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Most Americans by now are aware of the supply chain catastrophe.  As of October 22, 2021, more than 100 ships off the So Cal ports are sitting and waiting – many for weeks.  More excuses have been offered up than one can count. This is just one of the real problems:

Trucker Explains the Manufactured Supply Chain Breakdown, Oct. 22, 2021, 12:36 video

This is the quintessential example of rank stupidity to support one of the greatest manufactured hoaxes foisted upon the world: climate change. Yes, this is germane to the issue of truckers to haul cargo. California mandates big increase in zero-emission trucks, June 25, 2020

So, let’s celebrate: Kenworth T680 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Powered by Hydrogen Featured in Washington, D.C., August 10, 2021 – “This was a great opportunity to provide a hands-on look at the T680 fuel cell electric vehicle..” Please note the important word – electric.

The ignorant brain washed climate change deranged out in California will stop at nothing to convert every single mode of transportation to electric. Those useful fools learned nothing from what happened in February 2021 when the Polar Vortex hit my state of Texas and beyond. Texas Disaster – What Americans Need to Know, Feb. 22, 2021, and Renewable Energy IS Causing an Environmental Wasteland, March 1, 2021

California Drove Truckers Out of Business. Now Store Shelves Are Empty, Oct. 24, 2021

There’s also the problem of California continuing to drive businesses out of my home state by their dangerous state legislature full of nitwits and, of course, the smarmy, still governor, Gavin Newsom.  California Trucking Association’s AB 5 lawsuit still pending with Supreme Court, Oct. 8, 2021

And this one from someone I assume is in the trucking industry:

“The NEWS says the California port situation is caused by a driver shortage. Not so fast: It is in part caused by a California Truck Ban which says all trucks must be 2011 or newer and a law called AB 5 which prohibits Owner Operators.

“Traditionally the ports have been served by Owner Operators (non-union).  California has now banned Owner Operators. Long term, truckers in California are not investing in new trucks because California has a law that makes them illegal in 2035.  The requirement is to purchase electric trucks which do not exist. And in the words of Paul Harvey, “Now you know the rest of the story”.


“CARB to begin blocking certain trucks’ DMV registrations in 2020. Carriers domiciled in California with trucks older than 2011 model, or using engines manufactured before 2010, will need to meet the Board’s new Truck and Bus Regulation beginning in 2020 or their vehicles will be blocked from registration with the state’s DMV, the state has said.”

Backlogged shipping containers getting dumped in port neighborhoods due to lack of space — and one crushes car after falling off truck, Oct. 20, 2021

Ports from Savannah to LA are completely disabled – except Florida.  I’m sure most remember what started around mid-March last year with the supply chain and panic buying gripped this country for most of the year.  All unnecessary as there was no pandemic and there still isn’t. As usual, Michael Snyder reports what no one wants to hear but they need to pay attention:

Our Epic Supply Chain Crisis Just Hit Another Level, And Biden Is Considering Calling In The National Guard To Help, Oct. 19, 2021

Warning: True State of the Economy, Oct. 22, 2021

The supply chain for chips for cars and trucks has crippled the auto industry – chips coming from Taiwan.  Our local Ford dealership’s lot has been virtually empty for months.  A great percentage of new car sales over the past few months are pre-sales with waiting time two months or longer.  On the other hand, used cars and trucks in good shape have been cash cows for thousands.

Headlines warn Christmas is likely to be a bust for toys and all the other categories of gifts.  Why?  Because the majority are made in Red China.  Despite downplaying by the prostitute media, store shelves are empty in a lot of the major cities and is now starting to filter down to stores across the country.  It won’t be long before panic buying starts again.

And then we have one of the most outrageous statements to come out of the mouth of any elected official, this one from the illegitimate Biden Clown Club:

US Treasury deputy sec warns unvaxxed Americans that shortages will continue until EVERYONE is jabbed, Oct, 15, 2021

“Wally Adeyemo, the Biden administration’s second-highest official in the Treasury Department, appeared to publicly blackmail the still-sizable portion of Americans who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 during a Thursday ABC interview, seemingly blaming them for the ongoing shortages of consumer goods that have led many to mock the president as ‘Empty Shelves Joe’.

“Despite viral photos depicting thousands of cargo ships lined up at the Port of Los Angeles ready to unload their goods, Adeyemo claimed that the supply chain issues plaguing so many US retailers are an international issue and will only let up when a sufficient percentage of the country has been vaccinated. (Emphasis mine.)

