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By Angie Carlson

August 8, 2001

It is a dream-come-true for the world's chief theoreticians, the technocrats, Keynesian economists, for change agents worldwide and all quisling politicians. 

Indeed, it was the Second World war master propagandist, Dr. Goebbels himself, who declared that for a lie to be believed, it must be grandiose and repeated often. Goebbels said a big lie will gradually become indistinguishable from the truth and all the more believable. Having proved the verity of Goebbels wisdom, the same must be said about the criminal fraud on a grandiose global scale, imposed upon a largely unsuspecting world, in the present age. 

Policy makers, using the avenue of their controlled mass propaganda machine, set out on a massive campaign to deceive people into swallowing the lies of the "new era." The policies, laws, Treaties signed to usher in this new era with its new economy, were of course touted as beneficial change, as changes prudent for a now more sophisticated people and that livelihoods and nations could only benefit. 

The liars perfected the Goebbelian falsehood into an Olympian profession that parallels the messianic zeal of the most ardent cult promoting its religion of redemption. Using the irresistibly seductive communication technology of the second half of the 20th century, the media cult conveyed to the world that unregulated free-trade, privatization (read the expropriation by multinational corporations) of national assets; deregulated banking and national utilities, as well highly speculative and unregulated investing practices, were all correct policies. Out of their ivy halls and think tanks came the intelligentsia and the US government spokespeaple, to preach the sermon of the new economy and free trade and to prepare the nation for the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Following Goebbels sage advice verbatim, the propaganda machine uttered ceaselessly the sugar coated mantra of what was fatefully to prove the process of "controlled disintegration." They told Western nations, that the original source of their nations' enrichment, the manufacturing base of their "real physical" economies, had finally outlived its usefulness. They screamed in the headlines that the manufacturing economy must now be replaced by service industries run by information technology. The media and their academic allies, professed to a baffled and tired world, that these smart new world policies must surely lead to the greater prosperity of ordinary people and leisure time would increase ten-fold. They said that de-industrialization of the Western world and the redistribution of wealth to the Third World, is of course the logical, fair and efficient thing to do, and the whole wide world would be a happier and richer place. 

At the same time, the propagandists worked their magic tricks no less on the struggling masses of the Third World. The poorer nations were serenaded by international charlatans with doublespeak concerning the merits of exorbitantly high interest loans, oppressive measures to meet those loans, and slave labor. They were advised that they would prosper greatly from employment conditions of near slave labor-like conditions, in the West's transported factories. This, even if without the fair wages and health measures demanded by Western employees. The spin meisters convinced corrupt leaders that such feudal conditions were preferable to no labor at all, referring to the massive unemployment problems prevalent in their wretched nations--with ever destabilizing events producing demographic stresses, conflict and displacement. Neo Goebbelians everywhere bellowed continuously to all the world's increasingly beset and confused people the lies--again and again--until the lies took on a surreal aura of verity, finally becoming absorbed in most psyches worldwide. The peoples' need to believe a hopeful thing, even if against their better judgment... and as a result, rendered them befuddled and ever more exhausted, unable to distinguish truth from error. 

Globalism and all its baggage: free trade, unregulated infrastructures, privatization, uncontrolled stock markets that are no more than legal racketeering establishments, deindustrializing, make for the largest, most cynical and destructive sting operation ever yet imposed upon humanity. 


"We need an understanding if we are to minimize the chances that 'we' will experience a systematic disruption beyond our degree of comprehension or our ability to respond effectively...", said Alan Greenspan, talking about the Global Financial Infrastructure, on May 7, 1998. 

Greenspan was fearfully saying that we, (read the elite), need to understand that the heretofore controlled disintegration of the U.S. economy, has reached a point of uncontrolled disintegration, and no longer the desired "controlled disintegration" they had so carefully engineered. 

How is it possible for world economies to systematically, one after the other and then all simultaneously, disintegrate before some six billion pairs of eyes? How can this be? It is possible, because those six billion some odd pair of eyes have not witnessed the design of their destruction. 

Barely known, is that Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan's predecessor, Paul Volcker, in 1979, actually instituted a policy of "controlled disintegration." The New Federalist and Executive Intelligence Review, (EIR) are the only publications of note, which, over the years, have exposed and discussed this bombshell, at length. In a recent issue of EIR, writer Richard Freeman, says "that this policy was to serve as a cornerstone of a major policy shift in the United States. 

The purpose was to level the physical economy of the wider world economy, with particularly destructive effects in the U.S."

Freeman explains that the British started the implementation of this policy in the late 1960s, with acceleration during the 70s-80s. Your writer saw with alarm the effects of those policies a decade ago on a visit. Thoughtful observers returning to Britain in those years, experienced the drastic and negative effects, what seemed a determined change for the worst. Why else would a nation enjoying great wealth fall into this measure of unwarranted deprivation and decadence? The breakdown continues to this day. First, uncontrolled free trade destroyed Britain's strong base of manufacture, then went her mines and ship yards, then the U.K. experienced the society debilitating "deregulated" energy policies with its high prices and inefficiencies, long before California unceremoniously woke up to the shocking, sky high energy bills and the grand fraud now more deeply imbedded in their own deregulated energy department. 

