By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 7:  Anarchy, white privilege, black privilege, cops, riots, looting

You didn’t see this on the mainstream news, but it might surprise you.  In this ‘diversity- driven’ country, few people noted that the four officers who pinned George Floyd down to the ground included one Hispanic, one Asian, One Black and One White.  White privilege somehow became the main driver for anarchy, looting, destruction of national monuments, shooting cops and a host of other lawless activities in 75 cities across America.  But four ethnic groups pinned George Floyd down to the ground!

Today, we see an endless line of young Americans proposing socialism as the answer to America’s unequal financial problems.  More of them endorse defunding all police forces.  The Antifa groups mandate no government, no property and no laws or borders. In other words, they push for complete breakdown of the United States and her borders.

How did we inherit so many stupid, violent, if not completely illiterate youth in this country since 1970?  What happened to the parents while raising such a spoiled bunch of brats with no understanding of what a Constitutional Republic requires to maintain itself?

One responder gave a few thoughts on how we got this far, this fast and with such violence:

Yes, we have become too lazy to fight anymore.  We have bred two generations of selfish brats who never had to really ‘want’ for anything or more important ‘need’ for anything.  They have their internet with instant gratification, where you can create this fake little world and make yourself the king or queen of it, and your constituents shower you daily with ‘Likes’ to prove what an awesome king you are!!!

Kids today never really had to work lousy jobs all summer to get that new I- phone, or Nike’s or whatever.  Mommy and Daddy either gave it to them, or they stole it, and mommy and daddy are too sorry and busy with their own little I love me world, to notice the new shoes that they did NOT buy and ask, “where did you get those from and how?”  You tell them they don’t have to listen to authority if they do not want to, and can do whatever they want with no repercussions.

Because repercussions generally mean that YOU have to get involved in whatever their little problem is this week, and you really don’t have the time to do that now do you?  “FakeBook” takes many hours a day to keep those status updates flowing.  The damned kids need to leave you alone already, there’s an empty spot on your ‘I Love Me’ wall and you know just the picture to fill it with!  (Please note as to the ‘stole it’ part of his essay.  An average of $25 million of retail goods are shoplifted out of mercantile shops every day of the year in the United States. It totaled over $44 billion in 2019.  We all pay for it in higher prices.)

There’s no pride anymore, except in one’s self and ONLY one’s self.  There is no patriotism, no sense of civic duty. [Less than ½ of 1 percent serve in the US military.] I’ll video this person dying, maybe I can be first to post it online and get the most of those coveted ‘likes’ for it… instead of actually putting the phone down and helping the person out.  Orrrrr… Better yet, if there are enough other people filming, I’ll throw a huge tantrum or otherwise make a complete ass out of myself and it can go VIRAL!!!!  The holy grail of the attention starved.

The illegals, yes that is the most destructive thing we have.  They used to come here to start a new life.  Now they come for the free handouts our politicians give to them, in return for votes to keep them in power.  It’s not just the illegals, the Liberals are doing pretty much the same thing, they destroy their states, cry about it, move to a Conservative state where life is better, and bring their sickness with them. [Look at what happened to Detroit, Minneapolis, NYC, Miami, LA, Chicago, San Francisco and now, Seattle. They’re all creating slums and welfare states.]

A civil war is not going to fix it, because the moment we start fixing our own little problem, the rest of the globalist world who hates what remains of us who remember the good ole days, will step in and try to wreak havoc to bring us all down.  As they have for the past countless years.  A world war might, but we no longer have countries who at least have some sort of sense of self-preservation, i.e. the Chinese, Russians, and Americans, etc., are NOT going to nuke each other because we all know that end game is a losing one for everyone.  Now we have savages with nukes who think it’s glorious to die for one’s god and take as many with them as they can.  What can go wrong there?  (North Korea, Pakistan, Iran)

The world needs a pandemic, a REAL one that wipes out about 95 percent of the population, and indiscriminately just wipes them out.  The very few left will have to learn how to get along to go along.  Otherwise we are just going to become another ‘civilization’ that has come and gone, the Incas, the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Romans, and so on.  Maybe the entire species will die out again.  The Neanderthal’s did, that other ones did (Cro-Magnons), next will be Homo Sapiens.  About 100,000 years from now, the cockroach, the now dominant species, will find an ancient twinkie, eat it, mutate, and the cycle begins once again.

You don’t cure cancer by putting a Band-Aid on it and wait for it to heal, you have to destroy it before it destroys you.  Our current leadership throughout pretty much the entire system – the entire world, is a cancer.  Sometimes by the time you find out you have cancer, the doctor shrugs and says it’s Stage 4, “I’m sorry.”  The savages will take over due to our apathy, destroy us, eventually themselves, and God will press the reset button and go grab a drink, take a leak and start another round.  Hey God, bring me another beer will ya?  Thanks, dude.

Aaron, the writer of this essay, pretty well nailed his frustrations onto the wall. 

How about you?  Do you have any answers to solving “white privilege” in America?  Is that term a legitimate branding to blame White people for all Black peoples’ problems?  Is it White peoples’ faults that 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock and into welfare for life?  What about Black high school 50 percent dropout rates?  With over ½ of all 2.4 million prisoners across the USA being Black, are their crimes caused by White people?  Whose fault is that?  Why did the George Floyd event condemn all White Americans?  The gay black host of CNN said that all White men were the terrorists in America.  How could he get away with such a racist statement?  Well, he’s Black, so does he enjoy “Black privilege”?

Is there any single solution that might save America from further racial conflict in the future?  Or several?  What are your thoughts?

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