by Lee Duigon

What do you get when you mix science and politics?

Politics! The science part is only window dressing.

We got used to seeing this in recent years as “science” and politics carried each other’s water for imaginary man-made “climate change” (which used to be “global warming” until it stopped getting warmer), on their way to the golden prize of global government, owned and managed by themselves. And how many times—note: even *without* an investigative press to help us—have we caught “science” cheating? Suppressing data, getting doubters fired from their posts at universities, fudging figures, abandoning the observation of nature for the manipulation of computer models, created by themselves to give them the answers they wanted to hear.

You know—like the computer models that told us that “millions” of Americans were going to die from Wuhan virus unless we scuttled our economy.

So some of us had already acquired a hefty skepticism toward “science.” And now this.

Proclaiming that “Social justice is more important than social distancing”, a bunch of the same “scientists” who told us we were all gonna die unless we kept at least six feet apart from one another have turned around to say social distancing be damned, it would be even worse for America if we *didn’t* run out and join mobs of densely packed nitwits engaging in “mass protests”—their euphemism for rioting—“to end systemic racism.”

Oh, no! Systemic racism! What’s that? Wouldn’t you just love to hear some of these airheads try to explain what it is? But that would be like asking some doofus on the Minneapolis City Council, “After you abolish our police force, what do I do if some creep breaks into my home in the middle of the night?” You’ll get a lot of words, but you’ll never get an answer.

As near as I can make out from all the babbling about it, “systemic racism” is the very essence of an evil empire called “America,” it’s an ineradicable part of being white and we’re all guilty and we’ve all got to pay for it somehow… and only black lives matter, the rest of us don’t even deserve to be here. And all the virtue-signaling ninnies who voted for Obama are guzzling the Kool-Aid. See them kneel.

That’s what these “scientists” say is much more deadly than any puny little virus.

So… Because of social distancing, we can’t go to church, can’t have a family picnic, can’t visit poor Grandpa as he lays dying in a nursing home, can’t go into a store without a mask—but we can join a riot? Oops, sorry—“mass protest.”

And we’re supposed to believe them because Science is the ultimate authority, it’s always right, and weren’t you listening when we told you Science says we’ve got to have a global government so it can Save The Planet? No wonder Democrats think we’re just a basket of deplorables, clinging bitterly to God and our guns.

We are looking at a serious, well-funded, and thoroughly ruthless campaign to overturn America and replace it with a “new world” bearing more than a passing resemblance to the late Soviet Union. We are looking at a push for global Stalinism—with a self-anointed scientific elite perched on tyranny’s shoulder like a parrot.

Our oceans protected us from Hitler and Tojo until we could muster all our resources and destroy them. But they can’t protect us from these enemies.

Because they’re already here.

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