for equal rights for African-Americans.  He met his last day on Earth at a motel.  Riots and destruction of property ensued.  Alabama Governor George Wallace stood in the doorway of his major university to stop Blacks from attending.  By 1968, Detroit, a city where I worked for 20 years, experienced race riots like nothing before.

In college Sociology classrooms at Michigan State University, they told us that people ‘learned’ racism.  They said that more education would make it vanish.  But no matter how the last 55 years have passed, I see racism across this country manifesting anywhere and everywhere Blacks and Whites mix. Africans and Europeans arrived in America from different continents, different cultures, different languages and different intellectual capacities.

Europeans created cities with dramatic architecture, laws, the wheel and agriculture.  Africans, hunter-gatherers, built mud huts.  They both possess the same humanoid DNA, but that’s about the extent of it.

In over 300 years of race-mixing in America, Blacks remain uncomfortable around Whites.  And, Whites fear blacks as witnessed by the downfall of Detroit, and now what’s happening Minneapolis. You can throw in Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Wherever Whites become the minority, they flee any city.

While we may pretend that America flourishes as a multi-cultural and diverse country—the hard facts show that discrimination and racism among our citizens continues unabated.  If you travel to southern California, you will see that Mexicans hate Blacks.  If you travel south of San Francisco, you will see entire cities dominated 100 percent by the Chinese with no affinity to America.   If you travel to Japan or China, you will enjoy smiling faces, but don’t try to move into those countries or even dream of becoming Chinese or Japanese.  They maintain strict racism and separation.  How do I know?  I traveled through them.

If you lived in Dearbornistan, Michigan in 2020 and you’re White, you would find yourself not welcome in their Muslim enclave where they maintain their customs, language, their barbaric Sharia Law such as ‘honor killings’ and female genital mutilation of young girls, and women with less value than a dog.  If they could, those Muslims would install Sharia Law throughout the United States in a nano-second.  And in fact, they are installing de facto Sharia Law in enclaves such as Minneapolis, NYC, Miami, Freemont, California, Denver, Colorado and wherever they enclave.

In a place close to my home in Boulder, Colorado, you will see hundreds of SUV’s featuring “Diversity Makes Us United” and “Multiculturalism Is America’s Highest Achievement.”  But in fact, those same mothers drive their kids to all-White schools to keep them away from the trailer parks and poor parts of town dominated by Mexican-Black kids with their parents illegally working in the kitchens of Boulder.

From my 55 years of experiences from world travel, I learned that multiculturalism and diversity have never worked,  not working today, and never will work in the future.

Yes, you will see a few Black guys marrying white women, usually sports heroes with lots of money.  You will see Blacks and Whites lovin’ it up on TV on Entertainment Tonight, and you’ll see Blacks and Whites “Dancing with the Stars.”  But in the end, they self-segregate and go home to their own racial enclaves.

If you go to any bistro in New York City, and I have worked in the Big Apple, you see different races segregating with their same races.

What confounds me:  why is it that White Europeans must be integrated with all of overpopulated Africa and why must European cultures and religions be bastardized by people from diametrically different cultures and religions?  Why isn’t there a push to integrate Africa or Saudi Arabia with White people?   Why are Canadian, European and American cultures being destroyed by failed-cultures from the Middle East and Africa?  Do you have any idea why? And who is doing it?  Why would any sane elite power broker want to change European culture into African or Middle Eastern chaos?

As much as African-Americans feel angst, none of them would return to Africa where they would face starvation, disease and poverty.

Because the fact remains:  Africa will not curb its exploding population that demographers predict will add another 1 billion, net gain, in 30 years and reach 4 billion by 2095.  Thus, no matter how many Africans America, Canada or Europe absorb—those Western countries don’t stand a chance of surviving by 2050—a scant 30 years from now.

Ironically, when I bicycled across Minnesota in 2017, a Black Somalia Police officer Muhammed Noor, pulled his revolver and shot a White woman, Justine Rusczyk, walking toward the police cruiser in her bath robe to speak to the officers.  He was arrested for third degree murder and sits in a jail cell for the next 12 years.  (They no longer carry the ‘affirmative action’ police program because they realized Somalians lack the intellectual capacity to become cops.)

No one rioted, burned down buildings, marched in the streets or torched police and civilian cars.  The people waited for justice to prevail.  Like George Floyd, she’s still dead, too.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, in Chicago, 49 minority people shot 49 other minority people and killed 10 of them. No one from “Black Lives Matter” whispered a word. In fact, over 700 minorities died at the hands of 700 other minorities in Chicago in 2019.  Al Sharpton remained silent as did Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters.  (Source: Chicago Tribune, Black Gun Killings in 2019.)

A double standard remains in place that ignores the facts and blames the Whites for every fault of American Society. While the White officer killed George Floyd, hundreds and in fact, thousands of Black deaths stem from other Blacks shooting them, knifing them or beating them to death.

In the end, Blacks and Whites may not be comfortable with one another, and they don’t want to live around each other—but they need to learn to respect one another.  Otherwise, our multicultural and diverse society faces a violent future.

How would you solve the ‘racism’ problem?  What ideas can you produce to create a more stable and fairer America?  Do you think it’s possible to educate our young out of this racial conflict?

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