by Lee Duigon

The lesson we learn from 2020 is really quite simple: Once you demonstrate that you can control the outcome of a national election, you can do anything you please.

Two Democrat governors have really taken that to heart.

Last week it was the California golem, Gavin Newsom. Having just announced another string of restrictions on families gathering for Thanksgiving, Mr. Noisome rushed out to one of San Francisco’s toniest restaurants to enjoy a birthday bash for one of his favorite yes-men.

No face masks anywhere in sight, twelve families all jammed together around the table—so much for social distancing—and although Newsom at first insisted that the gathering was held outdoors, an abundance of video and photographs shows that that was a lie: they were all dining together indoors.

Gee, what happened to “keep your mask on between bites”? Didn’t Newsome admonish all Californians to do that?

But none of those restrictions applied to him, did they? And once his hypocrisy was exposed for everyone to see, he smirked, tee-hee, and got off a lame “sorry about that,” admitting “We should have modeled better behavior.” And so much for that.

And this weekend it was New Jersey’s governor, Phil “Mandate” Murphy, taking his family dining out without face masks and no hint of social distancing. This was just hours after he announced a new executive order (we quote) “RETIGHTENING restrictions” on social gatherings, including family Thanksgiving dinners. But there he was in a restaurant, chowing down without a face mask.

The scene was caught on film, and some of the diners called him out and cursed him. Well, folks, you had to elect this doofus, didn’t you? When are you going to learn never to elect a Democrat?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! So what? They just stole an election! If they can do that, how are you ever going to be able to vote them out of office? The hand that rocks the Dominion computers rules the world. That’s the whole point: when you steal an election, you erase accountability.

Just for insurance, though, Big Tech has their backs. A few days ago, an eminent medical scientist, former chairman of the Royal College of Physicians’ Examination Committee in Canada, with a list of credentials as long as your arm, denounced the COVID-19 lockdowns, face masks, etc., as “the greatest hoax ever” and slammed politicians and nooze media for trying to scare people into submission. And when LifeSite News reported his remarks, YouTube suspended LifeSite for a week.

What? Now you can’t report the news? Dr. Roger Hodkinson’s comments were *news*. But you don’t want the peasants hearing any news that might contradict the Ruling Party’s, um, “narrative.”

It’s just like Global Warming/Climate Change: the big shots who are pushing it don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling us. How many times did President *Batteries Not Included yap about rising sea levels gonna drown us all—and then go out and buy a multi-million-dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, practically on the water-line? And how much fuel do the private jets burn up when all the fat-heads gather at Davos to natter about the climate crisis?

No, they don’t believe a word of it. Climate Change is only a boogie-man story told to keep the proles in line.

If COVID-19 is as deadly as they say it is, how come they’re not afraid of it? How come their pet rioters aren’t dying off like flies after crowding into the streets?

But as long as you can dictate the outcome of a national election, it’s What Me Worry for them and Shut Up and Pay Your Taxes for us.

This is a shame to us, and it must not be allowed to stand.

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