“Describing the disastrous economic conditions as “an economy that’s in transition,” Adeyemo acknowledged that “we are seeing high prices for some of the things that people have to buy.” While he praised the administration’s stimulus payments, he also pinned the blame squarely on the unvaccinated.

“The reality is that the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated.”

What the hell does the number games of “vaccinated” have to do with moving goods from ships to trucks to destinations? Cargo containers are leaving heading for the U.S. so cut the crap.  China does have energy problems as they always do but allegedly China is 80% shot up.  Last week Florida governor, Ron DeSantis “…urged ships backed up outside California’s ports to make the trip through the Panama Canal to Florida — where ports are open and ready to unload goods.

“Year after year we continue to invest in our seaports, in infrastructure and in workforce education to make sure our supply chain is resilient,” DeSantis said during a speech at Jacksonville’s port complex, according to the American Journal of Transportation.”

Threatening the American people is the wrong path, Adeyemo.  He’s not alone as butt jumper, Mayor Petey had this to say:  Transportation Sec. Buttigieg Tells Americans to Get Used to Shipping ‘Disruptions and Shocks to the System’ – “In comments Wednesday, he indicated Americans will need to get used to delays and potentially seeing empty shelves for the foreseeable future.  “There are going to be disruptions and shocks to the system as long as the pandemic continues,” he said, according to Reuters.”

“Pete Buttigieg couldn’t organize a one car funeral.” —Sen. Tom Cotton

What’s the real problem and when did it start – aside from all of the above?  Dec. 8, 1993.  The day China’s other lap dog, Bill Clinton, signed the unconstitutional NAFTA agreement (No American Factories Taking Applications) into “law”.

“He, therefore, who is now against domestic manufacture, must be for reducing us either to dependence on that foreign nation, or to be clothed in skins, and to live like wild beasts in dens and caverns.

“I am not one of these; experience has taught me that manufactures are now as necessary to our independence as to our comfort; and if those who quote me as of a different opinion, will keep pace with me in purchasing nothing foreign where an equivalent of domestic fabric can be obtained, without regard to difference of price, it will not be our fault if we do not soon have a supply at home equal to our demand, and wrest that weapon of distress from the hand which has wielded it.” The Letters of Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826 to Benjamin Austin Monticello, January 9, 1816

“What Congress will have before it is not a conventional trade agreement [NAFTA] but the architecture of a new international system… a first step toward a new world order.” Traitor Henry Kissinger, member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilaterialist, July 18, 1993, LA Times

How many times have you heard on the boob tube, “Those are millions of jobs that will never come back”? Why the hell not? I’ll tell you why: Because the Outlaw Congress is corrupt and cowardly. Those poltroons are afraid of communist China and will do nothing to get us out of those destructive treaties and bring home millions of jobs for Americans. Because of big money from corporations buying the favors of Congress – both parties.

Of course, Americans are to blame, too. Before NAFTA and GATT were passed, 97% of all shoes were made here in OUR country. From toasters to hand tools, clothing to cars, we made our own products. We paid our workers good wages. Our factories hummed, our farmers and ranchers fed our people and millions around the world.  America under capitalism flourished and became the envy of the world.  After NAFTA, OUR people lost their jobs while tens of thousands of jobs were then created in Mexico and Communist China; the destruction of America began.  Jefferson’s warning ignored.

Our industrial sector made the steel, we kept the money and the jobs. America kept her wealth where it should be: in the pocketbooks of her people. Instead of buying Made in America those destructive “free” trade treaties absolutely decimated our textile industry and agriculture.  Cheap labor meant Americans by the tens of thousands lost their jobs in those critical sectors.

Within two years after NAFTA was shoved down our throats thousands of factories closed.  Good paying jobs.  Jobs done by your parents and grandparents who had job security for decades suddenly gone in favor of cheap labor championed by the anti-American workers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

I know. Being on top of this issue back then, following NAFTA and my trips across the country, I saw for myself small towns and cities that used to provide thousands of jobs with our factories humming turned into ghost towns with a gas station and a few local businesses like burger joints. The destruction was heart breaking.  Families spread all over the place looking for work in big crime infested cities.

