By Roger Anghis

As I grew up in America, I was taught that we were a free people.  One of the things that made us a free nation was our ‘free press’.  The one thing that our founders believed in strongly is the right of the people to be informed as to what was really happening in our world and that included a transparent government.  I can remember the days when a news broadcaster would actually question the motives of a politician without regard to the politician’s political leanings nor the leanings of the journalist.  Those days are long gone.  We now have a media, print, television, and radio that has learned that it can sway the emotions and opinions of the population by what information the media feeds the people.  There are six corporations that control 90% of the news distributed in America.  That’s consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983. 

NOTE: This infographic is from last year and is missing some key transactions. GE does not own NBC (or Comcast or any media) anymore. So that 6th company is now Comcast. And Time Warner doesn’t own AOL, so Huffington Post isn’t affiliated with them.

But the fact that a few companies own everything demonstrates “the illusion of choice,” Frugal Dad says. While some big sites, like Digg and Reddit aren’t owned by any of the corporations, Time Warner owns news sites read by millions of Americans every year.[1]

You can record the nightly news from all the MSM and listen to it and you’ll find that they all carry the same stories and are worded exactly the same.  There used to be competition amongst news agencies but not anymore.  They have become the tool of the liberals to indoctrinate the populace.  We see this indoctrination in our schools, in the workplace, and our government.

It is discouraging to see how our media and social media refuses to allow information to be put forth from both sides of an argument and then let the people decide what side of the argument they want to support.  Unless all information is presented one cannot make an intelligent decision.

We have seen this week the heads of these social media sites testifying before Congress and questioned as to why they censor only conservative users.  Lying through their teeth they denied they picked on conservatives but neither could state a single liberal they have censored.  Fresh off of censoring White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for sharing a damning New York Post article about Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, the far-left social media network has now censored U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark A. Morgan.  On Wednesday, Morgan posted tweets celebrating the success of the Trump administration’s gradually expanding border wall.

One of the tweets he posted read as follows: “@CBP & USACEHQ continue to build new wall every day. Every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, sexual predators, and drugs from entering our country. It’s a fact, walls work.”[2] The reason for censoring him, the tweet praising the effectiveness of the wall was “hateful”.  I find it hard to understand why these big tech-heads think that doing things that benefit the country, the American people, and America’s economy are hateful.

It is obvious that they are in a position to ‘control the narrative’ and their narrative is to bring America into the one-world government.  We have allowed people who don’t like America to be in control of what happens to America.  Obama was the worst president we have ever had.  The only people that prospered under his administration were the muslims.  He gave them a free pass to come to America, that’s why we have scum in the US House of Representatives like Omar and Talib.  Both have stated that we deserve the terrorist attacks we’ve experienced.

I have a hard time understanding why we allow anyone from the muslim faith to hold any kind of office in our government because they have to swear allegiance to our Constitution but they are not allowed to swear allegiance to anything but the koran.  I believe that this should be looked into in-depth and resolved so that only people who defend America and her values be allowed to hold public office.

There are too many people that depend totally on what they hear from MSM to be fact.  These last four years should be proof enough that they only speak truthfully about 5% of the time if that.  MSM believed that Obama walked on water but Trump is the most evil man on the planet.  To say that the big networks haven’t exactly had a love affair with Donald Trump, as they plainly did with President Obama, is an understatement. A new survey shows that not only is coverage of Trump overwhelmingly negative, but the president’s biggest accomplishment — the roaring economy — gets almost no attention.

So what’s really waiting on the market here today can a Bloomberg

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For its report, the Media Research Center did a lot of visual spadework. It viewed some 1,007 evening news stories about the Trump White House on ABC, CBS and NBC from June 1 to Sept. 30. That’s the equivalent of about 32.7 hours of coverage, by TV standards an eternity of news time.

What they found was, as Trump himself might say, sad: “Over the summer, the broadcast networks have continued to pound Donald Trump and his team with the most hostile coverage of a president in TV news history — 92% negative, vs. just 8% positive.”[3]

We saw the grilling Trump went through over the phone call to Ukraine.  He was even impeached for it but now we find out that they were terrified that he would expose the corruption of Joe Biden, which has gotten exposed big time, yet the media still refuses to cover it in any way.  I believe the American people have the right to know just how much Biden sold out America while he was vice-president.  Biden’s whole family profited from his position as vice-president yet none of the media will even ask the questions that need to be answered.  It has been stated that Biden’s business dealings will be a national security threat for the United States if he becomes president.

It has become very obvious just how far the corruption has gone in DC. Republicans are not totally innocent but the Democrats seemed to have embraced it 100%.  Even during the hearing Representative Crenshaw noted that not one single Democrat voiced disapproval of how Twitter and FaceBook have violated out First Amendment rights.  Something to keep in mind when voting for the next couple of years.  We need people that will stand up for the American way and our rights the way that Trump has and will continue to do for the next four years.

Vote wisely.

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