By Laurie Roth

The second Presidential debate was again strongly tilted left with another leftist moderate, choice of topics and questions planned to lean the debate again to favor Biden. There were questions on COVID -19, deaths, vaccine concerns, shut downs on and on.  It hardly favored ‘sitting around the kitchen table and Americans lying in bed worrying, Biden.  He was exposed even more as a liar, corrupt politician, with plans to bankrupt Americas, demand that buildings across America are rebuilt and smaller windows. He revealed himself as the ‘deliverer’ all right.  The deliverer into the abyss of pain, bankruptcy and non-existence.

The questions and topics were mostly a repeat of the earlier debate, Kristen Welker was better than the other two liberally tilted moderators. Naturally, leftist, Trump hater that she is and fake news journalist, she would avoid the now confirmed largest story breaking all across America now, exposing Joe, Hunter and his brothers as involved with taking money from China, Russian and other countries, with total influence peddling and in my view putting America in danger.  Where was her backbone and courage?  Apparently, it was in the same place as all the other democrats, in the anti-America, anti-capitalism, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Constitution and anti-moral, sewage treatment plant of fake news wannabes.

Trump world view given

Two world views were given to America calling for the decision to continue as America the Great under Donald Trump.

Lower taxes for all voted into law

Far less business controls and regulations allowing businesses to recover, come back from overseas and prosper

Trump took us from energy dependence to America haters in the middle east to total energy independence and now an exporter due to his support of fracking and oil, while being careful with air, water and land quality.

Trump built the border wall, stopped the insane Obama and Biden law of catch and release and has kept Americans much safer from cartels, terrorists, gangs and other law breakers that come across our borders,

Trump has shown amazing courage and swift leadership with the COVID-19 pandemic, saving millions of lives.

Trump has stopped the international rape of America by negotiating and demanding fair trade deals.

He has been a history making President, restoring America, building on her God given heritage and protecting us and our futures.

Biden’s world view

Biden made it vividly clear through his sound bite lens of ‘corrupt – liberal politician’, that he would shut down the oil and fracking industries though he tried to play tricky word games with the fracking part. He is still trying to trick the voters in the Fracking states, then pounce.  America and Trump, knows he and Kamala are on record threatening Fracking and oil.

Jo Biden’s view of energy and resources would be the ‘alternative world’ of windmills, solar, electric cars etc.… I’m assuming airplanes, trains, cars and trucks, carrying food, people and products would drive or fly on vegetable juice, be pulled by hot air balloons and electrical stations which are unaffordable and not set up.

Evil and oppressive Military and our Nuclear power would be gutted and reduced again like  Obama and Biden did before,

Freedom of speech and rights would only be for Liberals, leftists, gays, illegal aliens and supporters.  All else would be assaulted and experience targeted rioting in their neighborhoods.  Oh yes, that is already going on across the U.S. and  Biden and Kamala support those involved.

The reality is as Biden plans to reach out to those sitting around their kitchen tables worrying and lying in our beds at night wondering what to do.Biden has the answer.

Americans would be trying to figure out how to pay their sky rocking gas bill, no 5-7 dollars a gallon, how to pay their utility and heating bill –now triple the rate, and unaffordable mortgage due to all the environmental changes they were forced to make.

Biden and Kamala’s plan is pure, socialist/Communism which would crush our standing, ability to achieve, sovereignty, moral heritage, independence and economy in every way.

Protect America, our real future, sovereignty and health, vote Trump.  I don’t eat at the kitchen table anyway.  Usually in the living room.

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