Can The Motherlode of Federal Data Hurt You?

The New Planned Economy and How You Can Put A Wrench in the Gears.


Our children are seized in captive environments awash with mental health synonyms and cleansed with “proper” psychological interventions preparing them for a Global tomorrow. Human capital is the phrase. What is your child’s worth or worthlessness to the economy? Data and psychological profiles decide their future. Parents, and their intergenerational impact, are a target for proper child rearing and engagement to accept and match the federal standards. Beware!

Yes, it was your government that allowed this to happen. But parents have not observed the changes. Nor do they care. No rebellion is happening. They do not think that data collection is going to hurt their child until…

DataMining 101-The Truth About HR 4174

Why HR 4147 MUST Be Stopped! (S 2046 Companion Bill in the Senate)

The original graph above taken from the federal Cooperative Accountability Project (1974) outlines societal outputs monitoring all aspects of inputs in life, womb to tomb. All outputs can be categorized, cross referenced, and financially detailed to determine what the future global citizen will “be like.” The worth of a person (identified with a Unique National ID) can be calculated by creating an algorithm subtracting all investments and consumption through feedbacks made to evaluate the value of the end product. The key to this process is evidence-based which codes every action taken to control the end product. What is the objective? Monitoring the processing of human capital to get to the defined end product. How will the end product be controlled? Cooperative accountability! That’s the science in HR 4174, the legislation to create one massive government database that can hook into any data it wants to determine what you can or cannot do. Your future hangs in the balance.

Evidence-based means total quality management or management by objectives for a planned economy. The original name for the planned economy was planning, programming, budgeting system, PPBS, in which 10 federal coded handbooks were developed for computer retrieval in the 70’s. The future is here in legislation HR 4147,  brought forward by Speaker Ryan  (R-WI) and Sen.Patty Murray (D-WA) that merges all data collected in the United States updating the federal handbooks.

Evidence-based is the new name and broader plan merging all government agencies and departments called an “OPEN GOVERNMENT DATA ACT” HR 4174 that Speaker Ryan and Sen. Murray introduced. (Source🙂. Data on the individual is the new mainstay. HIPAA would be rescinded. The cornerstone of the New Managed Economy is the “science” to merge education, health, labor, finance, immigration, etc., all federal departments. Education is the blueprint of data collection to identify and change personality traits of the individual. Data is streaming. It is a river of data. Your government is intent to create the global citizen.

How would this data be shared, re-disclosed to outside vendors and providers? All data moves to an expanded CENSUS. A National Data Secure Service monitors who gets the data. Data on children is already contracted with 3rd party vendors to research interventions, curriculum development, software development, providers, and yes, access to the results of testing, privacy invading surveys, and assessments. But there are kinks in the armor, pesky laws would have to be changed. There are barriers for the elite to solidify this system. But there were many steps already accomplished that moved us closer into the planned economy.

The Obama Executive Order 12866 that changed and weakened FERPA, Family Education Rights in Privacy Act without Congressional authority or approval.

[Source: Federal Register for changes in FERPA regulations, comments, and requested changes for improving access to data;

Note: This link takes you directly to the EO, please scroll up to the top to see that the authority to change the regulation was the Obama EO to weaken and expand FERPA listed in the Federal Register]

The state longitudinal data systems were expanded to individual micro-records STANDARDIZING data elements in all 50 states aligned to the National Center for Education Statistics and the Institute for Educational Sciences, NCES/IES. These blueprints would mold state compliance where Data Quality Campaign assistance would draw up plans for each state to show where they have not met federal government objectives in their data collection. States were then offered huge amounts of cash (grant money from the IES) to raise the bar of data collection to mimic the existing national data warehouse interestingly called the Common Core of Data. Data-mining of your children to third parties was Ok’d by President Obama.

So What Changed in FERPA? Why Should Parents Be Concerned and Why Must The Obama EO Become Law? (HR 3157 would codify the EO, a barrier in the Evidence-Based Commission.)

The definition of personally identifiable information, PII, was expanded. Biometric data was included like iris scans, DNA, fingerprints, etc. The definition explains that using one or more of these personal identifiers including the unique student ID or demographics could identify the student. The regulations went on to say when they could share this personally identifiable information WITHOUT TELLING PARENTS. “School official” is now an authorized representative and was defined as anyone including volunteers who could access PII who had an educational interest. (Source: FERPA Loopholes here)

Obama’s Covert Action

The Obama ESEA Flexibility Waivers, issued about the same time the Obama EO changed FERPA, mandated social, emotional, and behavioral standards. Funding would be issued to train teachers in methodology for these mental health interventions. The Flex Waivers changed federal law without Congressional authority, but who cares, data was the most important objective. The collection of social, emotional, and behavioral data on the personalities of your children and specific interventions would become the new focus for the federal government. The Obama ESEA Flexibility Waivers were simply operating  as an updated “Easy Bake Oven” to change personality traits.

How do you measure, score, and remediate social, emotional, and behavioral values?  Good question? Can our government create standards for our children’s personality?  Well, they are. (Source: Use the 5 Magic Questions to Fight ESSA Values Changing Standards)

This is when parents should have been hyperventilating especially when the Nations Report Card (NAEP) came out and said social, emotional, and non-academic standards   would be collected forming psychometric dossiers on kids which would be used for the new “CENSUS” of the future. (See HR 4174 for current federal plans to merge all data into the census.)

