Part 7: Outside influences, no more ‘safe’ America

“My fifth point for destroying America would be to get big foundations and business to give these efforts lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity, and I would establish the cult of ‘Victimology’. I would get all minorities to think their lack of success was the fault of the majority.  I would start a grievance industry blaming all minority failure on the majority population.”

If you look across the American landscape, you see fracturing of our cohesion at every level.  No one appears to pull in the same direction.  Ault examines that phenomenon.

Bromwell Ault states:

We are approaching a blank spot, a missing link between deeply different cultures, but first we must report another sad tale from Sweden involving a 45-year- old Swedish mother who worked in a group home for “unaccompanied refugee children”.

In November 2016, she took into her home an 18-year-old Afghan Muslim, Abdul D., from the home where his age made him ineligible for further residence. In time, Abdul and his hostess began same-bed sleeping arrangements and, in more time, Abdul criminally molested his benefactor’s 12-year-old daughter. As the mother took no action, the daughter reported the incident to her father who is separated from her mother. The child’s father informed the police, a court hearing took place and Abdul D. was given a three-month suspended sentence, and told to perform community service.

When questioned by authorities regarding her silence, the mother offered that she was afraid Abdul D. would be deported. The emotional pain and scarring from this incident is something the child will have to endure for many years.

Life in Europe now is not like it was in even the recent past and it is not like our present life in America, but we, too, now have growing instances of sexual abuse including gang rapes. The gap is closing and, unless we take action, we will find ourselves living in a totally different society than that created by our forebears and which we assumed would be our inheritance. It is not working out that way.

Remember Rotherham! There are striking similarities at work. The main difference between the English and the Swedish abuse tragedies is one of scale — multiple victims in Rotherham and only one in the Swedish case cited above. But in many places in Europe life is lived in guarded ways to protect against communal lawlessness — most notably sexual aggression. We are not referring to a bunch of guys working on a construction site whistling or calling out passing girls wearing short skirts on a warm, spring day. Far from it; in too many cities/towns in Europe sexual abuse is a constant sport initiated by individuals, small teams or even large groups that are able to neutralize local law enforcement.

To this end, women try to avoid appearing in public places alone during the day and going out at all at night. Their fear is real, as the narrow, winding streets found in many European cities/towns offer opportunity to an attacker; and open public spaces are often occupied by large groups of unemployed migrant men (many of whom carry knives) whose numbers and attitudes threaten local police. And at the far end of our scale of altered living in Europe are the Muslim cities within cities — those enclaves inhabited entirely by Muslims with their own civic authority over businesses, schools, religion and courts that administer Sharia law.


In America, which has not been exposed to the same degree of Islamic occupation and confrontation as Europe, life on the surface goes on pretty much as it has in the past; we are still separated from Europe by about 3,000 miles of Atlantic Ocean and a no longer valid “it can’t happen here” mentality. We proclaim that we are both a nation of laws and also of immigrants. In case of conflict, which will we be?

What is most horrifying about WCIV’s plight in Europe has been the failure of native populations to mount any effective resistance to the loss of their sovereignty and civic authority. They seem to accept without question or contradiction the regulations made in Brussels or in their own capitals that offer no alternative to the relentless addition of migrants and their subsequent support with taxpayer funds.

Beyond that, they are unable to confront the failure of their elected of officials, whether in Rotherham or Sweden, to deliver local punishment for crimes that clearly deserve it. Something vital in the form of human sensibility and empathy has been turned off in the minds of local guardians of our culture and our state when they turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse of young girls in order not to offend Muslim perpetrators.

For reasons we shall provide later we are not as safe in America as we claim, and are led, to believe. What’s more, some who proclaim our safety most strongly do so with an air of smugness and superiority. If Europe cannot offer us a “teaching moment” and unless we begin to take proactive measures, time and history will not confirm the vision of a safe America beyond reach of AW elements.

The EU’s frequent claims of unity among its members are not always real and seem to paper over intractable differences that have resisted the process of economic and political unification, a notable example being the migrancy wave which is a continental problem that has produced a variety of responses in the countries that have been exposed to it.

Two reactions that are poles apart occurred recently — one in western Europe and the other on its eastern edge. In the west, tourists and locals enjoying a day at a Mediterranean Spanish beach were startled by the arrival of an open boat from Africa containing about 50 migrants who, when it reached the beach, quietly and quickly disembarked and made their way inland, scattering into small groups of one or two individuals. It was evident that Spanish authorities had made no effort to track, turn back or take this vessel into custody. Nor did those enjoying their time at the beach take any action to alert police or immigration control forces.

In eastern Europe, from Poland in the north to Bulgaria in the south, a different attitude is found. There, Europe’s eastern populations were subjected to a postwar Russian Communist invasion. As it has been eastern Europe’s lot to defend against Islamic invasions from the south as well as others from Russia and Asia to the east, it has been hardened by history and wants no more of invasion, regardless of its source or cause.

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