The news wires mock Britain's capacity to tolerate several catastrophic public railway accidents with high casualty numbers. They expose to the world the sad tales of a once efficient rail service that presently has been systematically transformed into a disgracefully unattended, unsafe, and expensive mode of travel. Perhaps you've heard about the dreadful condition of Britain's dilapidated national health services, rampant with horrific abuses of malpractice, several cases of iatrogenic serial murder and sinister experiments, and the now familiar complaints decrying the very poor healthcare with long waiting periods. Woeful news articles detail the lack of adequate services throughout society, no longer a rare phenomenon. All the aforementioned conditions correspond in parallel with the degeneration generally of British society, not only economically, but socially and culturally. The degree of attrition is catching up here in the United States, also throughout society: less effective or safe air transportation, expensive and/or inadequate or poor health services, poor or lack of housing for working poor, innefective schooling, huge crime numbers, etc. These conditions are prevalent throughout the deindustrializing West. And all the while, the economic conditions of the majority of Westerners declines, while the tiny economic group at the top, becomes much richer. 

Freeman in EIR reveals that Volcker's activities were guided by the "controlled disintegration" policies of one of the oligarchy's central institutions in the U.S., the New York Council on Foreign Relations, known more commonly as the CFR. 

Starting in 1973, the CFR embarked upon a massive, nation changing project it named "Project 1980s." This project had at its core, the policy of "controlled disintegration." The top figures of "Project 1980s" of the Trilateral Commission, were chosen to become the top leadership of, and ran the government of, former Trilateral Commission member, Jimmy Carter, in 1977. 

Paul Volcker was appointed Federal Reserve Chairman of the Board in August 1978, by then President Jimmy Carter. It was on November 9, 1978, that Volcker delivered the Fred Hirsch Memorial Lecture at Warwick University, in England. Volcker cited Hirsch and affirmed the policy by saying: "A controlled disintegration in the world economy is a legitimate object for the 1980s." Freeman adds, "it was not by chance that starting the week of Oct. 6-12, 1979, Volcker began raising interest rates, by raising the federal funds rate and increasing certain categories of reserve requirements for commercial banks. He kept pushing rates upward, until, by December 1980, the prime lending rate of U.S. commercial banks reached 21.5%."

A small understanding of elementary Keynesian economics leads one to grasp what Freeman explains: that the effects of this policy were swift and devastating, especially because the oligarchy had used two oil hoaxes during the 1970s, to send oil prices shooting upward. In the United States, industrial and agricultural production collapsed by huge amounts. Between 1979 and 1982, the production of the following critical U.S. manufacturing industries fell by the following amounts on a per-capita basis: metal-cutting machine tools, down 45.5%; bulldozers, down 53.2%; automobiles, down 44.3%; and steel, down 49.4%. In some cases, such as the machine-tool industry, parts of machine-tool capacity and of a skilled workforce were permanently lost. Those collapsing industries formed the very heart of the United States' physical economy. A similar pattern, on a greater or lesser scale, emerged in other industrial nations. These losses were due directly to the policies meant to bring the United States in closer parity with poorer nations. In the strictest sense of the Fabian politics of gradualism: "Controlled disintegration" would in time accomplish the goal. 

Freeman explains that Volcker's measure also exacerbated the Third World debt crisis, and pushed it to the critical point. Third world nations had to finance their debt at an interest rate level of above 20%, which compounded the debt. Between 1979 and 1983, Third world debt levels, depending on the country, shot up by 40 to 70%. Your writer and the nation are informed in drone-like repetitions, that the poorer nations owe billions. The truth is, these poverty stricken nations have in fact more than doubled their obligations, in other cases, tripled their payments to the IMF and World Development Bank. The horrible truth is that they have been cruelly ripped off at the expense of their own national development in the social, economic and health spheres of their now miserably collapsing nations. All media lies notwithstanding, almost all of these borrowing nations today suffer more than they ever did. They were far better off before the cynical advent of the most dubious policies behind the canard of "world development." The problems are serious and diverse, ranging from famine, tribal conflict, serious warfare and widely prevailing plagues. Tens of millions of these suffering people are on the move to find work and security in the developed nations, where a demographic imbalance and social instability now threaten harmony.


Indeed, it is a blueprint for extinction. Freeman in the pages of EIR explains that "Project 1980s" was composed of ten working groups. These tens groups toiled during the 1970s and eventually produced 33 volumes. The CFR's blueprint for economics was outlined in the book, "Alternatives to Monetary Disorder," one of whose authors was Fred Hirsch. Hirsch was the former editor of the London "Economist" magazine, the Fabian Socialists' Rothschild backed organ, and it is he whom Volcker quoted in his infamous 1978 lecture, announcing his policy. 

