Sen. John McCain Involved In ‘Deep State’ Espionage Against Trump

Sen. John McCain Involved In ‘Deep State’ Espionage Against Trump

By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri

“Revealed: ‘Ordinary ‘citizen’ John McCain dispatched a trusted aide across the Atlantic to [obtain] dirty dossier from ex-spy after former British diplomat told him about blackmail tapes….”

Sen. John McCain said he did “what any citizen would do” in turning over to the FBI a so- called dirty dossier, that allegedly contained unconfirmed secrets about president-elect Donald Trump, over to the FBI. The Arizona Senior Senator has gained a reputation as a “reasonable conservative” but his critics say he is “neither reasonable nor is he a conservative.”

“If you look up the political term RINO in a dictionary it should carry a picture of McCain with the definition ‘Republican In Name Only,'” said police adviser for the National Law

Enforcement Legal Defense Society, Charles Coultner.

A former intelligence officer told that the left-leaning British newspaper, The Guardian, described how the dossier came to be and how McCain got his hands on the super-secret documents.

“I first heard about this mysterious dossier when I was checking out an Inside the Beltway private detective and security firm. The firm allegedly tapped Trump‘s campaign staff and his allies hoping to find negative ammunition against the true Republican Maverick, Donald Trump,” said former military intelligence operative and New York police detective Michael Snopes.

“I know… I know… Senator John McCain is the guy the Democrats love to use to slam the GOP because most of the time he has cooperated with the Democrats, especially now,” said Iris Aquino, a former police official and now a director of security for a major corporation.

Shortly after the election — that left Donald Trump the winner and Hillary Clinton the loser — John McCain attended a Canadian conference and spoke with a ‘former senior western diplomat’ who knew of the dossier’s existence, claims the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail.

Sir Andrew Wood described to reporters his dealings with McCain: “I would like to stress that I did not pass on any dossier to Senator McCain or anyone else and I did not see a dossier at the time.” However, it’s what Wood did not say that was interesting: He didn’t deny telling McCain about the dirty dossier.

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal exposed the ex-spy who actually obtained the documents as being British subject, Christopher Steele.

Steele’s spy agency discovered a Democratic Party insider who wanted dirt on the now Republican nominee instead.

The unnamed contractor was later identified by the Wall Street Journal  as being Christopher Steele. He and another ex-British diplomat, Christopher Burrows, run their own company, Orbis Business Intelligence.

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  • Donna Bryson
    Posted at 05:06h, 17 July Reply

    Well, this is how the NWO works, if they don’t have something, they INVENT IT! And they always blame their opponent for what THEY are doing themselves.

    It’s the Queen who is part of the Builderberg Org., who is most likely the one behind all the spying and the murder of Princess Diana, among others. These people are evil and all they can produce is evil and destruction. Must be their ‘bloodline’ of satan that is manifesting. He is the father of lies and death and destruction, so all who worship him are going to have his attributes. Those who love God are going to manifest the opposite attributes, as we are transformed by the renewing of our minds by the Word of God.

  • Joan
    Posted at 08:58h, 17 July Reply

    I sometimes wonder IF and YES so many of us know what is going on, and yet the GOP just stay quiet. Most are Rhino’s but even the ones who are not, stay quiet.. This article is true, so is the comment. Your right about Liars,, and their are many , not to much time to change their minds… the time of grace is almost over…

  • Tony
    Posted at 09:32h, 17 July Reply

    McCain was a traitor in the Hanoi Hilton and is still today just a damnable old traitor. He should register as a Democrat because he certainly is not a Republican.

  • Donna Bernardo
    Posted at 14:55h, 17 July Reply

    McCain is a disgraceful liar and a piece of crap!!

  • Elizabeth Daniels
    Posted at 18:33h, 17 July Reply

    Song Bird McCain is at it again. The Viet Cong just loved him as he spied on the poor POW’s and told the Viet Cong all that the men said and they were tortured more & killed all because of McCain being a SPY for privledges. . He is a traitor to the Great USA and should be exposed. He paid the Viet Cong to seal his records. McCain should do Jail time along with Obamas, Clintons, Loretta L, ,Nancy P,, Chuck S, Maxine W, Paul Ryan the snake, and all of the RINOs.. Elizabeth

  • Ed Kendrick
    Posted at 22:25h, 17 July Reply

    At what point do the observable “TREASON” conditions warrant indictment or, even more fitting:, a military coup? Sadly, it seems that at the tippy-top of command, we have traitors whose loyalties are not to protect and defend The Constitution against all enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC.

    Mililtary tribunals may better serve the needed efficiencies in processing the thousands who have colluded to take over everything.

    Enter their offices (police or military–whichever has the commitment to their oaths) and insist upon surrender to custody for interrogation and likely indictments.

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