The Midnight Cry

“It was a tremendous rumbling sound and all the school went dead. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone just froze in their seats. I just managed to get up and I reached the end of my desk when the sound got louder and nearer, until I could see the black out of the window. I can’t remember any more but I woke up to find that a horrible nightmare had just begun in front of my eyes” -Gaynor Minett
The Welsh mining town of Aberfan lost their children en-mass on that fateful day in 1966. It has been 50 years ago, but the heartbreaking images of parent and rescuer digging and scrambling through the tons of black slurry that had suffocated teacher and child as an avalanche of waste thundered down the hillside on to Pantglas Junior School, is something that many people can still vividly recall.

For 50 years prior to the incident, the mountain waste made up of millions of tonnes of mining debris had been steadily growing and for almost as long the numerous petitions for its removal had also increased. It appears to have been one of those constant battles that we daily witness between sensibility and indifference, where indifference blindly persists and the common sense approach is dismissed, until it is ground down into submission.

Today, for those living in Aberfan, and for all those who survived, there is a daily reminder apart from the annual memorials and missed anniversaries that there are 116 children’s graves all bearing the same premature date of demise. There is also the constant remembrance of the unexpected, the unbelievable, yet the forewarned tragedy just waiting to happen. Could they have done more?

One parent whose child died in the disaster asked that it be recorded that the cause of death was “Buried Alive by the National Coal Board”

From others, and the memory of what happened at Aberfan, it is sadly reflected by John Adams as he writes:

I was 14 at the time of the Aberfan disaster. My school was very religious, and I had been trying to decide how much I believed in God. When the disaster struck it was the talk of the school, and in many of the classes we found ourselves discussing it with our teachers. We particularly wanted to know why God would allow so many children to die. The teachers had no answer. I turned away from the idea that there is a God. And that’s my view, to this day. [Read]
Mr Adams wrote a reflective account of how he now experiences God and it is how many people feel when disaster strikes. Indeed, if people are genuinely honest with themselves there is a rejection and a deep resentment within them for even the smallest of slights against a being that we are told loves us.

Deeper questions on the relevance of an intelligent force of Good which appears to allow disaster, against an intelligent force of Evil creating disaster are rarely discussed.

Yet today more than ever we are witnessing the unleashing of evil in all its forms in a way that is obviously not hiding from us. Like the mountain of black slurry that was piling up on the hillside of Aberfan, it is in full open view. It is slithering its way in to every persons home, school and church at rapid speed. Why can’t everyone see it, and why do some people promote and protect it?

We are told evil comes to kill, steal and destroy every man, woman and child who has a destiny. We have an adversary. Realizing there is some type of intelligent force orchestrating our demise is probably one of the most frightening revelations you can experience. Realizing there is an intelligent force which can operate with extreme subtlety and patience, precision and planning, and which can also use you to destroy others is equally disturbing.

In your midnight cry, the point at which you discover you have been tricked, duped, used or abused, you must make certain that you do not reject the intelligence that wants to help you, who has revealed this to you in the light of his presence; otherwise you will have embraced what evil has set out to accomplish.

In typical Star Wars terminology you will have crossed to the other side.

The battle for the soul starts from birth.

Abortion on Demand – Whatever the Reason

In a world where abortion has for the main part been legalized in so many countries, we still live in a world where the ugly reality of gender abortion (mainly the killing of baby girls) still brings up some pretty startling reactions. Even those who believe in the women’s choice to abort a child can still show some flicker of reluctance to the fact that female babies can be purposefully disposed of based purely on their sex and their liability in a culture that views men and women in this fashion.

With the implementation of ultra-sonography machines which have become much more advanced in scanning the ‘well-being’ of a baby we have also now become very used to a culture of knowing the sex of a child before their birth through the 3D images that ultra-scanning machines provide.

However, who would have ever thought that a ‘blind eye’ would be turned against sex-selective abortion here in the UK and that we might be unaware of just how many sex-selective abortions have been taking place based on the outcomes of providing parents with this information.

In an undercover investigation in 2012 it is reported that Manchester based Dr Prabha Sivaraman and Birmingham based Dr Palaniappan Rajmohan were secretly filmed and recorded offering abortions to women who stated they didn’t want their children based on the fact they were girls.

A private prosecution bought against the doctors carrying out this illegal practice by a Christian woman, 23 year old Aisling Hubert, now sees Miss Hubert with a bill of £36,000 plus costs of £11,000, after the case against the two doctors was dropped and it deemed not in the ‘public interest’ to proceed with the case.

Aisling Hubert is currently expected to attend court to explain why she cannot pay the charges made against her.

You can read about the full case here.

Currently, the UK has different policies within different NHS trusts on whether they will allow parents to know the sex of their unborn child or not. This is based on the reality of sex-selective abortions which is known to exist in this country and also private prosecutions being made against hospitals who may give out the wrong details. Private organizations will however carry out a sonogram to provide parents with this information and many expectant parents will take this option. [Read], [Read]

The New Normal

Sex-selective abortions however may not become such a problem one day if the heavy promotion in ‘non identification’ of being born a boy or a girl fully takes a grip. Removing the value of who we really are in some type of consideration to what we might one day ‘identify’ with is being played out on young impressionable and suggestive souls.

Despite warnings against the abuse being imposed upon children through graphic sex-education in our schools, with an emphasis on pleasure; the promotion of a ‘new normal’ way of identifying with your own feelings is now being directed towards children of primary school age. What and who are we offering our children up to?