And yet, tens of millions of Americans continued to reelect the same incumbents in the U.S. Congress who voted for the destruction we have lived through and continue to live in a real time nightmare created by them and past presidents.  In reality what they’ve did was fire themselves. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.

Clinton signed the unconstitutional NAFTA in Dec. 1993.  In 1994 a full 90% of the same incumbents who destroyed millions of jobs were reelected to the U.S. House and 92% of incumbent senators. 

Did we have trade with other nations prior to NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT?  We did and we had tariffs. Fair trade is good. Free trade is financial suicide for any nation.  Congress said Americans want cheaper goods.  The destruction to our major sectors, ag, industrial and manufacturing has made We the People dependent on communist countries like China, Viet Nam and others for what WE used to produce and the MONEY STAYED HERE IN THE U.S. FOR OUR PEOPLE.

U.S. officials worried about Chinese control of American drug supply – “Basically we’ve outsourced our entire industry to China,” retired Brig. Gen. John Adams told NBC News. “That is a strategic vulnerability.” 80% from Communist China & India.

As for our farming families, the destruction began a long time ago when the outlaw Congress for the first time passed unconstitutional legislation regarding farmers and farming (Tenth Amendment Issue), the Agricultural Adjustment Act AND the ‘Federal’ Reserve.  A must read: The Fed and the Farmer, my column May 7, 2005.  NAFTA simply finished destroying ag in so many different ways.

Clinton signed the unconstitutional NAFTA in Dec. 1993.  The next major blow came with GATT/WTO (General Agreement on Tariff’s & Trade and World Trade Organization).  Ever since then we’ve been at the mercy of countries that hate us.  You can thank former U.S. Speaker of the House, drunk John Boehner and dementia addled Nancy Pelosi for making sure American workers come last.  Add Sen. Mike Lee [R-UT] who never met a foreign worker bill he didn’t love.

A bill was introduced in 2011 to finally get us out, never passed. It got zero attention from the old media. Forget FOX. Too many Americans pay little to no attention to bills sitting in the biggest whore house on the planet- Congress – except for hot button issues like abortion. There were too few of us to make it happen.

It’s War:  Stop the TPP and TAFTA, January 26, 2014 (Mine.)

H.R. 29: To provide for the withdrawal of the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement

“NAFTA has done way too much damage, and we need to repeal it. NAFTA has cost too many jobs, eroded our industrial base and decimated towns and communities,” he said in a statement. “Enough is enough – we need to focus on creating jobs right here in the United States – not in foreign countries.”

“The bill currently has just 10 co-sponsors: Democratic Reps. Joe Baca, Lynn Woolsey and Bob Filner of California; Michael Capuano (MA), Peter DeFazio (OR), Marcy Kaptur (OH), Larry Kissell (NC) and Michael Michaud (ME). Two Republicans are also backing the legislation: Texas’ Ron Paul and North Carolina’s Walter Jones. The bill has to be referred to the House Ways and Means Committee, but no action has been taken on it since that time.

“Prior to the implementation of NAFTA, the U.S. held a small trade surplus with Mexico of approximately $10 million. By 2007, that surplus had turned into an astounding $91 billion trade deficit. With Canada and Mexico combined, the U.S. has taken a $24 billion trade deficit prior to NAFTA and turned it into a $190 billion deficit – a 691 percent increase.

“NAFTA was also supposed to usher in a new age of prosperity among the American people as thousands upon thousands of good-paying jobs were to be created through the increase in trade surplus that never quite came to fruition. As you can imagine, just the opposite happened. Each and every year more and more jobs are outsourced to Mexico where labor is incredibly cheap and environmental concerns are a mere afterthought. The raft of jobs outsourced to Mexico forced American workers into direct competition with one another and drove down wages for all.

“Now Americans are forced to compete, not only with one another, but also with Mexican workers who are willing to work for much less than the average American. In the U.S., the average factory worker makes roughly $18 per hour while his Mexican counterpart earns just $3 per hour. This has encouraged a “race to the bottom” in which American companies are frequently relocating production facilities across the border. Iconic American companies such as Coca Cola, Ford, RCA, General Motors, General Electric and Nokia have all opened up assembly plants in Mexico. In fact, GE employs 30,000 Mexicans in 35 factories in the country.

