Laurie Roth

As a Washington resident for over 25 years, I watch in unbelief and horror as the alleged protest groups, Antifa, Black lives Matter, extremist this and that, have taken a potential protest and turned it into a criminal, hostile and violent terrorist ‘take down’ in Seattle.  Hark, that must have been the plan all along, not concern over how George was treated by a bad cop.  You know… the bad cop that was quickly arrested along with the other cops watching.  By now we all know that the domestic terrorists have taken over the police precinct in down town Seattle, attacked and threatened businesses and their owners and declared themselves ‘an Autonomous Zone’, and not American.  They get to terrorize, plunder, threaten, pose and declare their sovereign right to ‘own’ I guess the down town of Seattle and we are to do nothing about it.  Cops are to stay out and not come back.  So far their plan is working great.

Shockingly, Mayor Jenny Durkin and Governor Jay Inslee have done nothing and seemingly support the criminal protestors as they threaten, burn and take over their city.  In fact, our compromised Governor said he didn’t even know about it.  Boy, isn’t that comforting, what leadership?  He wasn’t aware of the ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Seattle.  So, we have the cops gone and pushed out.  We have a Governor who doesn’t even know it is happening and certainly doesn’t apparently know what to do but to twittle his thumbs in Stupid Ville.  We have a Mayor who is also acting like a coward and typical leftist supporter of all the wrong sides and people.  The next campaign theme for both Governor Inslee and Mayor Durkin should be “Crime rules and people lose.”

Is this what we are to expect in all major cities now?  Cops shipped out, precincts shut down and Governors and Mayors giving shipped in leftist domestic terrorists the keys to the city?

There isn’t much else to say except, if local and state Government won’t protect their cities, businesses and people from take over and harm, no matter what it is in the name of, then it is time for Trump and the military to do so.  Trump has tweeted to Mayor Durkin and Governor Inslee, do something fast, or he will.  No doubt Trump is getting all kinds of heat as usual for even threatening to intercede in Seattle’s take over, but that is his duty.

Most Americans of all nationalities and persuasions were horrified by George Floyd’s brutal murder by a very bad cop and other bad cops who watched.  Most of us welcome real legal consequences and police reforms to stop this kind of crime from ever happening again.  President Trump is showing leadership and talking with Police, promoting changes and actions to protect against this happening again.

In spite of all the proper outrage and right decisions being made regarding the murder of George Floyd, violent riots have broken out everywhere and are still out of control, all in the name of George.Really, they have nothing to do with George and his murder.  They all have to do with leftist, opportunistic and violent power grabs for more socialist, communistic and illegal control of all.  The actions in Seattle, lack of leadership, action and riots across the country in the name of George, are nothing but domestic terrorism in the name of evil, violence and crime.  They should be treated as such.  If we don’t, city after city will continue to be taken over.

The bad cop who murdered George Floyd should pay dearly, but legally for that crime along with those who watched.  There should be real police reforms, not persecution, eradication and destruction of our needed police and precincts.  Other idiot leadership in other large cities are pushing strong for no police, just social workers to intercede if there is a crime.  Do you want a social worker to come to your house after Ted Bundies nephew just raped and murdered your daughter and 3 other women in the neighborhood?  For some of our liberal and idiot leaders, maybe they should just have group therapy.  Have volunteers find the killer and give him a talk show to explain why he acts like that.

Our President is doing a great and courageous job of leading our country in very challenging and horrific times.  It is time for Trump to continue to lead since no one else will in Seattle.

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