by Lee Duigon

We are doing stupid stuff, these days, that could kill our civilization—not just in America, but throughout the Western world. And it must be borne in mind that Democrats and other idiots, worldwide, *want* to do this stupid stuff.

Take just four incredibly stupid public policies and cultural trends. Take them as far away as possible.

*Hypocritical Race Theory, also known as Critical Race Theory or CRT—the teaching that all white human beings are born racists, their countries are racists, they’re all just naturally and intractably evil, blah-blah: in other words, leftids actively foment racial strife and use the public schools to teach children to hate and fear each other, hate themselves, and hate their country.


Why in the world would anybody want to do this? Because it’s a “divide and rule” strategy that’s supposed to help Democrats wield their politics against us and keep them in power. They’ll do anything to get and keep power. Including turning their own countries into hell-holes.

*Open borders—wasn’t that what finally killed the Western Roman Empire? Our glorious progressive leaders have ruptured our country’s southern border. The chaos brewed there will spread throughout the country. Destruction seems a high price to pay for cheap labor—and even cheaper votes.

*That whole transgender thing—are we out of our freakin’ minds? In what conceivable way can this benefit America, or anywhere else? Bill Gates is always saying how much he wants to reduce the human population of the earth. Well, this’ll do it. When you hear a professor at a medical school abjectly apologize—or rather grovel—for saying “when a woman gets pregnant,” you know sanity has left the building.

Forcing people to say things that aren’t true, that they know are not true, that they know are downright daft, not only erodes their self-respect. It turns them into fools. And a country full of fools has a very poor prognosis.

*Locking down, masking up, suspending basic liberties, and panicking whenever a new disease crops up—how much of that can any nation’s economy stand? To say nothing of its culture. It does make it a lot easier to steal elections, though. Are we going to just keep on doing this? Doing it until we forget that we were ever free?

A top “health” honcho in Australia has said it’s time for us all to be “minimizing our interactions with others”—once upon a time, that was called “life”—and… stop talking! Because talking, of course, spreads germs. Honest, you can have your freedoms back as soon as the government can guarantee a germ-free environment!

Who wants to live this way? “Sure, you can go on living—as long as you don’t do any of those things that constitute living.” Don’t go to church, don’t have a backyard cookout with the neighbors, don’t talk in the checkout line, don’t shake hands—they call this living?

Why in the world are we doing all these things? If we’re in a race to extinction, why don’t they at least tell us whom we’re racing against? God help us—what will our world look like with all this crazy stupid stuff going on at once?

We’re doing it because politicians, teachers’ unions, cracked college professors, A-list celebrities, Big Tech, and all the rest of the usual suspects are telling us we have to! The mystery of it is, why are we obeying them? What’s so wonderful about racial animosity, ruptured borders, men calling themselves women and women calling themselves men, and living in a bubble because we’re mortally terrified of this or that new “variant” of COVID? What’s so great about this, that we should desire it? Have we frankly lost our minds?

We have to stop doing these things. They’re bad for us and they will never be good.

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