The Lord of the Flies; Beelzebub; Lucifer, the fallen angel; the Evil one; the Anti-Christ; The Devil and His minions of devils… but no matter the label means that there is a historical force metaphysically and physically that once accepted as the choosing the wide road to travel leads to hate, cruelty, suffering, finally chaos and death and damnation.

One should first read the great writer C.S. Lewis and his famous Screwtape Letters where Screwtape is an experienced devil. His nephew Wormwood is at the beginning of his demonic career and has been assigned to secure the damnation of the young man. The instructions begins least obvious of its intent whereby innocuous thoughts are instilled only to be developed into a larger pattern of reasoning until they manifest them-selves into the opposite of good.

It’s easy to say that viewing nudity on TV is the appreciation of the human body, but concentrating on the body’s sex organs opens the door to further puerile interests leading to pornography and sexual obsessions. The same pattern is true where history is written by those with an opinion contrary to truth with an objective to formulate a philosophy within readers that is so diverse to existing morals, ethics, goals and interests that when introduced into the public education and antireligious thoughts, a whole society reaches for the lowest aspirations of human endeavor. Today’s problems are manifestly the same as were in ancient Rome or for that matter at the time of Moses for there was right positive and left negative, one leading on to a straight and narrow path and the other, the wider road that leads to chaos.

No one can say that the Devil is stupid, in fact he is so smart that he’s known as the grand master of the world and its inhabitants. The secret is he offers temptations so basic to human nature that few remain un-tempted but far too many succumb to his offerings.

In previous ages, and politics there was a feeling within most citizens that leaders were essentially chosen by destiny to insure the good of the people. The means of communication and travel were extremely limited and there were no delusions that life was anything but hard. Therefore, dependence was mainly on the king, the emperor, the Pope and the station in which one was born. Any small gesture of giving was the means to placate the hoi polloi. The major manifestations of the awakening from past devotions led to outright rebellion against the governing powers was in 1776, the American Revolution against King George III and in 1779 the beginning of the French Revolution where God and Man were not placed on the same footing God became the servant of man. In 1919 the Russian revolution began and ended in 1963.

The age of modernism, of change from religious controls and moral controls were replaced by hedonisms whereby the majority of the new orthodoxies became the antithesis of the past. Yet, those who follow the wider road in each of the revolutions succumbed to a painful and evil experience. In the American Revolution, the process included the Indian nations being cruelly subjugated; slavery existed for blacks until a Civil War, but even then, during the reconstruction period the Klu Klux Klan’s ruthless abuse of the Constitution and the power under the Democrat Party’s subjugation of minorities lasted until the 1960s. It was the unspoken law of the South.

The mass immigrations, took place mostly after 1800 to include Chinese railroad workers, later the Irish famine, and thousands of Germans leaving Bismarck’s rule were in essence the pre 20th century’s desperate people in search for the experience to improve their futures. Ellis Island was used as the filter to accept or reject immigrants, based on health; a means of support until becoming employed; and denial of access because of political persuasions opposed to our Bill of Rights.

Until the great depression of 1929, which lasted through 1937 until war clouds caused arming the nation preparatory to World War II, December 1941. These were years that tested the metal of most America’s citizens. Afterwards, they bore the scars of two world wars, depressions that honed themselves to a stamina to survive in hard times, comprised of loyalty to country and hard work; to be competitive and not to expect free handouts.

After WW I during the Wilson Administration years social causes were introduced, suspended during the Coolidge Administration years … the gangster years of Al Capone, Baby Face Nelson and Dillinger, a period mainly born within Chicago that adopted out of control hedonisms where the speakeasies spread to squash the nations thirst for Canadian whisky and bathtub gin. But the rest of America was still recovering from WWI at the time and concerned with agricultural problems. Not until the Roosevelt years, subsequent to the failure of the Hoover Administration purported failure to stem inflation allowing the banks to clamp down on bank lending practices that caused the Great Depression, did the dream of Woodrow Wilson’s socialism and Roosevelt’s social planning, stuffing of the Supreme Court, the bank holiday. the WCC Camps, Social Security and Lend Lease all of which unleashed socialism that is now at its apex today.

The spillover of Marx and Engels, of communism, of atheism and all the failures of what transpired in every country that participated in their adoption of socialism ended in disaster, yet the present candidate, Hillary Clinton, is still willing to adopt the disastrous Obama Administration’s legacy, an experiment in every measure that embellishes the socialist/communist, world government and Muslim’s sheria law antithetical to the US Constitution.

Communism is evil, socialism is one step toward communism, and the Party that supports those ethics and purposes are not composed of Democrats of yesteryear who were simply just following a liberal persuasion. But today’s Democrat leaders and many Neocon Republican establishment, congressional members benefit by the outlandish Democrat perversions that cater to preserving slavery of the masses and destruction of the middle class. This can only end in the failed Soviet System where the select upper class survives with all its privileges. KGB boss Vladimir Putin is one of those nommekultura survivors.

What most voters don’t realize is that there are as many millionaires/billionaires in the Democratic Party, perhaps much richer than those within the Republican Party. George Soros, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett are examples of mammoth wealth supporting the Demonkrats.

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