Freeman asks: What did Hirsch mean in his book by "controlled disintegration"? The expression meant that the world economy would be pushed into disintegration---but not in an uncontrollable fashion. Rather, the plutocrats hoped it could control the process. They posit that it would be necessary for outside forces to deliver economic shocks to carry out this disintegration of the world economy: oil shocks, credit cut-offs (to mainly already struggling poorer nations) interest rate shocks, IMF austerity measures, etc., forcing the world economy to go to zero, and eventually negative growth. Today, a cursory view at selected business news sites on the Internet, on any given day, convey the alarming state of increasing world economic disintegration. 

At this point, we note especially that the U.S., in the first quarter 2001, experienced negative manufacturing growth and this state has persisted for the last 9-11 months, only to continue on its downward spiral. Given the obscure polices of "Project 80s," it is equally important to bear in mind that manufacturing makes for a dismal 20% of our economic output and consumption of cheap imports two-thirds of support of the largest economy the world has ever seen. It is thus no surprise that our exports imbalances make for alarming deficits and cheap imports drive a consuming economy, much to its debt laden detriment. The U.S. is almost strictly an economy based on service industries. That service economy, inspite of the rosy predictions, is now declining. For the largest economy on the planet, it seems dumfounding to those who do not realize that the US is experiencing a determined course of "controlled disintegration." 

Freeman says that in its 33 books, the CFR's "Project 1980s" covered a wide range of subjects, including plans for erecting a Bertrand Russell-H.G. Wells form of world government; finding methods to implement the mechanism of "stopping weapons of mass destruction," and methods for radical population reduction. The CFR called the overall project the largest undertaking in its history.

It was no idle exercise in futurology, asserts Freeman perceptively. "Their 33 volumes constituted blueprints, which the oligarchy used its power to institute during the second half of the 1970s and the 1980s. They imposed one of the most profound shifts in economic and nation-state policy during the 20th century."

Once the elitist Trilateral Commission's Jimmy Carter was installed as President, the British/American Commonwealth's oligarchical faction transferred the CFR's "Project 1980s" into his administration. Two of the Project's nine directors were W. Michael Blumenthal and Zbigniew Brzezinski; they were appointed Treasury Secretary and National Security Adviser, respectively. Cyrus Vance, who headed a "Project 1980s" working group, was appointed Secretary of State. Paul Volcker, spokesman for "Project 1980s" "controlled disintegration," became Federal Reserve Board Chairman.

At this juncture, your writer points to the fact that several key policies of "Project 80s," were major issues that dealt with the now hugely propagandized ecology "problems" and the aforementioned, population reduction-- the latter of heightened importance to the self appointed, Malthusian guardians of the world. In this regard, Carter signed the 1000-+ page "Global 2000" ode to sustainable growth, ecology management and population reduction. The volume in its original form, underwent an editorial catharsis shortly after release. Some of its most provocative pages betrayed the stark Malthusian visions: the writers document that 2 billion is the hoped for or preferable number for world population in toto. Also in this period, many books by sanctioned elitist ecologists and new-age futurologists, were widely distributed, especially in the academic halls of vulnerable minds who would become future guardians of the national patrimony. They dealt with scare mongering the American population with issues of unsustainable growth, the future filled with alleged shortages of natural resources, shortages of food, potable water, the grievous state of alleged over population and world destroying pollution threats. 

All of their claims remained nothing but highly speculative theories, all of them based on circumspect texts of sophistic studies that never to this day passed the strict examination codes of genuine scientists, who, upon their own physical examination of the dreadful claims, found no evidence to substantiate them. In the early seventies, a Kissinger/Vance document, NSM or National Security Memorandum 200 was issued and classified. Years later, 80 pages were declassified. The treatise was a shocking piece of pompous bravado, a work of ultimate arrogance by the United States National Security Council. It demanded the curbing of populations in 13 Third World countries. It stated on page one, that Third World natural resources were imperative to the "national security" of the United States. The document betrayed the insidious aim for its population control programs: Multitudes of unemployed unruly youths in the Third World who would in the future pose a dangerous and difficult problem as far as the U.S.'s plans to harvest natural resources in those troubled regions. From its twisted policies, came the myriads of population and society changing programs of the UN in the Third World.

Volcker's actions were followed up by the 1981 Kemp-Roth Tax act, which opened up real estate and stock market to irrational speculations, destroyed U.S fiscal policy; and by the 1982, the Garn-St Germain Act, which deregulated the U.S. banking system. In 2000, the Glass-Spiegal Act enacted during the Great Depression to prohibit the merging of different institutions to prevent conflict of interest in investment practices, was abolished. Ordinary investors no longer have any true protections in a world fraught with cutthroat investment practices. The whole apparatus has shifted policy decisively away from financing physical production into pure speculation. 

The policies of `controlled disintegration' are now ominously reaching the point of logical conclusion. 

There are a million and one stories in the naked global village. The above is just one. More to follow.


Angie Carlson - All Rights Reserved



Angie Carlson has been an activist for some years, specializing and educating those who care, through radio and the Internet, about matters regarding the underlying message of legislation and other diverse programs and issues. She writes profusely on the net and never ceases to research and study the issues herself.

Angie can be reached at Data Source International