Dropping poverty guidelines were also important provisions in the Flex Waivers because Title I would be the only way to ACCESS EVERY CHILD. Therefore by lowering poverty guidelines to “0” every child would come under the federal net called “school-wide.” Now ALL children would be forced to succumb to the “universal” whole child, whole school theory, literally, physically, and psychologically trashing the individuality of every student. This is where the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, IDEA, would propel into high gear to reach ALL American children. The oppressive Common Core dumbed down education AND mental health interventions initiated through Special Education (IDEA) were like a wet blanket thrown over entire schools. (Title I funds are the vehicle for CHOICE to control all private, religious, and homeschooled children in the Planned Economy where the money and the interventions “follow the child.”)

So, since 2012, the illegal, and unjust expanding data system would identify and cross reference individual children, teachers, testing, and validated curriculum creating a feedback loop control system, called evidence-based decision-making. The system can cross-reference and identify who is or is not meeting government objectives. Teachers would be trained in methods to identify and remediate the attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions of students all awhile logging this personal data into their computers. Teachers and principals would be fired (VAM) if they did not comply. Special Education cadres call their expertise “Implementation Science” and train teachers in Applied Behavior Analysis in which they refer to their training as FIDELITY or exact methodologies. The interventions were comfortably renamed: response to intervention, positive behavior intervention and supports, or multi-tiered and school-wide-tiered systems of support. Children are recycled in evidence-based Data-Based Individualization Framework for Intensive Intervention where emotional and behavioral data is being logged and transferred into federal computer banks everyday. 3rd parties have it all. (Source)

A psychometric dossier is purely evil. The interventions are purely diabolical.  But, who cares, Senator Alexander (R-TN) pushes through legislation mandating these psychological interventions without a care placing carefully chosen psychological interventions created from the Flex Waivers into federal law…ESSA.

ESSA-To Hell In A Handbag

CONGRESS passes Every Student Succeeds Act, ESSA, 2015 where everything in the ESEA Flex Waiver now becomes law…EXCEPT THE OBAMA EXECUTIVE ORDER 12866 ON FERPA. Each state is submitting their state plan and all of the plans have in great detail how their schools are meeting social, emotional, and behavioral standards, interventions, and teacher training in these mental health techniques. Congress OK’ed the mental health and psychological remediation of your child’s personality toward their definition of GRIT, attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions. Schools would now be identified as “medical models” where health/mental health services could be billed to MEDICAID. NCES/IES continues to issue grants to log these psychological traits of your child into federal data banks creating psychometric dossiers which will eventually be part of the CENSUS.

The Obama EO Is A Barrier For HR 4174 To Be Achieved

HR 3157 Must Be Passed For Legal DataMining Of Every Individual.

The Data Quality Campaign (yes, remember they created data plans for every state) just released a document stating that they will contact Congressman Todd Rokita

(R-IN) to re-introduce his bill, HR 3157, which will make the Obama Executive Order law.  Yes, you read it. They want it all and they don’t want parents to get in the way. Make the EO that changed FERPA regulations LAW.  Therefore, feds, states, and outside contractors/vendors can continue to data-mine the hell out of our kids, and use the data to change our children and no one is going to stop them. (Source, see page 42) Parents who insist the data can’t hurt their child should read Edwin Black’s book, IBM and the Holocaust. The IBM punch card and card sorting system—a precursor to the computer, made Hitler’s program of Jewish destruction a technologic mission the company pursued with chilling success.

Whoever is in power, maintains the direction of decision making in a world controlled ONLY by numbers.

Speaker Ryan insists that we must pass HR 4174 and it’s companion bill S 2046. It’s evidence-based and scientific. Right?

My thoughts about HR 4174:

So, what if we get rid of all privacy barriers: the federal government collects individual data on everyone from everywhere, wherever it is collected!  Health, education, labor, financials, immigration, IRS…make data mining legal. So, goodbye, HIPAA and goodbye, FERPA protections, forever. The bill calls on the President and OMB to change those barriers so they can have it all. Pass Evidence Based Decision Making in our nation so there is the ability to identify individuals for good or evil, no one knows. Instead of tattooing arms with a number, we will just give every person a number and a digitized card at first. Eventually a data chip will be implanted under the skin. Technology will identify when everyone is/isn’t doing EXACTLY what the federal government and their global partners want. It’s a reward and punishment system. Who will make those decisions? Data is the lifeblood of the global economy. We’ve already seen the changes in our classrooms. What will it take for Americans to say, NO!

This War is Real!  Can We Slow the Train Down?

Our campaign is focused on the illegal violations of Constitutional protections and privacy called Child Abuse in the Classroom, A Legal Challenge To ESSA. Our goals, REPEAL ESSA AND RESTORE FERPA. No one else is talking about the interventions that are processing your kids into this federal cake-baked mold.

(Source: Violations of Law) The New Planned Economy is here.

We must target Rep.Todd Rokita (R-IN) and his bill, HR 3157. Please call him, email him, and tweet him until Mr Rokita understands that parents know about this charade and parents refuse to let it happen. Not only that, we want HIM to sponsor a bill to protect our kids.

Rep. Rokita: Email: Phone: 202-225-5037 Twitter: @ToddRokita

Contact Your Congressman to STOP HR 4174.

Contact Your Senator to STOP S 2046.

Stop the national plan to make YOU the number in a government controlled Minority Report which will be used as the new CENSUS.

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