“This race to the bottom has had a devastating effect on America’s manufacturing base. Pre-NAFTA, the U.S. had 16.8 million people employed in the manufacturing field. By 2007, that number was down to just 13.9 million. That accounts for over 20 percent of America’s manufacturing jobs over the past 14 years. Those good-paying manufacturing jobs have been replaced by low-paying service sector jobs with little or no benefits.”

Twenty Years of NAFTA Sucking Sound
NAFTA: 20 Years of Regret for Mexico

Oct. 2, 2002:  “Back in 1994, a lame duck Congress voted on the hideous “free” trade treaty, GATT, whereby the united States of America totally and completely abrogated its sovereignty to a foreign body – the WTO. At the time of the vote, counterfeit U.S. Senator Bob Dole said, “Any way you cut it, we’re the big beneficiary.” Counterfeit U.S. Senator Ernest Hollings had just the opposite prediction, “…described the vote as ‘the gravest mistake the U.S. has ever made on economic policy.'”

“Hollings’ statement turned out to be right. Our nation has been plundered as a result of GATT and We, the People, our businesses, our commerce, and our livelihoods, have been under attack ever since, losing virtually every single challenge made by some foreign country. On September 26, 2002, counterfeit U.S. Senator Max Baucus said he was deeply troubled by the WTO dispute settlement process and “Things are looking more and more… like a kangaroo court against U.S. trade laws.”

“Funny thing about Baucus’ stand on trade. He’s a “free” trader. On his web site it states, “I’ve also been a leader in the successful efforts to open Chinese markets to U.S. products and to bring China into the World Trade Organization.” Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. Do business with our mortal enemy, the Communist Chinese? Remember, in October 2001, a video came out officially sanctioned by the Communist Chinese government which glorified the attacks on America last September 11, 2001, with the moderator chiming that we got what we deserved. That’s a fact.

“The vote on GATT was 76-24. Guess how many members of the entire Congress read GATT? One! Former counterfeit Senator Hank Brown (R-CO). He’s the only one who read this 28,000 page treaty and declared that in no way would he vote for it.

“During the hearings on this monster, French financier Sir James Goldsmith testified in front of Earnest Hollings’ committee. He demonstrated that GATT would gut the American textile market. The following are some quotes from the Washington Times, December 6, 1993; they accurately reflect Sir Goldsmith’s statements during the hearings, which I watched on TV:

“Global free trade will force the poor of the rich countries to subsidize the rich in poor countries. What GATT means is that our national wealth, accumulated over centuries, will be transferred from a developed country like Britain to developing countries like Communist China, now building it’s first ocean going navy in 500 years.”

“China, with its 1.2 billion people, three Indochinese states with 900 million, the former Soviet republics with some 300 million, and many more can supply skilled labor for a fraction of Western costs. Five dollars in Communist China is the equivalent of a $100 wage in Europe.”

“It is quite amazing that GATT is sowing the seeds for global social upheaval and that it is not even the subject of debate in America….If the masses understood the truth about GATT, there would be blood in the streets of many capitals. A healthy national economy has to produce a large part of its own needs. It cannot simply import what it needs and use its labor force to provide services for other countries.”

“We have to rethink from top to bottom why we have elevated global free trade to the status of sacred cow, or moral dogma. It is a fatally flawed concept that will impoverish and destabilize the industrialized world while cruelly ravaging the Third World.” Sir Goldsmith could see into the future, only it’s been far worse than he predicted. *End quote

The goal right now is to buy Made in America for everything you need.  Yes, there are tens of thousands of companies from small to large who still manufacture here and they want your business.  If you can’t find it, do without like I do.  Unfortunately, I had to purchase a new computer a couple of months ago and yes, it was made outside the U.S.  A lot of Americans don’t understand one of the basics here and that is our debauched currency and the constant demand for higher wages.  I’ll cover that in Part II.

America:  Communist China and other countries have us by the you-know-what.  The supply chain nightmare is going to continue for who knows how long.  If you can do your Christmas shopping now, try to buy at artisan outdoor events, search the Internet for Made in USA.  Buy family package tickets to one of the fabulous aquariums or museums.; a gift that gives all year.  Make family memories and support American workers.  Tell retailers you refuse to buy from communist countries like China, Viet Nam and socialist countries that treat their citizens like chattel.

Part II is going to deal with the biggest nightmare of all:  United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and how it affects you and your future.

“We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of Nature has placed in our power… the battle, sir, is not to the strong alone, it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.” — Patrick Henry

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Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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