By Sidney Secular

Tired of taking bull from the FedGov, Texas is doing what the FedGov is tasked to do but won’t. Texas is beginning to arrest migrants on trespassing charges near the US-Mexico border. Governor Greg Abbott says action is needed to slow the mind-numbing number of illegal border crossings. Abbott also said that Texas would continue building the border wall Trump started to build. Abbott has called on other governors to deploy law enforcement personnel and National Guard members along the entire border. The detainees are being held at what had been an empty state prison In Dudley, TX that can house about 1,000. All arrested so far have been single men. Apparently, family units will not be detained.

However, the largest Texas counties along the border, where the crossings are highest, are not cooperating in the enforcement effort. Those arrested will be charged with state crimes and will serve jail time. The amount of time spent in jail will be minimal and it was not announced what will be done with the detainees when they are released. What we need is more than just a runt of a political stunt but the value of the State’s efforts may well be cancelled out by Biden’s Washington and their love for illegals to add to their voter base.

THIS IS IT. If you’ve read the Bible or haven’t rejected it out of hand, it is not hard to see that what it calls “The Great Tribulation” or something akin to it, has begun to befall all of us, especially with the Covidiocy. I won’t turn this into a theological diatribe, which believers tend to get into easily, thereby turning some people off. I would just suggest you read The Book of Revelation to see how eerily its predictions seem to be coming to pass. Many Americans would like to go back to pre-COVID days and pretend or hope that things are returning to normal. However, it will be at best an abnormal normal with much lingering unemployment, evictions of tenants and or bankruptcy of small landlords, some chronic supply shortages, lingering lunacy involving some residual COVID nonsense such as masking, socialist distancing and lockdowns, paranoia among the ignorant owing to the depressing duplicity of the politicos, confrontations between the woke and the awake, sky-high prices, and the looming threat of the return to full-fledged Covidiocy to sharply remind us we’re far from being out of the woods!

The voting tragedy and travesties of the 2020 elections must be completely turned around through very forceful and persistent action if we are to have any hopes of restoring the Historic American Nation as a viable entity. There are those still insulated from the nefarious things that take place around the world daily and the Pollyannas would rather not be perturbed and disturbed by being forced to have to think of or confront such things. They favor the palaver and poop meted out by the mainstream media via their “communications devices” and the Jewspapers assuring them they are in the good hands of the govmint at all levels who are looking out for their interests (no kidding!).

Alternative news and views from “extremists” who are, by definition whites and those who do not agree with them, will have a hard time penetrating the new “techno-curtain” communists erect around them to prevent them hearing from contrary news and viewpoints. We’re all being slowly boiled to death like the proverbial frogs or slowly smothered with a miasma/smog of lies that seems somehow to be in sync with suddenly increasing incidence of eye cataracts in the population. Maybe, like the fellow in The Matrix who wants to swallow the blue pill, we just don’t want to “see” what’s happening! The mockingbird media, internet search engines, social media sites, and mainstream media video sites are working feverishly to drive home the official New World Order program for global governance. History and truth are being snubbed and scrubbed away as emphasized in the book, “1984”. The media operate on the premise that a lie told often enough soon becomes the truth and reality in the minds of most, especially if they are unaware or reject alternative explanations or ideas. Meanwhile those who tell the truth are avoided, shunned, or “canceled” or otherwise live in a state of suspense.

If you’re in a position where your truth telling will influence too many people, you may be putting your life on the line.  But one cannot cower to those in power and be a free human, let alone a normal American. You need to be able to express yourself to have human “dignity’ as they call it. If you let them get to you beyond a certain point, you are a goner.  A simple bumper sticker, “RESIST” expresses the needed spirit–you needn’t say what’s being resisted. Over 60% of Americans have taken the jab, and the pressure and jabber for the jab will become overbearing or very intense if they implement another full blown lockdown. Indeed, there is already speculation that FEMA camps will be set up for “non-vaxxers” if the government’s grip on us isn’t broken.

