Part 9: Waking Up Too Late: Cultural displacement

Lamm continued, “Next to last, I would place all subjects off limits—make it taboo to talk about anything against the cult of ‘diversity’. I would find a word similar to ‘heretic’ in the 16th century—that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking.  Words like ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ halt discussion and debate.”

History records fallen countries by the dozens because their leaders and citizens didn’t wake up to an invasion until too late.  As it stands right now, Europe grows more hopeless by the day.

Bromwell Ault states:

The missing link between Europe’s non-reaction to attacks upon WCIV and our disturbingly similar attitude may not be missing at all. It may just be unrecognizable to both because, in addition to allowing ourselves to be deceived by others, we have deceived ourselves. In the game of history, long or short, such lapses are marked with a very high price tag.

Looking at a map of the world today provides critical information regarding the real state of WCIV. Theoretically, it comprises Europe, all of our western hemisphere and Australia, but not all parts are equal. Over 90% of Australia’s population resides in a band along its coast while its ‘interior’ is only very sparsely inhabited due to climate and resource conditions. Canada’s situation is similar with its populous areas limited to its southern area above which population and temperature numbers drop sharply as they move to the north.

Central and Latin America are included in WCIV because of their Iberian languages and the extensive presence of the Catholic Church, but both were colonial add-ons to native Mayan/Incan cultures that shared no roots with the West; and in addition to these different cultural origins our hemisphere’s southern landmass contains large swaths of tropical jungle, a high mountain range that runs its entire western face, has had a tenuous experience with representative governments and has long suffered from corruption, illiteracy and poverty.

From viewing our global map, it is for mostly natural reasons that Australia, Canada and Central/South America are peripheral, not central, elements of WCIV, that Europe has been both its base and its heart and that, unless Europe can gather strength from its extraordinary past, it will succumb and the U.S. will be isolated and bear the immense burden of being WCIV’s sole defender.

Know the Enemy


What are the forces that are aligned against the West? First and most dangerous is Islam’s latest effort (employing modern social, political and military means) to break out of its Mediterranean and Asian homelands and extend its uncompromising attitudes and presence to all of Europe and the U.S. We label Islam “most dangerous” because it rejects assimilation and aims to replace the politics, laws, government and culture of western countries with its own versions as specified in the Qur’an.

Modern technology has made the full-bore type of in alteration practiced by Islam more likely to succeed, as visual images give evidence of progress and achievements that encourage participation by both younger and more moderate elements. And, beyond the daily struggle in government departments and the Muslim residential enclaves, Islam’s high fertility practice is quietly, but confidently, preparing to command the future.

Other interests that threaten WCIV combine under the collective title of “globalists”. Their pursuits are primarily commercial in the realms of trade, finance, production and the power that attaches to these activities. Many globalists have backgrounds in banking, manufacturing and international law which prove useful in developing and securing the maximum rewards possible from world trade.

The globalists’ opposition to WCIV is focused on political/commercial barriers to trade such as borders, sovereignty, tariffs, wages, labor availability, energy and even security — most of which are subject to national regulation. Ideally, globalists would prefer that world trade take the form of a calm, unimpeded ow with occasional irregularities dealt with by a small, efficient oversight group composed of fellow globalists.

The “one size fits all” goal has been pursued by imperial conquerors and aggressive thought systems (i.e., Islam, Communism, etc.) throughout history, and Globalist efforts to regulate world trade can be seen as a commercial variant of it. Regardless of its sponsor, or how and where it is imposed, or whether it is stated or not, this pursuit of uniformity is intended to circumvent the borders, erase the identities and alter the cultures of nations and their people. WCIV with its many freedoms and differences is an inviting target.

Finally, and most importantly from our viewpoint, it is not just economic and political life that follows and is determined by boundaries. Culture, too, is both a follower and former of historical patterns. It is not as easily moved or transformed as boundaries are by conquest or purchase, but it is ever present in the determinations of history and the identities of people everywhere.

Globalists fail, in our opinion, because their commercial policy values are not intrinsic, but derive from the money and power they are able to deliver. This has not been readily apparent in our postwar world and many trade conferences, treaties, organizations, pacts, committees, etc. have been formed with, if not the intention, then surely the effect of camouflage age. In time, the globalists will learn that camouflage age fails and culture endures.

Our first category, Islam, was religious; the second, globalism, centers on world trade and is of a commercial nature. The last category is a political one composed of many different entities all sharing and directing varying amounts of hate and resentment towards WCIV. These are often speci c issue, open borders, pro-immigration forces dedicated to replacing WCIV’s predominantly white European populations with a mixture of third world ethnicities collectively described as “people of color”.

Beyond the immigration issue there are innumerable causes and cohorts that deeply resent WCIV’s cultural, economic, intellectual and political achievements and its position of world leadership. They want the wealth, the territory, the food/water resources, the political power and the status that WCIV has accumulated. And over time they want to dilute and erase Western culture so that it can be replaced with their own. On the cultural front Islam is by far WCIV’s strongest and most hostile opponent both in numbers and in motivation.

These various groups of differing size and interests occupy political space significantly left of center. They come and go and intermittently function as part of the Liberal Left (LL) umbrella identity. This is of major importance because this alliance provides its members with messaging and planning assistance as well as benefits that can derive from being a small part of a larger whole. In the activities of the LL at every level of operation — national, regional or global — cross fertilization is fostered so that techniques or systems that work well in one area can do the same in others.

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