Something seems to be wrong with our modern, global, secular humanist civilization.

I’m not one of the many people who believe there’s a plot afoot to depopulate the earth, save only for an elite remnant of gazillionaires, feminists, intellectuals, and celebrities. This scheme is commonly attributed to the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and Beelzebub.

To me it doesn’t make much sense. Where’s the fun in being a tyrant, if there’s no one there to tyrannize? Even Nero, crazy as a bedbug, understood that he had to have subjects if he was going to be an emperor.

But it’s not hard to understand why someone might believe the elites want to wipe out the rest of us. These days, who could be more anti-human than a humanist? They certainly act like they hate us and want to be rid of us. They even seem to be preparing to do just that.

Take the push for self-driving cars, for instance. A bunch of experts recently told the National Highway Safety Administration that driverless, computer-guided cars are very far from being ready for prime time. They pleaded with the government to slow down.

They might have saved their breath. Ever since Henry Ford, with his mass-produced automobiles at popular prices, created the American middle class, progressive thinkers—God save us!—have been looking for ways to undo this. We’ve seen them try forced car-pooling, high-occupancy vehicle lanes (remember the HOV?), high gas taxes, blocking the Keystone Pipeline, mileage taxes, and whatnot. They would like us to be car-less peasants riding atop a rickety bus with a few crates full of squawking chickens, as is usual in their beloved Third World countries. We make less of a carbon footprint that way, don’t you know.

So now they’ve got the hots for driverless cars, which offer them the exciting possibility of hooking all the cars’ computers into a few government computers that would be able to control your car’s speed, its hours of permitted use, or even whether it’ll go anywhere at all. Too many people on the road? No longer a problem—your car won’t even start unless Big Brother says it can.

But that’s nothing, compared to a recent innovation in Japan—a country that really does seem intent on depopulating itself.

They’re not having babies, they’re not getting married, they aren’t even dating. And so, to make up for it, they’ve invented a full-body Virtual Reality Sex Suit, which lets the wearer experience a pathetic and degrading form of “sex” without the hassle of getting together with another human being. It works in conjunction with pornography. Oh, boy.

It reminds me of a little song my mother used to sing: “I love me, I think I’m grand,/ when I go to the movies, I hold my hand./I put my arm around my waist;/ if I get fresh, I slap my face.” It was a joke when she first learned it. But it isn’t anymore.

With liberals and intellectuals it’s hard to tell whether they’re purposely trying to deceive us or if they really are as loopy as the things they say and do. As a glaring example of this, they propose to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Can they really not know how asinine an idea that is? Who will be able, or willing, to pay $15 an hour to some teenager to sweep the parking lot as a summer job? And if the minimum wage is hiked to $15, what will happen to the other wages—to say nothing of the cost of any good or service involving low-skill labor?

The starter jobs, the summer jobs, will simply price themselves out of existence, and people who used to hold them will be replaced by robots—if the business owner can afford it.

But hey—as they used to say among the Occupy Wall Street crowd, “Work blows.” Who needs work, if everyone can be on welfare?

Yeah, sure, that’ll work just fine.

If our secular humanist movers and shakers aren’t trying to depopulate the earth, they’re certainly doing a brilliant imitation of it.

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