It should be obvious by now to even to even a half-wit who still has his faculties functioning, that this COVID crapola is the clearly the biggest scam in all of recorded history. The hyped hypotheses are coming at us like attacks of pixels from the pixilated. Some say the jabbed are condemned to die soon, some say sooner or later, some say very much later as it will affect the DNA of our descendants. It’s now been said we’re catching diseases from the jabbed, so there’s no escaping that the paranoia is spreading quicker than any epidemic.  It’s said the so-called vaccines only ameliorate the symptoms of the disease–so why take a chance on them? Just go to bed and take chicken soup or whatever one usually does when one gets the flu or a bad cold! Is a disease with a 99.5% survival rate – if it exists at all! – worth taking an admitted poison? We’re already accustomed now to go to work in our pajamas, so its no big deal. Scores of new side effects from the jabs are noted almost daily. The number of deaths from the jabs in the US is 50,000 give or take several thousands as of this writing – its hard to keep score as the reports all differ from one another and no one in charge is telling the truth anyway!

The unreported cases are likely as much or more than the reported ones also. Blood clots and resultant strokes seem to be a major side effect along with heart issues. Strokes were already the third leading cause of death in the US before the virus “attacked” us, so those already prone to get them will likely get them easier now. None of the 4 alleged “vaccines”* being used went through the full testing process and are literally “experimental”–so if you get jabbed you are the equivalent of a lab rat or guinea pig. Where animal test subjects were used, they all died These potions – not vaccines – are officially “for emergency use only”. As you may know, so-called emergencies can turn into events lasting generations! The declaration of an emergency that was issued as a result of our entering the Korean War is still in effect!  All 4 of the said vaccines have about 15 ingredients in them – no one really knows how many. Formaldehyde, used to embalm bodies is certainly one of them. Tissues from aborted babies is another.**

There are hundreds of videos extant that show magnets sticking to the injection locations and radiation also emanating from these spots, all of which sounds very scary. Why do we have propaganda pushing for the jabs even for kids and babies when their infection rates are almost nil? The recovery rate for adults is over 99%, making a mockery of use of the term “pandemic”.  The ruling junta is getting so desperate to jab everyone, there is talk they will be sending out medical “brown shirts” to twist your arm to get it jabbed. The first areas to for these visitations will be those that have low vaccinations rates–the more rural, conservative and especially western states that are the most resistant to The Great Reset. Lone holdouts in the libber strongholds could also be quarantined in their homes making them increasingly the subject of social opprobrium they probably already are for being conservative or “different”. If you decide to be jabbed based on the visit, the jabbers will be equipped to jab you on the spot before you have a chance to change your mind.

[*Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca]

[** Aluminum, mercury thimerosal, aborted fetal tissue, human albumin, antifreeze (ethylene glycol), phenoxyethanol, phenol, methanol, Borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate), glutaraldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), sulfate and phosphate compounds, ammonium sulfate, gentamicin sulfate – and more. . .]

In the UK, France, and other areas of Europe, resistance to the jabs and lockdowns in the form of demonstrations is increasing and reaching significant levels. Canada is completely lost to global communism as is Australia and New Zealand and the USA is not far behind. Recently, the presidents of 3 countries (Burundi, Tanzania, and Haiti) that had refused the jab for their citizens suddenly died “unexpectedly” due to suddenly arising medical conditions (“side effects” of not taking the jab) or outright assassination in the case of Haiti. The new leaders of these countries are now “fast tracking” vaccination programs for their countries. Doctors everywhere who have warned of the dangers of the vaccines have wound up unemployed or dead. All the jab advocates are also life-long depopulation advocates. The devil is loose. The deception is thick. Do not be afraid to share this article and what you know about the Covidiocy with others. Be strong, bold, and courageous. Speak truth to power. If you are of a religious bent, “know that” all the cowards who refuse to speak the truth will be thrown into the “lake of fire”.

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