Already, we are now hearing of a rise in children telephoning the UK charity Childline and NSPCC with very young children confused about who they really are. The numbers have reportedly doubled in the last 12 months. [Read]

I have personally heard of a little girl who just because she likes football now experiences a belief that she is ‘gay’ through the propaganda she receives from school, and it was reported recently that one little boy aged 4 has been allowed to dress as a girl since he was 2 years old because of gender dysphoria whilst his ‘twin’ brother dresses as a boy. It is not an isolated case, although it is one of the youngest cases to be reported here in the UK. Does it really matter? [Read]

Many people reported on the article that genuine compassion and understanding should be directed towards any child with such issues, but imposing and promoting acceptance on sexuality at such tender ages like it doesn’t matter, is creating a distorted and dangerous view which could harm a child in later life. Those petitioning for such acceptance selectively remove or condemn any counter-acting scientific evidence provided against the danger.

Whilst the child’s mother believes we should talk about such matters, we live in a world that rarely reports, wants to know, and even vehemently silences the reporting of transgender/transition regret. There is a very high incidence in people who transition; but still do not find the happiness they think will discover from trying to change their bodies.

In a 1973 – 2003 study in Sweden on 324 sex re-assigned persons the conclusions following the procedures were found to be that there were even higher “risks for mortality and suicidal behavior” You can read the report here.

Could the problem and the answer be a spiritual one – rather than a physical one?

Author Walt Heyer, from his website ‘Sex Change Regret’ also offers a wealth of information with links to research and factual evidence that people need to know. He writes: “Most will grow out of the dysphoria. Isn’t there some way to work through the distress rather than experimenting on our children”?

Interestingly, you will also find that many people who are considered LGBT have also distanced themselves from identifying with this type of promotion in our schools and society.

These are surely matters to speak about, but sadly a politically correct system of silencing such issues by labeling any type of objection as ‘radical or hateful’ is allowing a false sense of guilt to enter in into how we care for each other. It leads to ‘indifference’ and ‘chance’; a hope that your child may just escape the experiment or develop new ways of ‘loving’ which is a contradiction to the right way of loving or caring for others.

The Final Hour

With child sex abuse scandals literally swarming the news in the UK, some people are now realizing that child sex abuse is much more prevalent and wide-spread than they could ever have imagined; and it is very difficult to comprehend that so many people in such prominent positions can be party to such horrific crimes. Child sex abuse, once thought to be the rare chance act of a locally disturbed unknown is being uncovered within religions, schools, parliament, public offices and entertainment by people of whom we have sometimes considered to be of high standing.

Our latest scandal to be revealed in the UK has been within the football industry with over 55 football clubs currently being investigated on historical sex abuse claims which may have been happening since the 1970’s.

The lid of the pit was opened when ex footballer Gary Johnson revealed he has signed a confidentiality agreement and received payment from Chelsea football club, after being groomed and repeatedly abused as a boy from the age of 11 by a well known football coach.

With the knowledge we now have on how child abusers can groom a child, is it right that we are now allowing the grooming, confusing and sexualizing of children in our schools under the disguise of ‘sex education’ to carry on?

Child abuse is also often linked to the occult or the evil arts as they were once know. For the most part, this is unknown about and kept away from the public. It is very difficult to understand and read about, yet we are seeing many connections with known sex offenders, as for example Jimmy Saville, (awarded an OBE by the queen) who was connected to the occult, satanic rituals and ritual child abuse and sacrifice.

If you do not believe in God, then you must be aware that evil really does exist if you can bear to read the history of one of the UK’s worse sex offenders, and know that people protected it, rewarded it and worshiped it.

The recent media bewilderment expressed in regards to the ceremony to ‘celebrate’ the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel in Europe, was a blatant satanic ritual attended by people who once more not only took part in the event but enjoyed it and even turned a blind eye to it. The event was labeled ‘glitzy’ and explained away as being a portrayal of North-South reconciliation
Culture is becoming transformed by dark, introverted and distorted imagery and symbolism, passing itself of as light and calling itself ‘glitzy’

Consider that the ceremony portrayed the mine workers who built the tunnel as zombies, and that a sacrificial lamb (symbolizing Christ) is made to a goat demon who mockingly then mates with the spirits of dead miners. There is a spiritually significant message in this ceremony indicating that evil ‘lives off’ the life force of others.

Consider the ceremony was attended by heads of state who gave the performance a standing ovation. [Read more here]

Remembering Kenneth Hayes

The Rev Kenneth Hayes was 36 years old and was the minister of Zion English Baptist Church in Aberfan in 1966. Despite losing his own little boy in the black landslide, he reportedly preached the day after the tragedy and in the years that followed continued to encourage and help all of the grieving families in the village through the example of his own unshakeable faith in a loving God and a life thereafter.

I believe, despite his own grief, he will have undoubtedly bought some light and hope into the darkness which smothered ‘Aberfan’, a tiny welsh village whose people still bears many mental scars.

He also reportedly never stopped speaking up about the removal of the black tip which killed 144 people and later headed a campaign to remove remaining tips. One of the greatest scandals known about in the UK was the coal board being allowed to take money from the disaster fund set up for the victims to remove the tips. Years of petitioning by Kenneth Hayes saw the money returned in 1997.
The penalizing of Aisling Hubert for seeking justice; the biased reporting on transgender issues; the unknown numbers of children in sex-selective abortions; rife and ritual child sex abuse. We should be connecting the dots and wondering if it is purely coincidence or part of an evil course that is sacrificing our children.

How do you stop the landslide, and who will ask if there is an intelligent force of evil creating disaster and speak out against a politically correct system protecting it? Removing common sense and the silencing of speech is making millions of children vulnerable. Fifty years on from Aberfan and nothing has changed. Where are people like Kenneth Hayes and where do they turn too in their own midnight cry?

In that silence you couldn’t hear a bird or a child. -George Williams

(Aberfan survivor – trapped in the wreckage of 1966)

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[These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years. Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.]


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