I have come to believe that the whole left-wing, secular humanist, utopian project is satanic to the core, and that R.J. Rushdoony was right, many years ago, when he called it nothing less than a concerted effort to overturn God’s created order and replace it with an order created by moral imbeciles.

The project has scored its greatest successes in screwing up our culture. If you can’t hold onto the culture, you can’t hold on to anything: no amount of political victories will save you.

“Male and female created He them” (Genesis 1:27) is a Biblical statement foundational to human life, and “progressives” have a really big problem with it. They have made it their favorite target—because if they can destroy the foundation, that’s a big chunk of their work done and promotions all around in Hell.

Consider: in New Jersey, a woman who asserts that she is now a man, because she’s been surgically mutilated and shot full of hormones, has sued a Catholic hospital for declining to remove her uterus. The hospital administration considers this woman’s hysterectomy to be part and parcel of a “gender reassignment” caper, and they won’t do sex-change operations because they object to it on moral and religious grounds. And here comes the lawsuit.

This is a predicament straight out of The Screwtape Letters. If the Catholic doctors perform the hysterectomy, they are saying, tacitly or explicitly, “You are still a woman.” That leaves them open to being called haters and biggits, etc. How dare they contradict some intensely disturbed individual’s self-identification? But if they go along with the delusion, then they collide with the fact that a man doesn’t have a uterus for them to remove.

“Facts? You’re talkin’ facts? Well, we don’t do facts anymore! Facts are an instrument of oppression!” And so on.

It gets confusing; and as the author of confusion, Old Nick is highly pleased. His whole kingdom is based on confusion. He doesn’t do facts, either.

And then there’s the wholesale moral corruption of the culture, another treasure of progressivism.

The Fox TV network gets a lot of heat from libs because it produces Fox News, which libs say tricks ordinary dumb and stupid people into becoming conservatives who, if not snookered by these “fake news” programs, would just naturally and inevitably believe whatever liberals told them. But at the same time, Fox TV cranks out the same kind of culture-killing garbage as the other networks.

This month Fox TV debuted a new “comedy” featuring a six-year-old boy who is supposedly “transgendered.” That is to say, he insists he’s a girl, he sometimes wears bondage gear, and talks about “my vagina.” Richly amusing, eh? Presenting a child in such a way, as a sexual object, can easily be classed as child abuse—maybe even kiddy porn. Beats me how they get away with it.

But there is rejoicing in Hell, because thousands of people, under the impression that they are merely consuming real cutting-edge “entertainment,” are giving their tacit approval to a form of pedophilia. Some of them aren’t even aware they’re doing that. “Waddya mean? It’s just a TV show!” We might also wonder what this child actor’s parents are thinking. “Wow! Our little boy’s a TV star!” And Down Below, the enemy is tickled pink.

Oh, but nobody who’s all grown-up believes in the Devil anymore! The more fool them.

This is the fundamental transformation of America that really counts. We can probably repeal Obamacare, we can probably secure our borders, probably cut taxes, and maybe even chase some of the thieves and globalist kooks out of our government.

But if we can’t secure our culture, revive our Christian faith and moral standards, wake up and see that the foundational statements in the Bible were put in there by God to do us good—well, if we can’t do that, then probably none of the other stuff will matter in the end.

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