By Lex Greene

September 5, 1774, marks the day in history when Founding Americans started the march to Independence, Freedom, Liberty and Justice in the USA. Our Independence as a free sovereign people was finally declared on July 4, 1776, and our U.S. Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787. It took our Founders thirteen years to establish our independence and create a “republican form of government.”

Had they quit, given up, or failed to fight, we would have never known freedom!

247-years later, hard proof of mass dumbing down of American society is overwhelming now. In fact, America has absolutely reached the level wherein society may be “too dumb to remain a free people.”

John Adams said it exactly right – “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Sadly, our country may still be “religious,” but it’s certainly no longer “moral” or even remotely informed and intelligent. This explains why far too many Americans have no idea of the power they hold, or how to use it to protect freedom today.

Today’s Americans chatter on about their precious “democracy” as if they have no clue that our Founders rejected “democracy” in favor of a “constitutional Republic,” with very clear and specific intent, and rightly so. But it’s even worse than this now…

Not only do we not have a Constitutional Republic anymore…we don’t even have a democracy. For everyone educated (mass Marxist indoctrinated) in the past 40 years or so, CLICK HERE to learn the critical differences between a “democracy” and a “Constitutional Republic.”

Article IV – Section 4 – clearly states – “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;”Yet our government has been transformed into a “democratic socialist” government which encourages and even supports the outright invasion of the United States, most of them military age men, all with American tax dollars.

Instead, we are barely a nation, living under the supreme law of unelected dictators, and most Americans have not picked up on the many signs yet. Not even nineteen months under the most oppressive unconstitutional medical mandates in human history, issued by unelected and seemingly unaccountable dictators, has pried open the eyes of the average American.

Who elected any of the Supreme Court Justices, much less any of the federal court judges? Who elected political junkies who run the Department of Justice, the FBI, CIA, NSA, Department of Homeland Security, or Department of Defense? Who elected anyone at the CDC, W.H.O., N.I.H., U.N., or Department of Health, be it federal, state, or local?

The answer is, NO ONE elected any of these people, and yet, these are the unelected dictators running our country today.

In truth, Americans didn’t even elect bumbling idiot Joe Biden or his drug addicted lifelong political prostitute, Kamala Harris. Foreign agents, foreign governments, fraudulent voting machines, news media, social media giants, and corrupt democrat election officials seated these two very dangerous morons in the people’s White House.

We are witnessing a third Obama term. No sane person thinks Joe can even tie his own shoes, much less run a country.

During Obama’s eight years in office, global Marxists were deeply planted in every federal office and agency. Trump threw a monkey wrench in the timeline of dismantling and destroying the sovereign USA and moving the country to 3rd world status as a mere member of a global commune. He wasn’t able to “drain the swamp” or even survive to a second term. Trump had to go, no matter the means or methods.

Bumbling idiot Biden and chronic concubine Harris are not running anything.

The global Marxists are running the USA now, through their American representative Barack Obama. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been rendered obsolete and completely irrelevant by “legal scholars,” corrupt judges and criminal legislators, backed by the D.O.J. and D.O.D.

Americans are entirely controlled by unelected dictators today, from Dr. Fauci to Bill Gates, Barack Obama to his minions at the helm of every federal office and agency. Marxists are so embedded throughout American society now, that whether it’s ANTIFA and BLM in the streets, your local Nazi teaching K through 12 in your local school, the Marxists running your local school board, or even the company you work for, currently forcing unlawful medical mandates upon every employee, the Marxists thugs are everywhere!

The U.S. Constitution is no longer the Supreme Law of this Land. Our Bill of Rights are no longer in effect. We are NOT a nation of laws, but rather a nation of global Marxist lawyers undermining freedom and liberty, using British Common Law to destroy our once Constitutional courts.

How could even ONE American think that we have any Rights at all today, when we don’t even have the Right to decide what is or is not injected into their own body? Whether or not healthy people can be force quarantined for years…whether or not they can walk the streets or shop freely, without a mask on, even when the mask box itself tells them that the mask will never prevent the spread of any virus? Seriously, is any American really this stupid?

Sadly, the answer is YES!

Millions of Americans are this stupid today and no number of easily proven “facts” can fix their stupidity now. Millions have been educated (indoctrinated) out of any common sense and Pavlov trained to reject anything and everything outside of the narrative they were trained to believe. The super-idiots are those determined to force unlawful medical mandates on others, while claiming “my body, my choice” for themselves.

Tens of thousands of Americans have already been killed by the so-called Vaccines. READ THEM YOURSELF HERE. According to our unelected dictators, no one has died from the “vaccines” yet. Not because none have died of the vaccines, tens of thousands have, as linked above. But because the unelected dictators refuse mark any of the vaccine deaths as, death via toxic vaccine. Simon says, all is well…and the people are none the wiser!

What will happen when millions are dying from these toxic injections, all at the advice of mindless sheep demanding everyone “take the shot,”each unwittingly practicing medicine without a license? What will the USA suicide rate be once these idiot sheep,with or without a medical license, figure out that THEY are responsible for killing millions of Americans, just because they were trained to blindly follow evil Simon says, and thought they had a Right to force their views upon others?

No, we do NOT live in a Constitutional Republic today and we never will again, unless Americans who have not had common sense drummed out of them in a classroom, STAND TOGETHER RIGHT NOW.

Throughout human history, freedom and liberty have always been under attack, and they always will be. In this world, both good and evil exist, and nothing on earth comes at a higher price than freedom itself.

Good seeks freedom and liberty for all people, everywhere. Evil seeks dominion over others for benefit of themselves. In modern terms, a “conservative” is someone who seeks to secure and protect their own freedom and liberty by protecting and preserving freedom and liberty for every human being.

But a “liberal” (progressive, socialist, Marxist, Maoist, communist, fascist) is the exact opposite, someone who seeks to enslave everyone else for benefit of themselves. There are “conservative” democrats in U.S. society, as well as “liberal” republicans. So, the line between the two is highly compromised and convoluted.

However, each American falls into one of these two groups, on an individual level. Conservatives seeking freedom, liberty and good for all, MUST STAND TOGETHER NOW,or no one will be free, anywhere on earth.

Make Labor Day 2021 the beginning of the END for all evil, all tyranny and all unlawful medical mandates dictated by unelected tyrants. Begin the process of eliminating evil, Marxism, and tyranny in America. There is a long road ahead, but we must start the journey now, or never!

STRIKE FOR FREEDOM STARTING September 7, 2021 – If we don’t shut them down, they will shut us down again, this time, for good. Wake up, wise up, and rise up in peaceful action before no peaceful options are left.

A nationwide strike for freedom is the most peaceful easy thing for every American to do. The only thing easier, is doing nothing at all…which will come at the highest price of all.

Unelected dictators can only rule this country, so long as we allow it!

© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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