By Greg Holt

Liberalism is not just a way of thinking, if one can even call it such (thinking that is) – it is literally a disease that destroys those possessed of it.

I wrote an article back in March of 2017, that still holds true today, and well, everyday actually:

Leftist Liberal Professor’s Frivolous Rant: Fighting Trump Brain Rot

“So I decided to visit the dark side liberal side of the fence today, so I went to and came across the following piece of nonsensical drivel:

The resistance is all in your head: 6 ways to fight Trump brain rot

Hmmm, clueless comes to mind here – but the title drew me in I confess.

The author, Sophia A. McClennen opens with this thought – if thought it can even be called:

‘For many, ‘1984’ has served as a guide to the Trump era. But it is not just the lies and the alternate reality of Trump that has given rise to parallels being made to Orwell’s novel. It is also the fact that his administration threatens to diminish our range of thought’”

This kind of extreme idiocy is still highly prevalent today, and has as a matter of fact only gotten worse.  Trump is guilty of wanting to do away with all healthcare, he’s out to get We the People, he’s in league with Satan, the world economy is being destroyed via Trump, the end of all things is coming because Trump does not embrace Climate Change, all the country’s woes stem from Donald Trump and his policies etc.

There is a larger problem here then these lying two-faced agenda driven storytellers that spout off this nonsense steeped in unadulterated idiocy.  That problem is that far too many Americans still – despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, believe these dark and twisted fairy tales.

I heard a commercial today that basically said that Joe Biden understands the “people.”  Why is that you say?  Because lying Joe was the guy who brought the car companies back to the United States.  How is it that these people are comfortable with telling such ginormous whoppers and broadcasting them all over the airwaves?  Biden had little to nothing to do with bringing back car companies to America, that was all Trump thank you very much.

Biden can talk all he wants about bringing back automotive industry jobs with Obama, or his plans to do so in the future.  He’s full of it.  Obama and Biden wrapped up the automotive industry (and many others) in the U.S. in miles of red tape and egregious regulations, demanded ridiculously stringent fuel economy standards, and generally exhibited a very hostile attitude towards the manufacturing industry as well as business in general.  No wonder businesses left the U.S.

Obama and Biden were also the ones responsible for weaponizing the U.S. government against their enemies, especially Donald Trump, and the still suffering General Michael Flynn among others.

The Russian collusion narrative was a poorly thought up hoax that the main stream media aided the Democrats in portraying as a legitimate issue to We the People – accept that it was not and it blew up in their collective faces.  And yet, Adam shifty-Schiff is at it once again with a new “witness.”

The Democrats have accomplished nothing of lasting value because they are fully and completely invested in destroying President Trump and then removing him from office.  There was the Russian collusion narrative built on bought and paid for shady information via the Democrats – more specifically bought and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton.  Then there was the Ukraine affair, funny how the real illegality in Ukraine was committed by Joe and Hunter Biden, the John Kerry family, and even Mr. Adam Schiff.

Then Trump killed thousands of people because he mishandled the response to the Coronavirus.  Funny, but it seems to this writer that the mishandling was done by Democrats like Cuomo who killed a lot of people by placing people that were infected with the Coronavirus into nursing homes.

It’s funny (not really) how today’s generation can repeat the liberal left’s talking points at will, while at the same time they are basically incapable of rational, logical, and critical thinking.  Teachers “teach” dumbed down school content (and even this Democrat teacher agrees) while providing students with such critically necessary information such as:

  • How to put a condemn on a banana
  • Why it’s OK to have two moms or two dads.
  • It’s ok to have an abortion and do so without parental consent
  • Israel is evil while the “Palestinians” are paragons of virtue and terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah are the oh so maligned good guys.
  • Islam is peaceful and true, while Jesus is a hateful whacko
  • Blacks are important while whites are vessels of pure evil

Students are taught that the woes of the world are largely the fault of – yes you guessed it, America.

Ask a student why America is bad and they will level a blank stare at you, or reiterate Leftist talking points without any real level of thinking or understanding being behind those talking points.

As I have written previously, those on the liberal left are a bunch of corrupt, godless anarchists seeking to destroy the U.S. and unfortunately they are succeeding.

There can be no doubt on this, simply do a search on Minneapolis riots, Portland riots, and U.S. riots are organized. Black Lives Matter founders admit they are trained Marxists.  BLM is also highly trained, and former Special Forces people are doing that training.

TCP News:

“These fools do not realize who or what they are dealing with, Trump does.  BLM and Antifa are not a bunch of college kids running around in masks doing fist pumps as part of a social justice movement.  These groups are well funded, highly trained, very organized, and they know exactly what they are doing.

If you doubt this, just read the following – right from a BLM “leader”:

Black Lives Matter (BLM) has declared war on the police and has released a blueprint for Black Panther style armed ‘patrols’ monitoring police officers on the streets. BLM’s leader revealed in an exclusive interview that they are mobilizing a highly-trained military arm. The group held a conference in Los Angeles with ‘military advisors’ charting out details of the ‘Black Opts’ blueprint – which stands for Black Opportunities. Black Special Forces officers are training the BLM’s Black Ops department of Black Opportunities. BLM is raising a ‘war chest’ and plans to build a headquarters in an unused church in New York. (Source)’”

A Trump win in November is not only needed, it is a necessity for the well being of this country.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been deeply co-opted by the extreme far Left and will not move to do anything about the increasing violence in this country.  The violence perpetuated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa furthers their cause.  That cause is a socialist America, an America that will join the globalist world in forming a new One World Government.

Once the One World Government is formed, then and only then will the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter be reigned in.  Or more likely they will be made troops that are fodder for the cause, being sacrificed on the altar of globalism.

Then it will be too late of course, if it is indeed not already too late to stop these domestic terrorists.

Everything it means to be an American is in danger of being wiped out.  We run the serious risk of the U.S. being turned into just another Yugoslavia, or Venezuela.  It is in fact already happening.  The riots are not random acts of violence; they are in fact orchestrated with the goal of fomenting chaos.

Once the level of angst and violence reaches the needed level, then the saviors of our country can swoop in and right the wrongs, set the tone, fix the problems, provide all things for all people – just simply trust them.

Just like happened in Germany, China, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, and Russia among others.

Welcome to the USSA – the United Socialist States of America.

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Let’s all continue to fight political correctness, indoctrination, Leftist propaganda, liberalism, and keep sharing the truth – knowledge is power.  Until next time…

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