By Lex Greene

When in doubt, stick to the basics. The more complex the problem, the simpler the solution must be. Complex solutions seldom succeed simply because they are too complex to fully execute in a timely manner. It’s not easy to teach complex things and there are too many things that can go wrong before you complete your mission.

When it comes to solving BIG problems, I believe in the KISS theory, Keep It Simple Stupid…

There’s a great tendency today for people to think that all federal problems can only be solved at the federal level. However, the States actually hold the power to solve every federal problem, because it’s the States that created, empowered, and can dissolve our federal government, if need be. The Federal Government exists at the pleasure of the fifty States, not the other way around.

Today’s socialist democrats think that our federal government is an unchecked dictatorship, free to govern any way it likes, in no way bound by the conditions established in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. So, they work to elect socialist dictators, like Biden and Harris, thinking they will dictate only to us, for them. Only if the American people allow it to be, so shall it be…

However, the States created the Federal Government and granted it certain duties and powers to execute those duties, under the strict conditions set forth in the Constitution. The States further prohibited the Federal Government from ever touching certain specific Rights of the States and the People in the Bill of Rights — not for the purpose of governing the people, but rather to strictly govern itself.

Our Declaration of Independence clearly established that “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”

A last resort option is to execute this Right of the People by force, if necessary. However, the brilliance of our Founders makes it possible for us to accomplish this peacefully, if we simply follow their guidance, using the solutions they gave us in our Charters of Freedom.

In my most recent podcast, Episode 10, I explain why overturning the 2020 election fraud must be the only political agenda we have today. In Episode 7, I explain exactly how that must be done and in Episode 1, I explain how and why President Donald J. Trump is the key to accomplishing that all-American goal, backed by 85 million people and working in concert with several State Legislatures, of course.

When in doubt, focus on the fundamentals. Don’t get too fancy. Focus on the foundations of freedom and liberty and ignore all of the sideshows designed to keep you confused, overwhelmed, and defeated. Surrender is no way to win!

In the case of massive 2020 election fraud resulting in an unlawful and unconstitutional outcome and a global Marxist regime seizing control of our federal government, using it to destroy America and its people, State Legislatures hold the power to right the wrong and THAT is where every American must focus their energy today. This is where the people have the power!

Article I – Section IV and Article II – Section I of the U.S. Constitution establish that the States hold sole power over all elections within each state, specifically, each state legislature. Executive branch officials within each state, such as the Secretary of State, are duty-bound to execute all election laws as established by the state legislature. Federal officials have literally NO constitutional authority over the matter.

Many Americans have heard the term “federal supremacy” and they have been Pavlov trained to believe that this rules supreme over the entire country on literally every subject, often dictated by nine unelected and unaccountable political appointees. But federal supremacy only applies to a short list of things under federal authority, as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, and only to the degree that federal acts are themselves, not in violation of the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

In the case of elections, the federal government is not assigned any authority whatsoever. That authority belongs exclusively to the state legislatures. Anyone who fails to uphold and enforce those laws, does so at the risk of their own peril.

The truth is, probably all 50 states had some level of election fraud in the 2020 elections. It’s highly likely that dead people voted in all 50 states, that non-residents and non-citizens voted in every state, that voters with no identity at all voted in 2020 and that Trump votes in RED districts were machine flipped to Biden in many states.

But the focus has come down to several key “swing states” where the fraud was off the charts in key major metro centers like Maricopa County Arizona, Clark County Nevada, Atlanta Georgia, Detroit Michigan, Philadelphiaand Pittsburg Pennsylvania, Madison Wisconsin, and a few others. The focus is on these places simply because they are “swing states” and the fraud was totally off the charts in these areas, easy to detect and expose.

Although the fraud was committed under the command and control of the Democrat Party, in concert with numerous foreign enemy states, each of these key states has a Republican controlled State Legislature. The 2020 election crimes were committed by democrats, but the solution in each case rests in the hands of Republicans in control of their state legislatures. Democrats are the problem, and these Republicans hold the solution.

Proper transparent forensic audits of the votes in each of these states will soon prove beyond any reasonable doubt what happened, how it happened and who is responsible for it happening. At that moment, these state legislatures must decertify prior fraudulent election results and claw back their fraudulently awarded Electoral College votes that fraudulently placed Biden and Harris in unlawful power.

Next, the Electoral College must vote again, this time on the basis of legal legitimate votes.

The minute that happens, the 2020 fraud and elections are officially overturned and all that remains is to remove the unlawful occupants from office, seat the duly elected, and prosecute everyone responsible for the theft of our nation via unprecedented election fraud.

This is the ONLY constitutional solution to the fatal election fraud we face today. Without executing this reversal, no future election is safe. As a result, THIS is where The People must focus ALL of their attention and energy…at the State Legislature level. We have the votes here if we will only provide the proper motivation.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when very few people, especially in politics, do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do. We the People must motivate these key players to DO THE RIGHT THING or it’s not likely they will do it. THIS is where The People must make their stand, together, in mass numbers and peacefully.

Politics is a team sport. No one person can affect the game. Only when we move together as a single unit with single purpose, can we succeed in not only winning the game, but changing the game for our future.

In podcast Episode 9, I explain how and why they have been able to get away with this so far. We are one decision and one clear focus away from righting our ship.

No, although it is quite simple and doable, it won’t be easy. The global Marxist left has seized control and they are moving at lightspeed to destroy our country. This only means that time is not on our side. This crisis is not like wine, it will not get better with time.

The time for the people to take matters into their own hands is the moment it is proven through forensic audits that the 2020 election was a blatant theft of our country. The place to rally together is at the state legislature level.

When in doubt, Keep It Simple Stupid… We ALL have a duty here. Now is not the time to quit, to give up, to concede defeat and allow our entire future of freedom and liberty to slip into the abyss. Follow the lead of our Founders in every respect. WE will determine the odds in this fight. The outcome depends on us, not our public servants.

ACTION ITEM DETAILS:One phone call won’t change anything. One letter or email won’t change anything either. But when you get face-to-face with your state legislators in significant numbers, they will listen, and you can force changes to take place. GET FACE-TO-FACE! I work with for strategic planning and execution purposes, in addition to their long history of unbelievably valuable research and training. I suggest you do the same, so that your voice is multiplied by thousands of voices. Only when we move together, do we have the power to make change!

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