The improper and frankly illegal assertion of a non-possessed authority to circumvent the proper investigative procedures into the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia must be dealt with by the sternest of measures to prevent other cases of unasked for and non-officially approved interventions into properly conducted investigations of questionable deaths. This must be dealt with in the sternest of terms. A set sequence of steps, part of larger program, in the investigation of questionable deaths must be adhered to and not be altered.

Pronouncements based upon assumptions

The fact that Justice Scalia had previous health problems has no bearing on anything. The judge because of his political views and strict Constitutional leanings most certainly had (quite possibly) many thousands of political enemies. And, as we most certainly know, political enemies can be dangerous. Four sitting presidents have been assassinated, by assassins of differing political policy views other than their victims. As we know from these assassinations, and the attempt at several others, political enemies can be extremely dangerous!

I Can’t Believe the News Reports

I read today that the sheriff and U.S. Marshal for this Texas jurisdiction visited the death scene and viewed the body. Then allowed that the Judge had died of natural causes, how they reached that conclusion completely baffles me!

A post mortem investigation is a lengthy process that is carried out by experts in the medico-legal field. The internal organs must be viewed, weighed, and microscopically examined. Specimens must be collected and cataloged. Toxicology tests must be done on the body fluids, blood, etc. All of which must be completed by a Forensic Pathologist precisely trained for the work. To presume that the remains have only to be viewed to determine the manner and cause of death is a folly, and if used to determine the cause of death will enable the success of murderers. It is unbelievable that law enforcement officers and justice officials would believe such, and even more incredible that they would use such sloppy practices in their professions.

Well, was the death caused by Murder or by natural causes?

It would bring much peace of mind, I am sure, that the cause of death was due to natural causes, but we’ll never know will we…

This due to the intervention into what was not theirs to intervene, a handful of full of themselves local minor officials. They might think that their misguided interference and interposition of legal authority was the compassionate thing to do, but the real truth is that a murderer may have been set free to kill again. How would these or anyone else know differently? The answer is that they wouldn’t. Justice would have been prevented by amateurs that had no business interfering with a proper investigation.

I hope their conscience will not be peaceful should somehow it be revealed that this good man and servant turnout somehow to have been the victim of a political assassin. Maybe they will have learned to let the experts handle such cases in the future, but they are feeling so good about their misguided intervention, I sincerely doubt that they have any idea of the damage they may have done.

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